The Life Of A Pawn

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It is a short poem about a man who could not move on.

Submitted: January 10, 2019

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Submitted: January 10, 2019



The Life Of A Pawn 

Timothy Keister 


The sun beat down on the glade

  To most this would be the perfect day, but for one it would just be another one where his wrist would feel the cold steel of his own blade. 


The blood ran down his arm snd stained his skin. 

He knew he could not go back, it would stick to his soul like a shirt and a pin. 

Everynight he tried to drink away the memories with the best of gin. 

But it was never enough to fill the hole within. 


He knew it as wrong, but it felt so right. 

  He dug the blade in his worst with all his might. 

He did not get to say goodbye to his crying friends as they buried him that night. 

In his life all he wanted to do is move on. 

You can only get so far when your just a pawn. 

He felt like nothing was worth living for anymore, that is why he is now buried in the back corner of his lawn.


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