The Lone Cowboy

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What would happen if one cowboy somehow found himself transported into feudal Japan?

Submitted: June 04, 2013

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Submitted: June 04, 2013



I don't know exactly what year it was, nor did I give a good god damn. It was hot though, I can tell ya that much. I was a scout in the army, a young twenty-something with the world ahead of me. A true cowboy I was. Didn't care for rules or nothing like that. Should've known better, though. The colonel tasked me to scout ahead, see them redskins and report back.

Course, being the man I was back then, I took my six-shooters, a belt full of bullets and saddled my horse up for a sunset ride.

"Ha! Them Indians can't touch me and my gun!" And so I rode out ahead, and found their settlement. "Alright you featherheads, come at me!"

Shot one straight up, woke the whole damn village. I was after the chieftain, but I didn't care how many died before him. And as I ran around, shooting left and right, I saw him. A big man, he was. With that damn stick of his, he knocked one of my revolvers off.

After that...well, I don't really remember what happened, but I know that when I woke up, I was in this strange place. Ain't nothing like what I've seen before. Damn sure wasn't an Indian teepee, though.

"Ugh...where the hell am I?" I looked around. I was lying in a bed of pans, crumbled underneath me. But even stranger, all around me were these giant knives, like the ones Asians use. I had never seen one in person before, though I've read about them. I got up, and dusted my coat off. Just then, I heard the thumping of steps. As scared as I was, thought it was the devil himself. But no, it was even stranger I tell ya. A door opened and through it rushed in this sour-faced, bony old man in a white robe. His eyes were damn scary, too.

"The hell are you?! And what is this place?" I walked a few steps forward, but I could tell he was just as scared of me, as I was of him. He said a few words with a shaky voice, and at first it sounded like gibberish, but then it cleared up.

"What are you doing in my house, weird boy?! Who sent you here?! Was it Yamamoto? You tell him if he wants my swords he'll have to get them himself!"

"What the...You tell me, old timer. The hell is this place?!" I approached him a few more steps, but the old man retreated to the wall. Grabbed a blade, too.

"I don't know what you're planning, but by the look of you, It can't be good! If you want to take my swords, you'll have to take my life first!" The old man shrieked in a battle cry, running at me with the sword.

"Hey hey hey, easy now!" I took a step back, trying to calm the old timer down. Course, as freaked out as I was, I instinctively pulled up my hand to protect myself. It was then that I realized one of my guns was still in it. Good thing, too, as he was aiming for my head. I pulled the trigger. The gunshot echoed off the metal in the room. When I realized what had happened, the old man was dead on the floor, with a bullet lodged in his head.

"Grandpa?! What was that noise?!" Heard a female voice and a new set of thumping footsteps.

"Damn it, now I've gone and done it!" Panicking, I looked out the nearest window. Luckily I was on the first floor, and the land was grassy. Not giving it another thought I jumped. The landing wasn't what you'd call graceful, but it was good enough.


"Damn it John, now what?!" I returned the gun in its holster and ran for it. There was a thick wall of trees ahead, barring a stomped rocky road. "Just what in the hell happened to me? And where am I?!" I looked around. It was the dead of night and the moonlight reflected off the nearby pond. The stars gazed at me with just as much of a wonder as I at them. But enough of this, let's move the story. I was walking along the road, and just as my luck would have it, I see five men ahead, walking towards me.

"Damn, now what?!" I would've jumped out of the way and hid, but one of the men took notice of me. He yelled, and the blood in my veins froze. I didn't know what to do, so I just stood there without even breathing.

"Hey you!" Quickly, all five approached me. They were wearing some kind of metal armor, and each had a sword dangling from his waist. The man in the front was the apparent leader - a tall and stern-looking man with black hair tied in a ponytail. Just as they walked up to me, I lowered my hat so they wouldn't see my eyes.

"Don't you know it is forbidden to walk around after midnight?! And what is with this strange clothing?!" I couldn't see it, but I knew he was eyeing me from head to toe.

"Sorry, sir. It's just...I'm not from around here."

"Well that explains your shitty clothes. And what's that thing on your waist?!" He took out his sword and pointed at my holster. "Is that a dagger?!"

"No, sir. It's my revolver." I slowly took it out, careful as to not upset them.

"A what?! What do you use it for?" All five men gathered around my hand, staring at my gun.

"It's..." By now it was clear to me that they had never seen a gun before. I probably should've lied, and told them it was a gardening tool or something. But I didn't really think back then. So, filled with newfound cockiness, I spat out:

"It's for killing." I aimed the gun at their leader, yet they burst into laughter.

"Killing?! You couldn't stab a pillow with that dull thing, let alone kill anyone." I waited for them to stop laughing before putting back the gun in its holster. "That's no weapon. This is a weapon!" He unsheathed his sword, looking at it. "This, my weird-talking friend, is a katana – the ultimate weapon. With this, you can kill anyone."

"Oh yeah? Why do you have one of those, then?" He laughed upon me asking the question.

"You obviously don't know who we are."

"Really?! Should I?!" I raised my head, looking him dead in the eyes, with a devil's smirk on my face. Apparently, this angered him because his smile turned into a serious frown, and I found myself with a blade pointed at my throat.

"You ignorant fool. We are the shogun's samurai. The ultimate warriors and peace-keepers in all of Japan." It baffled me. I had heard of Japan and those weird warriors, but I always thought they were a thing from some distant past, long before my days. Seeing them standing here before me, in the flesh, stirred more than a few emotions in my head.

"Ah, well then I apologize. Just let me be on my way." I didn't want to cause any trouble, but the five didn't budge.

“No. It's apparent you need to be taught a lesson." He sheathed his sword, confident I would heed his request. "Kneel."

"I ain't kneeling for no one."

"Kneel!" He unsheathed his sword again, as did the other four.

"No!" I was confident in my righteousness, and too proud to ever kneel to anyone, let alone this tin can in front of me. I knew what was coming, and readied my right hand for the draw.

"Kneel!" He swung his sword at me, but my draw was faster. One shot, and he was down on the ground. The other four were left gazing at the smoke coming out of the revolver's barrel.

"He killed captain Taiga without touching him. It's black magic!" One of the subordinates said. They were all in shock, just staring at the dead body. Most were smart not to do anything stupid, but one of them, a short and stout kid, wasn't. Blinded by rage, he rushed at me with his sword. I had no choice but to shoot him down as well. Poor kid had a lot of years ahead of him.

"You… You monster!" Seeing the two dead bodies before them, the three remaining samurai ran away in horror. And I was left wondering what to do, standing there in the open road with two bodies next to me. Wasn't long before I decided to walk away, and find some place to hide out for the night.

"Samurai, eh? And not a friendly face in sight. God knows how I found myself in this place, but I sure as hell ain't staying." I was determined to find a way back home. After all, I didn't belong there. It was an age of steel and honor, and mine was one of gun smoke and spirit.

In this strange new place…

"…Guess I'm a lone cowboy in a world full of samurais."

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