Phantom form Man to Vampier

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A look back at Phantom and the last of his loved ones.

Phantom from a Man to a Vampire


By: The King of Wolves Daniel


I am a wolf in nature but that doesn’t mean I’m always in a “howl to the moon” spirit. It means that I am a loyal, strong, and loving friend. That said I have a flip side that still shows itself.




Out of the Frying pan

Into Hell


Jonathan: *He was walks on an old dirt path when a wagon past.* <There in a rush.> *the wagon stopped and Jonathan could see a young woman waving him over.*

Amber: Please if you’re heading to the town we’ll give you a lift. *she looked him in his dark brown almost black eyes, slightly covered by his hair and the hood of his cloke.*

Jonathan: Well I guess if you are okay with a stranger riding with you. *climes in and sits across from this strange blond heard, blue eyed girl in a black dress.*

Amber: look I know we just met and I don’t know if you’re looking for work but I need some help and you look like just the man for the job. *She looks him in the eyes with gentle and loving gaze.*

Jonathan: *looks her in the eyes.* Why me?

Amber: I need a strong young man to help me around my manner. *Lens in.* and besides you’re handsome.

Jonathan: <is she hitting on me?> look if you need my help then I am more than willing to be of assists. *He smiles at her.*

Amber: Well than aren’t you the charmer. <I wonder what his blood tastes like.> *she leans back in the seat.* I am Amber Sims, and you are?

Jonathan: I’m Jonathan Smith. *He looks her in the eyes and asks.* so are you going to keep me in suspense or tell me what you need me to do.

Amber: <now I really want to taste his blood.> I need a body guard and more impotently a friend. *She looks away with a sad look.* it gets so lonely in the manner and I hardly ever get any visitors. <I hope he falls for it.>

Jonathan: I know the felling. I’m a stray I have no home or homeland. *Looks down sadly.* I thank you for the offer and I will take it.

Amber: <how strange he is a sad man but at the same time he has a heart of gold.> *She looks out the window.* the sun is setting. *Her eyes start to change from blue to red.* I need to eat. *She looks at Jonathan.* do you have anything to eat? <I don’t want to turn him yet so for now I’ll play human.>

Jonathan: No I’m afraid not.

Amber: Oh well, I guess we’ll half to what tell we get to my home. *She then looks back out the window.*

Jonathan: <I could sewer that her eyes changed coaler, but I really don’t care it’s good to have a friend that understands the pain of life.> Thank you again for the job miss Amber.

Amber: No thank you. *she looked back at him her eyes are now glowing.* it’s not often that I get to talk to a kind young man.

Jonathan: Your eyes are, ARE RED!

Amber: <Oh no I forgot that my eyes change coaler at night.> Please calm yourself I will not hurt thee, I…

Jonathan: YOU ARE A BLOOD TERSTY DEMON! SO NO I WILL NOT COLM… *he sees a tear flow from her eye. As it flowed she started to cry.*<Damn it Jonathan. She maybe a demon, but she is also a woman.>

Amber: If you want you can *she sighs.* you can kill me, but please make it quick.

Jonathan: I am sorry I, I don’t know what to do you’re a vampire but you’re also a woman. It goes against my nature to harm a woman even if she is not human. *he looks away.* so if you wish, I will leave.

Amber: *she looks at him lovingly as she grabs his hands.* If you can live with this then you can stay. <And I really hope he can.>

Jonathan: *he looks her in the eyes and then at her hands.* your hands are so cold and yet your heart is so worm. How is that? *He looks back at her.*

Amber: Thank you. *She said as she hugged him.*

Jonathan: *he gently pushed her away.* I still don’t trust you enough to let you do that sorry.

Amber: it is okay I understand. <Damn it I nearly had a taste of his blood.> I’m sorry for that I guess I’m still hunger.

Jonathan: I guess if you must eat then here. *he exposes his neck.* Just make it quick okay.

Amber: <Is he serious about this?> are you sure that you want me to drink some of your blood? *She asked as a hungry look came over her.*

Jonathan: Yes, but don’t take all of my blood, okay.

Amber: *she moved to the seat next to him and asked him one more time.* are you sure that you want me to do this?

Jonathan: *he inhales slowly.* yes, I’m sure.*he then closed his eyes.*

Amber: Okay then. *She said as she gently bit his neck and sucked some blood.* <his blood is so sweet almost like sugar.> *she then leans back.*

Amber: you are very sweet for a human and I thank you for letting me taste you. You are still going to be human for the next five or six feedings okay. *she then smiles at him.*

Jonathan: thank you for telling me that I was scared that I was going to turn as soon as you finished. *he said as he held his hand to his neck.*

Amber: that is funny I would never take that much blood from anyone in one sitting. *she leaned up on him.* besides it has been a long time since I had this nice of a time with someone, and I don’t want to mess it up.

Jonathan: <She is so kind for a demon… I guess I should call her an angel.>

Amber: Welcome to my home, I know it’s a little big but you’re more than welcome to pick your own room. *she looks at him and smiles a gentle smile.* and I mean any room except my room lover boy.

Jonathan: <damn can she read my mind.> okay then the room next door to yours. *He grin an evil little grin.*

Amber: Are you sure you’re not too scared of me?

Jonathan: I don’t think you’re going to kill me or I’d be dead by now. *Looks at her with a loving smile.*

Amber: Don’t get cocky the nights still young. *She gives him the same smile.*

Jonathan: Hay Amber you are kidding right?

Amber: *she just walks in the front door.*

Jonathan: *gulp.* I hope that’s a yes. *he follows her in.*

Amber: This is you room three doors down is my room. *she looks back at Jonathan.* I hope that you have a good night’s rest Jonathan. *she smiles that same loving smile.*

Jonathan: Hay you can just call me John okay Amber.

Amber: okay John. *she said as she walked in to her room.*

John: *He is banging his head ageist a wall.* <Stupid, stupid, stupid just call me John STUPID.> maybe I’m just too damn stupid for her.

Amber: I will never understand humans.



The Angel that…



*The next morning.*

John: *he was looking through books on the shelf in the library.* I need to learn as much as I can.

Amber: <he is so strange but at the same time he’s kind and hopeful. Maybe he can be my friend.> John can I talk to you, for a moment.

John: *He looks over at her then closed the book he was reading.* Yeah, be right there. <Damn don’t vampires sleep?>

Amber: Look I want to learn a little about you. I’ll ask some question and I want you to answer them as truthfully as you can, okay. *She is sitting at a table in a dark room.*

John: *he sits across from her.* Okay, but can I learn anything about you or no.

Amber: *She leans in.* Yes but I will ask the first set of questions okay.

John: *Nodes.*

Amber: *She leans back and sighs.* Do you have any one in your life that would miss you if you diapered?

John: No, I’m a loner.

Amber: How old are you?

John: 17

Amber: Do you have any skills or talents?

John: I can cook and draw.

Amber: If you could have anything in the world what would it be, and why?

John: Hum… I guess that the one thing in the world that I want is someone that loves and respects me. As for why I guess it is so I can be happier then I already am.

Amber: <man I wish I could read him.> Okay last question, if I trued you in to a vampire would you still like me? *She turned her head shyly.*

John: It depends on the situation if I’m dying or if you need to drain me to save your life, then yes I will still like you.

Amber: okay it’s your turn to ask the questions. *she said with a shy voice.*

John: Okay then. How long have you roamed the earth?

Amber: 17 years as a human 183 as a vampire.

John: well that’s about how old I guessed you where as a human. What do you think of me?

Amber: My, you are direct aren’t you? You are kind, smart, and sweet tasting.

John: *He leans in.* Now my last question, if I kissed you right now would you kill me?

Amber: *She looks at him and smiles.* It depends on whether or not you’re a good kisser. *She leans in as well and whispers.* But you and I can’t kiss till I am ready for your love. *she stands back up and walks away.*

John: What. *He runs up to her and kisses her on the cheek, then he walks out of the room.*

Amber: *She blushes as she gently puts her hand to where he kissed her.* <That was ether the dumbest or most romantic thing that anyone has ever done.>

John: <I’m not dead so that’s a good sign, so maybe she dose like me. Or maybe she is thinking about killing me in my sleep.> *He grabs the book that he was reading and sits down.*

Amber: <I hope he doesn’t die tonight.> By the way I’ll be having some friends over tonight so hide in your room okay.

John: I am not hiding from anyone. *He looks her in the eyes.* I am too stubborn to hide.

Amber: if you don’t you’ll be killed, if you hide then you and I can talk.

John: Fine but you owe me, okay. *He looks deeply in to her eyes.*

Amber: What exactly do I owe you? *She growls at him.*

John: a reel kiss. *He says as he walks to the kitchen.* Hay can you eat human food or just human blood?

Amber: I can eat anything except garlic. *she looks at him still a little mad at his statement.*

John: okay then. *He starts to cook a meal.*

*The sun starts to set, as two wagons entered the gate.*

Amber: Time for you to hide. *She pushes him into his room.*

John: yes ma’am. *he said as he walked into the dark room.* I hope you will honor our agreement.

Amber: Yes I will. *She says as she shut and locked the door.*

Vail: Amber so good to see you it has been years.

Elena: Yes how have you been?

Amber: Vail, Elena, I’ve missed you, and very good. *She hugs the two of them.*

Elena: *she smells human on Amber.* Amber is there a human here? *she looks her in the eyes.*

Amber: <Damn it I forgot that she can smell a human from a mile away.> I can’t lie to you. Yes, I have a new pet. His name is Jonathan, John for short.

Vail: you know the rules no pets that can talk. *She looks her in the eyes.* If he even thinks of talking he’s dead, got it.

Amber: I know,*she looks down.* but I trust him.*she looks back at them.*

Elena: Now that that’s settled why don’t we meet him?

Amber: fine I’ll introduce you to him. *she sighs and leads them to his room.* John. *she knocks on his door.* might I come in.

John: Yes you may. *he said as he sat there reading.*

Amber: *unlocks and opens the door.* John they know and now they want to meet you. So John this is Vail. *Points to the slender black haired woman.* and this is Elena. *pointing to a young girl with red hair.*

John: *he stands and bows to them.* Nice to meet you.

Vail: He’s cute, can I have him? *She looks at Amber.*

Amber: No He’s mine.

John: <Great now I’m a commodity.> Ladies if I may, how about we just have a nice home cooked meal and discuses this like civilized beings.

Elena: I call his neck! *She starts to walk towards him slowly licking her lips.*

John: THAT’S NOT WHAT I MENT! *He backs up to the far wall, as the blood trusty girl crept cloaser.*

Elena: come on big boy don’t tell me that you’re that attached to your blood. *She looks softly into his eyes as she placed a hand on his chest.*

John: *Gulp.* <Is this what Amber meant?> Yes as a matter of fact I am.

Amber: *She grabs her by the back of her dress.* Down girl bad vamp, bad.

Elena: come on I was just kidding, if anything he needs a good scare. And I’m not a dog so stop treating me like one.

John: I’ll start some tea okay. *He looks at the two girls fearfully.*

Amber: look I think you two should go be for the sun rises.

Vail and Elena: Yeah you’re right. *They said as they looked back at Amber.*

Elena: Bye John. *She blows him a kiss as she walks out the door.*

Amber: *She looks back at John.* I’ll be back in a moment okay.

John: *He nods his head.* Yes ma’am.

Amber: *She waves good bye to her friends.* <I have to tell him or he will half to die.> *she walks back to his room.* John we need to talk.*

John: Okay. <Damn it I did not even know we weir dating.>

Amber: I need to turn you or you will be killed I’m sorry. *She hugs him and starts to cry.* I wish it wasn’t so but…

John: It is okay I understand. <Damn that was close I nearly said something I’d regret.> *He returns the hug.* I will let you turn me, for you are an angel.

Amber:*She starts in on his neck when a larger crash chimes out through the manner.*


John: Stay behind me I’ll keep you safe.

Goons: *a man hits John with a large metal ball n’ chain, braking several of his ribs.*

John: *He coughed up blood and falls to the ground.*

Amber: *She kneels down to him,* JOHN, STAY WITH ME PLEASE! *She then looks back at them.* Why are you doing this?

VanHellsing: You’re an unholy demon that will kill everything on earth. Chain her and her friend up, it’s the Coliseum for them.



To VanHellsing’s Heaven

John: Ah, my chest it feels like I was kicked by a horse. *He tries to sit up but can’t.*

Amber: No stay down if you move you could pears your lung or even your heart. *She gently pushes him back down.*

John: Amber, will I die if you don’t turn me? *gently he grabs her hand.*

Amber: Yes but I, I don’t want to caws you to suffer at that man’s hands.*She points to VanHellsing.*

John: Amber please I don’t want to die not like this. *He coughs up some more blood and groans in pain.* I want to live and I… *he passes out.*

Amber: JOHN! JOHN! *She leans in to his neck and bites him, as she cries sad and biter tears.*<I love you Jonathan and I wish I said that sooner.>

John: I… I hear you Amber and I love you too. *he sits up still in pain but alive.*

Amber: you can hear my thoughts?!

John: I guess. I’m not sure are you thinking that I feel like a wagon was parked on my chest?

Amber: No, but I never said I loved you out loud. *She hugged him.*

John: OW!

Amber: *She jerks away.* Sorry I…

John: It’s okay you just did what you wanted to do. *He sits up and looks arrowed.*

Daniel: good you’re finely up.

Amy: Amber you where right he does look cuter with his eyes open.

Vex: Whatever he’s a live big whoop he’ll die in the ring tomorrow.

Fang: Shut the hell up Vex.

John: I see we’re not the only prisoners of that man.

Amber: That is VanHellsing, The demon hunter. *She starts to cry.* He killed Vail and Elena.

John: *He hugged her even through the pain of his injury.* <I will kill this sick son of a…>

Amber: John, I still owe you a kiss. *She looks up at him.* and I want to kiss you now sense I know that I can. *She moves in to him and closes her eyes.*

John: *He leans into her his arms loosen as his love is torn from them.* Amber, bring her back, please.

Amber: John, please help me.

Goon: Chill out you’ll see her soon we just need to get her and you ready for the fight tonight. HEHEHE

Amber: *She looks at the man.* Please let me have some time with him, please.

Goon: I’m sorry but my boss would kill me if I did.*he continues to drag her.*

John: *He starts to growl.* damn it, damn it, DAMN IT. *He starts to punch the bars that held him from the girl that saved his life.*

Amy: He’s bending the bars.

Daniel: *He grabs John’s arm* Stop if you break free VanHellsing will sherry kill her.

John: so what should I do! *he looks at him.*

Daniel: what there just getting her ready for a fight.

Amy: and it’s too early for a fight to the death, so she’ll be fine.

Goon: *10 minutes later.* Okay you next. *he grabs John.* you need to get ready for the fight as well.

John: What you me that the two of us are fighting first?

Goon: I’m afraid so. Boss says it’s good for business to have lovers fight. I myself find it to be appalling but if I don’t he’ll feed me to Daniel on a full moon.

Daniel: hay I’m not a killer that jerk just grounds you up and then he feeds you to whole camp including to you humans.

Goon: That’s even worse.

John: *After they gave him new clothes and burned the word Phantom on his back he was lead to the arena.*

VanHellsing: Tonight we have a special treat for you. Two vampires will fight but that’s not the only thing there in love so let’s hear it for are meal vamp “Phantom”.

John: *He was forced out in to the ring.*

VanHellsing: and now are female vamp “Scarlet”

Amber: *She was thrown out on to the ring.*

John: AMBER!! *he runs up to her, but he is stopped by his chains.* what the hell. *He looks down at the chains.*

VanHellsing: let the dog go. *He looks over at one of his goons.*

John: *his chain is dropped and he runs up to Amber.* Amber, are you okay?

Amber: I have to fight you or we will be killed, but I can’t fight you. I love you. *She hugs him.*

John: I love you too, that’s why I stood in the way of that goon.*he stands up and then helps her up.*


Amber: I can’t fight you. *She sits down.* I WILL NOT FIGHT ETHER!

VanHellsing: Then you will die. *He jumps in to the ring.* Fight or I will kill you. *he yells at Amber.* Fight, Scarlet.

John: *He grabbed VanHellsing and threw him agents a wall.* If you want a fight then you’ve got one. *He braces his chain and swings it at VanHellsing.*

VanHellsing: *He grabs the chain before it hit him.* I am not fighting tonight, YOU ARE! If you will not fight with her then you might fight to save her.

Goons: That’s the cue to let the hellhounds out. *They lift a gate and seven large black dogs with glowing red eyes ran out.*

John: <great mutes.> *he pulls his chain from VanHellsing and stands between the dogs and Amber.*

Hellhounds: <We are so hunger must eat.> *they charge at John and Amber.*

John: *He hears their thoughts, and looks over at VanHellsing.* If you ask me that looks like some easy prey.

Hellhounds: *look at VanHellsing, then at John. The lead dog signals to attack VanHellsing, but as soon as they get close they vanish into thin air with nothing more than a pain filled howl.*

VanHellsing: The sun is coming up oh well. *he loads a crossbow and fires it at Amber.*

Amber: *the arrow hits her in the chest.* AH! John.

John: *He scoops her up.* Amber no. *He looks at the arrow and then at her.* Let me remove it.

Amber: No it has al-ready pierced my heart. I only have a few more secants of life, and I’m glad I can spend it with you. *she grabbed his face and pulled him to her.*

John: *he kissed her as she started to die, a crimson tear fell from his cheek.* <I swear to you that I will avenge your death.>

Amber: No John I want you to move on and fined someone new to love that will be the best form of revenge you can get on Hellsing.

Amber: *her voice softens as john sets her down.* I will always love you. *She smiles that same loving smile before she dies.*

John: *He stands up, tears falling from his face, and he says.* you monster, you heartless monster. *he turns and stares at him.* you killed her for no reason other than for loving me. I hope your death is as painful as her was. *he starts to walks away.*

VanHellsing: *Laughs.* I killed her because she was a demon and I will kill you for the same.



Phantom is born

John: *He pins Daniel and Amy to the wall of the cage.* you lied to me, and now Amber is dead. I should kill you both of you.*

Daniel: *He struggles for breth.* I’m sorry I didn’t know that he was going to kill this early in the day.

Amy: Please would Amber want to see you like this. *She says as she starts to pass out.*

John: *He lets go of their throats and sighs.* No I guess not. He looks at them sorry I guess I let my anger tack hold I’m sorry. *he sits down on a hammock and silently cries.*

Amy: *She sits next to him.* I-I wish it were Hellsing who died in the ring, not her.

John: She wasn’t the only one, who died in the ring, *he hugged her.* a part of me died to. I am no longer Jonathan Smith I am something new and more sinister. I am Phantom.

The King of Wolves Daniel: the rest they say is history, but I’ll give you the impotent stuff. Phantom had inadvertently cased Hellsing to become a long life when he struck him whit the chain. Three years after Amber was killed Phantom with Fangs help escape but Fang was captured, and Hellsing started to hunt Phantom. As for Ambers body she was cremated and placed in a small erne, that Phantom stole so he could spread her ashes. As for the other 1,000 years you got me there.

Submitted: September 01, 2013

© Copyright 2020 The king of wolves Daniel. All rights reserved.

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