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Submitted: August 15, 2013

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Submitted: August 15, 2013




By: Demon J. Wolf

Harpies are like the fangs of a wolf, they strike fast and hard. The only things that these beautiful but deadly creatures fear are the Wolfworriers, a tribe of humans that have long been extinct. 100 years ago the harpies invaded an ancient city named Gama. The city was surrounded by the Harpy’s Peck mouton range. The citizens of Gama once thrived but when the harpies came they were enslaved by them. The humans died of starvation, fled, or where keep as pets. The harpies have a monarchy basted social order, led by an elder harpy.


Table of Contents

The Phantoms of the gods 2

Harpy’s Hell 5

The Wolf That Stands Among us 10

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The Phantoms of the gods

Long ago it was foretold that a hero of both Wolfworrier and Harpy would be born, he would be as light as air, strong as a wolf, and smart as the oldest of scholars. As the teacher spoke a young harpy walked in the room. “To bad the Wolfworriers are gone, any last words, teach.” She said as grabbed and dragged the old man into the street. His please for mercy fell on deaf ears. “Queen Silva will love to see you, old man.” Then a young man yelled “I’ll take his place.” The harpy looked at the man and asked, “Is he your father?” the man said nothing, the top half of his face was hidden by a large rimed hat but his long black hair and mouth was visible with one of his canine teeth stuck out. The harpy asked again, “Is he your father?!” No he finely said. The harpy smiled and asked. “Well then who is he?” “An old teacher of mine,” He said as he walked up to the harpy. Then the teacher grabbed his arm, “DON’T DO THIS, not for an old man like me.” The young man said, “A teacher is worth more than a king, for he can teach the future kings.” The harpy dropped the old man and grabbed the boy. “The queen will love this one even more than the old one.” As the harpy picked him up she realized that he was very light for a human. “Is he… no he can’t be?” she thought as she flew to the upper area of the city. The harpy was still in the air when the young man asked, “May we please land, I need to use the restroom.” The harpy landed near her home, and had him walk in front of her.  Her home was bark and coaled with the perfume of death in the air, an entire Wolfworriers suet of armor sat in the corner. “Don’t touch anything or I’ll have your head, got it!” The harpy said sharply, as the young man walked into her home. “What is your name ma’am if you don’t mind my asking?” as he now followed the harpy threw her home. “My name is Karin.” She said as she looked back making shore that the young man was still there. “Well Karin, I’m Rex.” Karin stopped and looked at him. “You’re… you’re the harpy hunter! Please don’t kill me.” She begs. “Karin I only kill the harpies involved in my father’s death. You’re too young to have had a hand in that.” He said as he plucked a feather from her wing. “OW, that hurt.” She said as she looked at her wing to see how many he took. “What was that for?!” “My mother was a harpy, when I was five she gave me one of her feathers. I took you’re as a sign of your strength.” He said as he looked at the silver, black, and red feather he just pulled from her.

“My strength?” she asked as he walked over to her stove. “Yes, that’s right.” He said as he burned her feather. “You’re very strong, the fact that it is glows red proves it.” “Is that good or bad for me,” Karin asked as she looked at this strange guest. “It’s good if you join me, bad if you don’t.” I’ll join but only if you swear that no harm will come to me.” She asked as she walked over to the young man. “Of cores not you’ll be a guest of areas.”




Harpy’s Hell

“So you fund a new ally hmmm, well welcome to Hell sister any friend of Rex is a friend of areas.” The announcement came from Slayer, the last full blood Wolfworrier. “Hello I’m Karin, and I thank you for allowing me a harpy to join.” She said as she bowed. “What you’re a harpy?!” Slayer yelled as he pulled a crossbow on Karin. “Well then you rely did walk in to Hell. That tacks guts and lots of them.” Rex then grabbed the crossbow and said, “Stop doing that, last time you nearly killed Samantha.” Rex then gave Karin a black robe with a red ace of spades sown into the front. “This was my father’s robe, you will half to where it for the rest of the week.” She look at the symbol and asked, “your mother was a harpy right?” “You figured it out, yes; I’m the one of legend.” He said as he looked her in the eyes. “If you want you can have this blade as a symbol of trust.” The blade is a dagger, made of steel dip in wolves’ vane. As he handed her the blade another harpy walked in the room. “Well looks like I’m not the only harpy here anymore.” soon the large room filled with people, the two harpies and Rex where still in the middle of the group.

“Everyone, these are the two newest members too are group. As harpies we must shear the pain that queen Silva has rout, so that they will see that she is not worthy of being queen.” The first one in the line for Karin was a six year old boy named William his story was that of many orphans in the city. “My mom was killed for telling me a bedtime story and my father die trying to protect her.” Karin hugged the little one not for the story but for how nonchalant way he told it to her, as if it was as normal as the sunrise. “I’m sorry that this happened to you.” Then she looked at the line behind him it was filled with kids and teens. She looked back at the little kid and saw that he was crying. “You hugged me just like my mom.” As the boy cried another boy came up and picked him up. This boy was his older brother. “Sorry that he did that.” Karin grabbed the older brother and said, “It is okay. Can I speak to him again?” the boy put his brother down and Karin picked him up and softly told him, “You are stronger than me, I could never walk up to a being that even resemble someone that had done that to me.” The kid then grabbed her hair and pulled it. “OW! What is it with you guys and pulling on my feathers and hair?” She said as she placed William on the ground.

Three hours of stories about the evil of the harpy’s rule had pasted, Karin was in tears as the last story was told. Then Rex walked to Karin and said, “I thank she gets it.” Karin stood up and walked to the other harpy and asked, “Did you know any of this?” the other harpy also crying sad, “No, I didn’t.” She said as she raped her wings around Karin’s smaller frame. “Well I thank that Samantha and Karin both get it. Now let’s get some food, orphans first then widows, widowers, and then the rest of us,” as the line formed Rex pulled Karin aside to asked, “You okay?” “Yes, I thank I rely don’t know.” She said as she hit the floor, she looked emotionally drained. The door to the room was suddenly throne open by three harpy guards. The room became cold as the wind blow. The three guards looked at Karin and the group of people. As Rex helped her up he was attacked by two of the harpies knocking him down as the third swooped down to Karin’s aid. The Harpy that lifted Karin asked, “Are you okay?” Karin just nodded and looked at Rex and then walked to him. “You two get off my slave, he was trying to help me.” She said as she grabbed one of their shoulders, “Now please leave him be.” The guards looked at the young man and then at the harpy and did as she asked as they left Karin collapsed in to Rex’s arms. “Are you alright my master?” He said as the three harpies flew into the night. “So I’m your slave?” He said as he stood her up. “Sorry I…” “It’s okay; I’m use to being categorized as a soulless brute.” He said, with that one canine still the only distinguishing thing about his face.

Rex dismissed the meeting as the children started to fall asleep. As the night came to an end Rex walked Karin home with three uninvited guests on their tail. Rex had already picked up on the three and knew what was going to happen to him and her if he left her at her home alone. As they neared her home Rex stumbled and knocked Karin down. Rex quickly picked her up and begged for forgiveness, as he did she knottiest the three guards. “It is okay, I want kill you for that.” At the house Rex opened the door and walked Karin in as he entered the house the scent of death was gone, instead it smelled like a rose. He then shut the door and removed his hat. “Karin it’s been a long day, may I stay here for the night?” he asked as he placed his hat on a table. “Yes, it is alright.” She said as she opened a pot of tea leaves. “Thank you.” “There is no need to…” she stopped as she looked at his face. He had long black hair, yellow eyes, tan skin, and a scare across the bridge of his nose. As for Rex he never got a clear look at Karin’s face ether. Her red hair that cover one of her green eyes, her petite lips, slightly pointed ears, and her tan skin all came together to form a beautiful woman.




The Wolf That Stands Among us and the Raven That Flies Above

The next morning Rex saw the three guards outside asleep in the garden Karin had seen them to and was making some Wentell tea. (Wentell tea is sort of like coffee except it has the blood of a Wentell, which are a group of dragon species.) “I’ll tack it to them.” Rex said as he put on his hat. “Besides I need to get some things from town and my old home.” “Why?” she asked as he took the tray the tea was on. “I’m your slave now I half to live here now. While I’m out is there anything you need” Karin just shook her head no. Rex than opened the door and gave the guards the tea. The guards asked what he was doing. “My master told me to give you some Wentell tea, to help you wake up.” Rex said as the guards drank the tea in a few swigs. As they flew off one of the guards thanked Rex for his and his master’s kindness. He took the cup and tray in and then was off to the town below. He walked to his old home and gathered up the things he needed as he looked at his home for the last time he glanced at an old toy that he had as a child. It was a stuffed wolf with one green eye and one blue eye, as he healed it, memories of hope, love, and trust came back to him. He was then shaken from his day dream by a harpy guard whom asked, “What are you doing here?” she was stand at the door. “This is… well was my father’s home before he died three weeks ago.” He said as the harpy walked in the door. The house looked like it was empty for at least two months, but the harpy didn’t seem to knottiest. “Sorry to hear about that I’ll leave you to your work.” She said as she walked out the door. The small home was dim, lifeless, and cold but it was also the last place his mother, father, and him where together. He put the toy in his pocket as a tear rolled down his face. After a moment Rex went to the market and got a batch of wolf’s vane, sculptor’s clay, and a wolf pelt. On the way to Karin’s home, Rex saw a jewelry shop for harpies. He looked at a necklace with sapphire, onyx, and jade beads.

Karin was getting diner ready when Rex got home. “Hay, Karin I got you a gift.” He said as he handed her a box. “What is it?” she asked as she opened it. Rex said this is a token of my apparition.” The charm was a flying silver harpy the beads fell into these chain, seven sapphires, one onyx, then seven jade, and so on. “Can you help me put it on Rex?” Karin asked as she studied it and gave Rex a gentile smile. Rex took the necklace and gently hung it around her neck. As he clasped the necklace together, his old toy fell out of his pocket. Karin looked at it and asked, “Why do you have an old toy.” Rex grabbed it, “it was the last thing my mom gave me before she died.” He said with a hollow  voice.

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