The Jester of Punishment History

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From the ashes to the tragic beginning of his birth. A young man will raise and become the greatest assassin.

Submitted: September 27, 2011

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Submitted: September 27, 2011



-Above the earth floated a large rock that cover great among of the valley in darkness. Upon it was a city known as Evergreen where angels, succubus and incubus lived in peace. In the center was a kingdom known as the Kingdom of Relvents where the Medouis and Beaushi ruled. By a profited they was told of a coming baby who was to be born of power. He was the next heir to the throne. Medouis and Beaushi rejoiced in joy to hear the noise, but the there was a warning that followed. They was told that one of their own was to turn upon them despite the hatred for the child. Quickly upon hearing such news, the two lock them self within a room letting only trusted maids join them. In the coming of a new winter, Beaushi went into labor. Within a hour, she gave birth to their only son which they came to name Izuyes Rekonu. {Meaning coming of a New Dawn}. The city hear of the news and celebrate for their new prince. But in the mist just north of the kingdom a man known as Rekuhis did not. He hated the child. He loath him with every fiber of his bean. For he too have come to learn that this baby once old enough was to be throne king. And so the man set out to ruin the chances of this ever happening.




When Izuyes became of age he started his studies from the history of Evergreen to the creatures that live among the grounds. His mind was open to the world taking in everything he could learn about himself and his city. One night when a new dawn had approach the sky upon the west, a man came to Izuyes dress in tither clothing and beg for the young prince to help him. Cant turn down those in need he had promised to help the man. So did this happen, the man lead the young prince to the outside of the kingdom near the cliff side. Rekuhis would then kick the male from the cliff side at the same time placing a ban spell upon the city. And so Izuyes fell down upon the earth landing not far from a small farm just north of a kingdom that look as his. Morning came with a lingering mist and one of the farmers there was tending to the pigs when they found the boy. He would pick the male up and bring him into the house tending to the wounds upon the males body. When Izuyes came too, he had no memory of where he was nor where he came from. The wife and husband decided to keep the boy as their son. Years pass by now and Izuyes lives a normal life as a farm boy, yet he has these dreams of his pass. When asking his father one day where he came from, the man could not tell him. They said that they found him just laying upon the ground as though if he fell from heaven. Discarding the idea of being unnormal, the boy would no longer question his past.



During the cold lifeless winters , the farmers wife grew very ill as they grew poor. The live stock they stole didnt bring enough money to survive through the harsh winds. So the farmer set out to beg the king of Cratevill for money. The king would disprove of the idea of giving his money and dismiss the man until he made a offer. He would sell the king his son for money. Fancy by the idea, the king agreed off the farmer left to fetch his son. When he return he felt guilty for what he had done, he warn his son to run and never come back. Izuyes did not understand the reason yet he obey. Packing all his clothes and anything else, he would head to the door stopping when a guard broke down the door snatching the male. He was drag to the carriage outside and toss in. As for the farmer and his wife, they was slaughter and the farmer was burn to the ground. The carriage came to the kingdom, the male was brought before the king who insanely took a fancy to the young male. He told the guards that the male was to study combat and anything else. He was to become a assassin. So for days , months and years, Izuyes practiced and study to become a assassin. He knew there was nothing he can do nor did the idea of running come to mind. He knew their was no place for him to go. Not since the farm was burn to the ground. In a dream the king had a beautiful woman came to him name Beaushi and told of the young boy who was unnormal. He was said to be a powerful angel/incubus. The king burst from his sleep with a great smile upon his face. He knew he had choose the right person for this job. Next morning descend and the king came to tell the boy of what he was. At first Izuyes didnt believe it, but when he saw what he could do he knew it was true. The king came to have a grand idea for Izuyes. He strip the boy of his name and gave him his assassin name which was The Jester of Punishment. Dress as a dark jester , the male became the best assassin known in the kingdom-

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