The Vanity of Your Beauty

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We all had someone we where once obsess with...Here my Stalker psycho Obsession like poem .

Submitted: January 22, 2012

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Submitted: January 22, 2012



You've become my obsession

How I wish to strangle you

So I can stop the process of age

Forever young I want you to stay

I want to be the one which corrupt you

The toy I snap in half

The love I rust  to solid gold

Let me be the reason of self-hate

Let’s play this game of sanity

I’ll be the reason why you’re self-Absorb

Be my perfect porcelain doll

The one which never crack

The vanity of your beauty

The longer I stare

The more I wish to kidnap you

And make you mind forever

Poison your mind with my reason

Lock to my bed for all season

Your mine

And mine alone

I am the crazy doctor

You are my patient

Fall for me with softer ways

The vanity of your beauty

Is my purpose

My persuasion

Screams won’t help you anymore

Cause by now you’re under my spell

I got you bewitched

And you are living in my hell

The Vanity of your Beauty

Nothing more

Nothing less

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