The Art of Torture & Pleasures

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= Note: This is part of a book that is in the process of being written. Even so, I thought I share one of the first stories written from it.

He knew his punishment, he knew his deed. To sell your soul, was to accept the fate that was bound to come. And with all the success in the world and a nice home, it's time to pay his dues.

Submitted: December 13, 2014

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Submitted: December 13, 2014




For his skin was clear upon the expression upon his face, shunning only the horror that he became left upon. Time held no finer tune to the calling of the grand clock, setting within the hallway of the old house, bellowing against the tieds of the echo's that cater from the wall. Red, flashed with that of licking intent, cast shadow's of their flaming features, pulling forth the quiet whispers of his damnation. The outside world had seem to offer a small glimpse of hope, with it's outstretch fingers of sunlight brushing against the shades. He knew he would be safe if he could reach the blinds, believing the day was capable of washing away the horrors of his Hell. The floor, beneath his footing, became nothing more then a idle musk, trapping his steps with their intent to stop his every motion.  Threating to pull his form down the more he struggled to make a force against it's quicken sinking knotion. With all the might that his hope was offering him, he had pulled against the floor's deepth illusion of it's sunken nature, closing barely upon that of the closed curtain. David Hoffun was not a man of brief in otherworldly presence, living a pretty basic existence. Sad as it was, having no wife nor family to visit him upon the holidays. Mostly living his days slaying away behind a desk, for the soul consuming corperation he had loath since his teen years. It was odd how he came to wield to the ideals of the ideals he had denied since his child-hood, only to be upon this day of his own wrecken. The male had came to reach the curtain, pulling his hand outwards to grasp at the end of the string. The floor had proceed to cosnume his form with no intention of setting him free, leaving only the panic to be dealt within in a state of excited terror. His fingers reaching outward, looping his middle finger against the loop that connected to the drape by a white string, pulling downward. The curtain fought to come down more, unrolling it's self to fall down more against the already sinking male. He failed to keep his composure, trying to avoid  falling anymore then he had, wishing not to meet the fate that drew upon the other side of the floor. Finally the curtain decided to offer the male some glimpse of ray that drive upon hope, and pulled straight down before releasing to pull upward. He had withdrawn his middle finger with a quick, yet slow pace, inviting the rays of the summer heat to blister against his already pale complextion. Sunlight stretched her warmth fingers against the male's cold flesh, breaking against the sweats that seem to fuse into his skin. The floor had seem to no longer offer the opition of swallowing him, giving him only the image of him nearly forward. Normality had seem to send the air into that of state of absolute, washing away the fear of his doom,  though not completely. In the back of his mind, far to the voice of his prier inner thought, came that unsettling ideal that indeed the forces where not gone, but he had decided upon the hope that was giving to him by the sun's inviting rays. Pulling himself off the floor, David walked across the room towards his bathroom and stepped through the door with a slight glance back. Paranoid intentions to ruin the vibe of his good nature. It had taken him about half a hour to shower, spending the first thirty seconds standing there with a look of lost notion and terror to the finds of his day. The rest of the shower had been one of calm setting, having gotten over the intinal shock of his ordeal. When the shower had came to it's general end, he had stepped from it's steam conclusion and begin to dress for the day. Another black suite, with a red tie to top off the image. A black suitecase to hold all the papers and a few other items and the experinece pleasures of the money that had turned his soul into a lifeless, ghost of a once liberal man. The slick enegine of the Delta offered him a almost to shuffle upon his features, knowing that cost of his pleasures outweight the cost of his soul.


Lifting the black suitecase up and over his body, the male had placed it upon the leather of the seat next to him, before slipping the silver key into it's place. The enengie roared to life, giving the male a calming nature of hope that he had indeed beaten the other worldy force. That David Hoffun out smarted creatures that had seeked his destruction. He was indeed a man who had believed that this met to be a sign of a life changing experinence. Very slowly the male had begun to back from that of his driveway, overlooking the hill to notice the city below it. His eye's twinkled with a new found foundness for life, knowing that there was something out there to better his life now. He had begun to slowly drive down the massive hill that had drive to the main streets below, taking noticed of something odd that had unsettle his stomach. The buildings to which he had came to believe where his neightbors appeared broken beyond repair, craddle by the sight of a rotting feature. In it's shatter window, that once gleamed of beauty, revealed to be that of corpses rotted beyond their date, looking upon him with a eerie intention that came with only a unpleasant cater. Demon's, of all nature with faces that not even a mother could find love for, ran through the streets. Their claws lashing out to whip upon the souls that had seem to dash forward with only the means of escape, ripping against the undead flesh with sever means.David had means to stop, he wish he could stop, only to jump from his car to run away from his terrible image. But he couldnt bring himself to remove himself from the machine, that brought him to this realm no longer of a human nature.


The car slowly driven down the hill, taking upon that of the cross street which separated the other hill and the main street. There was a pondering moment, if not a slight hesitation, among the choice that had seem to stall his motives. The three demon's, with faces symbolizing goat like humanoid features, had seem to taken noticed of the car pondering it's contraption with a wonderment of it's driver. Something told them that it was not one of their kind, and with speed did their form break outwards upon, stretching to reach the handle for the door. His motion was too slow, leaving the chance of the door to become ajar with a longing of the outstretch hands to touch the human flesh. A shriek had given away his the already know knowledge of his origin, casting forth the deal that the demon's had all made. The claw had reached more inwards to close upon the flesh, scrapping just enough flesh to be wedge between it's fingers before the male had hit upon the gas. He had exhilarated forward, bringing his gaze into the review mirror within the center, noticing the demon's giving up and turning to cross the street. A sigh of relief, how short lived it became, brushed against his mouth pulling his eye's to the road, feeling a chill embrace his features. A small voice, to which had warned him before of this mess, spoke up once more, telling him to look down beyond the black leather sterning wheel. Darkness swirling upon it's quiet features offering only the wonderment of what was to be, only to find that his want of this knowledge was a regrettable question. He had saw the eye's first, gleaming from beyond the calling of the dark with a hate that had been known, breaking the darkness with it's intent glow. A long boney hand, to it's decaying appearance, reached outwards to grasp upon the male's face, revealing it's unstable mucky touch. His mouth had open, sucking in too hard, causing him to ingest the creatures form, this causing him to gag with a disgust. His hands having shot upwards, to swat at the demon in hopes of at least pushing his hands from his face, causing the car to jerk within that of a right notion. David had came to realize the moment that the car had jerked from it's grasp, that he indeed would no longer hold any form of challenge against his attacker, casting forward with a jerk as the car had smashed into the railing of the side, merely driving over. It's impact was not hard enough to drive over the edge, but enough to cast the airbag within the chair to weaken the fall of the male, as he had faded into the embrace of darkness.

..................................... ........................ ....................................

In and out, he remember barely little that had lead up to the moment to which he had come awaken to. His eye's glued open with a form of harden substance that seem to hold a light salted scent. He had felt pain, intangeled by the expression of pleasure start at the back of his chin as it spread upwards and around. Wooziness had seem to settle her fine attire among his form, as his eyelid threaten to break the very bounds of the glue to close shut. Yet, the glue remain in it's place, holding a divine strength that seem no unlike the ideals of glue. David Hoffun knew that his end was now, no longer casting aside this notion as some odd dream that he was having, believing in the other worldly creatures that becoken for his dammnation. Stronger the pain became, finding it begin to spread across his face with that of a numbing sensation. He swore at some point he could hear his own voice scream out in pain, but it was lost among the drug like state that seem to become within his drive. From the bleak void of light, that flicker in and out of view, the male had taken his hazel gaze upon that of a creature whom had appeared rather tall in it's form. His black skin had seem to swirled, with that of an ash center complextion, revealing horns that driven upon it's stale yellow outreach to the sky above. It's body was nude, painted white beneath it's furry setting, revealing the goat hoves that bore it's footing. It spoke something upon that of the male, though knew it fell upon ears of a deaf waste causing the demon to frown at his wasted notion.One last smile, that's all the male had seeked to give the demon whom had torture his form, tugging at the corner of his lips as a smile dripped upon his face. This smile was wide, revealing the white pearls of his teeth, thanking God that he had never taken up smoking like some of his working friends. The demon felt nothing towards his motion of a smile, leaving no pity to be stall among it's nasty expression. His life had slipped at that very moment, no longer taking notion to the movement of blood lost that seem to strike the smiling corpse. The demon having lifted the skin from the face, seem to shake his head at the resolution that his death was to come, only to find pleasure that indeed suffering was to come. Turning his form from the body, no longer in the interest of it's form, bringing the flesh against that of blank canvas that held only promise. Emerging from the swift blackness of the creatures body, arms of two same emerge to pick upon it the needle and thread. The needle punture against the flesh with that of a tender nature, making his sowning flow with that of a soft nature. In and out, quickly did the needle pierece the skin before pulling through, the repeating. Leaving a gentle nature upon it's image, as the male had let go once the flesh had been properly stablize upon the canvas. His free hands had proceed to wreck the soul from the body, to where it remain confind, only to surpress it within the flesh upon the canvas. It's mouth opening in torment as it's voice echo ever lightly, before falling into a lost emptiness. The skin tighting as the as face arched in absolute horror, forming wrinkles to appear beneath it's eye's. The hands arched back, as of to reveal a mind of their own, casting him to marval upon it's half formed master piece. He knew there was something amiss upon this creation, finding the rest of it's beauty lost upon the unknown origin. Paint was not something that had found forth to exist within the deepth of the circles that cater to Hell, considering the moment that will allow him to use the body after all. Reaching backward, digging his claw into it's tender flesh with that of an ease notion, he dragged the body forth with that of a an easy pull. His nails proceed to rip and claw at the flesh, with a displaced fury that held no prier confertation with the corpse in front of his form. Blood soaked his palm, leaving a happy delighted smile to now shelter the creatures ash cover hues, before slapping his hand upon the naked canvas.  A scream somewhere from the distance, along the streets that appeared like the human's world, two smaller demons seem to hold forward stopping to notice the art in action.


Their voices had stop tumbling forth in a tongue, unannounce to the fleshie of the earth, halting their motion in absolute silence watching the artist at his best. They watched as he took the blood from the body that laid in a heap next to his side, slapping it upon the empty spaces. The blood had painted a picture, unknown to how, but there it stood within it's red stained features. A starless sky, smuged by darkness as the world around it had proceed to bleed in the art of it's own torment. This beauty had cause the  demon's to chock out in a almost teary cry, watching  the master now remove a mimic of a pen to write upon the painting words of a tale. Their form scraping and scratching over the stitches of the face, stretched outwatrds in horror. It had became a unbarable sight for the two onlookers, causing them to wrench their eye's from it's haunting gaze, only to shoot forward away from the scene in a hurry. They had praid to their dark master, that they would never come across such a sight again, finding it drawing and transcending. When the demon had believed that his masterpiece was finished, he arched his hands back tilting his head to fall upon it's image. A sasfied smile seem to now leak against his ashed form, as he took to his feet lifting the picture and vanishing into the desert.


It held many eye's, many gazes and many converstation. It brought pride and anger, and often a open sensation to weep. The bar, just among the downsetting of the arch that had lead to next circle of Hell, cater to the stopping and often wild demon's which searched fun in Hell. Often catering to the lessers whom tired from their endless job of punishment. The painting had hung within that of a black frame, edge by it  fine cutting inside ways holding a intense lust for it's main image. Scratched below, if not very small, was that of a name. A name given to it's art by it's master. 'The Art of Torture & Pleasures.' It's tales written within that of a black setting, giving forth a body grasping indulgence. This painting bringing a hatred and yet honor to rang throughout the bar, settle within the embodiments of Hell's origin.

'Come and read
come and read
the tales of a torture
and pleasures send
a demon's tale
a madman Hell
COME and Read.'


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