The Redhaired Girl

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Nerd meets rebellious girl. Read and find out how it all plays out! You might be surprised...

Submitted: June 04, 2013

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Submitted: June 04, 2013



"Hey, you. Nerdy guy, with the glasses!" She shouted at me, even though at the time I couldn't really hear her simply because my mind was somewhere else.

"Hey, would you turn around already?!" She pulled me by my jacket.

"Huh?!" That's when I saw her up close for the first time; tall and with a rugged boyish figure. She had short red hair and one metal earring on her right ear. Rough lines on her face, but pretty in her own way, one might say.

"Didn't you hear me shouting?!" She pouted, as if I was supposed to react to her shouts.

"Ah, sorry. My mind was somewhere else." I snapped back to reality, finally realizing we were in a crowded subway.

"Yeah, I can tell. What's with the sad face?"

"Sad? I'm not sad." I was lying with eyes wide open.

"Of course not. Listen, we have gym class together, right?"

"I guess. Haven't noticed you before, though." Liar! Every class I would sneak a peek at her, knowing she was way out of my league.

"Yeah right. I've seen you staring." Crap! Run, you fool! Run before she makes fun of you like many before.

"Oh, that's you?! You look..." Different. Say different, think something clever! "Red. I mean, your hair is different from in gym class. Ha-ha."

"Right. Listen, I know it's your birthday. Saw your buddies singing you that crappy birthday song. And I really don't think anyone should wear a face like that on their birthday." She looked out the window. Her stop was coming up, marked by the animated graffiti on the tunnel's wall. "How's this - I’m getting off here, but if you want, you can walk me home. The next stop after that is yours, I’m guessing. It’s the last one. So come with me and then walk home. How's that?!"

"Yeah, sure. That would be nice, I guess." My face lit up like a firework with those words.

"There we go. A smile! Come on now!" Like the punk she was, she grabbed my hand and pulled me with her. We practically jumped out the door. As we walked out on the streets, the night lights looked a lot more beautiful than usually. Maybe because I wasn't looking at them alone.

"Come on; let's take a walk, nerd boy!"

"It's Dan, by the way. Daniel."

"Well then, Daniel, my name's Red. Just Red. Come on now!" She took me to a vending machine. It was one of those old models, where you had to put in coins for it to work. She mumbled a few curse words while scrambling to find some change in her pockets. "Here." She spoke softly while inserting the coins. "It's your birthday, so this one's on me." She took a glass bottle, handing it to me without taking her eyes off the machine. "What about mine, you stupid piece of metal?!" A rage-filled kick followed. And after that, the overdue drink.

"Stupid machine." She cursed while I twisted the cap off the bottle, but before I could take a sip, she pulled my arm. "Come on! It's starting soon!" We ran to the edge of a nearby wall which overlooked the highway.

"What's starting?!" Confused, I followed suite and leaned over the wall's fence.

"The race. Every week, for one night they have a race here. And it's just your luck theres one today."

"What kind of race?! And who's they?!"

"Oh, nerdy boy. You really do have your head buried in those books. Just watch." The moment she spoke those words, a dozen projectiles came passing through. Vehicles as small as a human. I couldn't really make out what they were, but it couldn't have been humans doing that.

"Isn't it awesome?"

"Yes. Yes it is." I replied.

"They go on for about an hour." She took a sip from the drink. We spent the next hour talking and admiring the fast moving projectiles. She told me her favourite genre of music, her hobbies, dreams and hopes. What her favourite food is and what she hates in the morning. We have a lot in common. Little things, but a lot of them! She asked me why I was sad several times, but I refused to answer. Maybe because I didn't feel comfortable. At the end, she walked with me to her building, and that's where we said our goodbyes.

"Thank you, Red. You were really nice."

"Yeah, I was, wasn't I?" She punched my shoulder. "You're ok yourself, nerdy boy. Guess I'll see you around!"

"Yeah, I guess so too." I took a few steps back, almost heading home. "I was going to celebrate my birthday alone." I shouted, perhaps a bit too late as she had already walked through the door. But she turned around, and popped her head out the door curiously.

"I was gonna celebrate alone." I repeated, smiling. "That’s why I was sad. But, in the end, guess I was wrong. And I’m glad!" My lips spread ear to ear.

"Yeah. I'm glad too." She nodded with a faint smile, closing the door. And I walked away with a strange feeling of lightness in my feet. We wouldn't have class together for a week, but I wanted to see her the very next day.

"Hey nerdy guy. I need your help." She came to me in-between classes a week later. "I need you to solve these for me." She handed over a math test.

"Did...did you ste..." before I could finish blaming her, she covered my mouth.

"Maybe. The window was open. Now can you solve these or not? I have a test next period and I can't fail."

"Sure. Why not?" I walked to my classroom and sat on my desk. It was break time, so it was empty. Red watched over my shoulder as I scribbled on the paper. "Thanks a lot, nerdy!" Without saying a word more, she took the paper just when I finished the final problem, kissed me on the cheek and ran away. After that kiss, I didn't think of anything else for a while. It wasn't until the bell rang that I came to.

That day, I decided to skip last period for the first time in my life. I took the subway an hour earlier and got off the second to last station. With resolute steps I ran to that old vending machine and waited.

"When the next subway stops, I'll buy two drinks and she'll come." I thought. She'd come and see me standing there. She'd smile and we'd talk for an hour, at the end of which I'd tell her how much I like her and... No no no, that would never happen. God I’m pathetic! I'd tell her how much I like her and ask her out on a date. Yeah, that's what I'll do! I waited, thinking, planning.

And right on time, the 7:20 PM subway arrived. I waited as the crowd of people began pouring out on the streets. The vending machine had a clear view of the entrance to the subway, if a bit far away. And that’s when she arrived. Red, with her red hair, rugged rainbow-colored shirt, tall black jeans and...An arm around her. A guy was hugging her, and both were laughing. She saw me and they quickly approached.

"Hey. I thought I'd return the favor from yesterday." I could barely think. The words came out of my mouth as if dragged out by a chain. I felt nauseous. Was he her boyfriend?! Brother maybe?! God I’m stupid!

"Thanks, nerdy." She took the drink from my hand. "This is Lyle, by the way. He's my boyfriend."

Boyfriend! Of course. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

"Sup, dude?" His voice made me angry for some reason. I didn't even know the guy but I wanted to punch him square in the face.

"Yeah. Hi. Well. I see you’re busy so I’ll just go, I guess." My words were chopped up and probably higher pitched than usual. I politely nodded and with quick steps, hurried back home.

"Boyfriend! How could I be so stupid! Of course she has a boyfriend!" I threw the backpack at the wall and spread myself on my bed. I didn’t sleep that night. I couldn’t help but think about her all night and went to bed early in the morning, pretending that I’m sick. Didn't go to school that day either, or the next.

After that we continued talking often. Me and Red, I mean. Over the next few months we got really close, as close as friends get. She even gave me her cell-phone number. She made it a habit to text me often. Mostly during tests, of course - for answers. I helped her with tests. In return, she helped me with life. I learned a lot more about her, and liked her even more. And I hated her boyfriend just as much. Not a day would go by without me thinking about her. I tried to force myself into only seeing her as a friend, into liking other girls, but I simply couldn’t. Her hair, her clothes, her smile, her rebellious attitude. Everything about her was so amazing, so perfect!

And that's when it happened.  That one winter day, with light rain caressing the city's streets. I couldn't take it anymore.

"I love you." I worded it out, while we were alone behind the school.

"Yeah, I know, nerdy. I love ya too." She rustled my hair playfully.

"No. I mean, I love you."

"Oh." For the first time since I met her, there was no trace of happiness on her face. The smile faded and all that was left was a blank expression. "I don't...." I couldn't tell if she didn't know what to say or didn't want to say it, but she ran away that very moment. I texted her… but no reply. The remainder of the day consisted of me feeling stupid and guilty.

She didn’t come to school the next day. And the rain was pouring that day, too. I texted her again…

~Hey, why aren't you at school?!~

I waited. For an hour the phone was dead silent. And then...*beep*

~Hello. Sorry to tell you this, but Elizabeth had an accident yesterday. She's in the hospital. This is her mother.~

Elizabeth?! Who is... Oh. That's her name.

"I gotta go!" It was the middle of a History lesson, but I didn't care. I ran. That day I ran harder and further than ever before. The area's hospital was at least three miles away, but I didn't care one bit. At the steps of the hospital, I felt as if my chest would explode and my legs fall off, but I didn't care. All I did care for - was her.

"Where's Red?!" The receptionist stared at me with a surprised expression as I almost shouted in between my gasps for air. "Where's Elizabeth?". I tried to talk more reasonably, but being covered in sweat and out of breath didn't make things easy. I would've talked for the remainder of the day if it wasn't for a redheaded lady who approached me.

"You know my daughter?" She asked as I stopped my heavy breathing to think and rest.

"Yes." I softly replied.

"You must be "Nerdy". Well, that’s what she's named you on her phone. She's on the second floor, room 208. I'm..." Honestly, I didn't much care for her name at that moment. Before she could say it, I walked to room 208. If I could, I would've run, but my legs simply wouldn't listen.

I slowly opened the door to room 208.

"Who is it?! It better not be that homo who took my cheesecake this morning! Come on! Just because I can't see doesn't mean I can't beat the crap out of you!"

She can't see?! The words struck me like a bullet. I walked in front of her bed. She was sitting with her back straightened against the wall and a mop in her hands. An IV was latched onto her left arm, feeding her morphine. Bandages covered most of her arms. And there were bandages on her eyes too. She really couldn't see me. I suddenly felt weak, too weak to do anything but talk.

"Red...I'm..." I could barely speak. But before I could apologize, she smiled.

"Oh, it's you Nerdy, huh?! You had better brought me something to drink, or else!" She smirked, raising the mop in the air in a playful threat.

"I...No, I didn’t. Sorry, I forgot."

"Bah, don't worry about it." I sat opposite her bed as she dropped the mop on the floor. Without a word, I kept staring at her in silence.

"And don't think you're all that important to me. I would've run into that motorcycle even if I didn't know you." Red smiled, though her lips quickly lowered. She wouldn’t admit it, but I could see her pain, her sadness.

"Heh. Guess I'll never get to see our beautiful city again, will I? Too bad! I was just beginning to like it...Nerdy?!" I was gone. I heard those words and knew what I had to do.

"Maybe it wasn't my fault, and maybe I can't get her eyes back. But I can do something!" With the thought in my head, I spent the following two nights without sleeping. Working, coding, drawing, and creating. If I can't get her eyes back, I can at least let her see again. See something!

Three days later I returned to the hospital.

"Come in, Nerdy. I can tell it's you by your stupid walking." She wasn't smiling this time. "I’m angry at you, you know? You walked out on me."

"I know." I replied. "Listen, can you do me a favor and lie back on your bed?"

"Why?" After not receiving an answer for a second, she reluctantly complied.

"Just relax, ok?"

"Why? What are you gonna do to me, Nerdy?"

" me, ok?"

"Sure." She relaxed, placing her hands on her stomach. "Sorry for getting angry at you. It’s just that...Lyle walked out on me, too. He hasn't come in to visit me at all. I don't think he likes me anymore."

"Well he's an idiot then." I calmly spoke as I placed the VR headset on her head. In truth, I was both angry and glad. Never liked him, and he always seemed to treat Red badly. "Now just relax and don't worry about anything, ok?" I said while putting another headset on my own head. I pressed the button on the device and suddenly....

"I can see?!" I'm not seeing black anymore. Weird, for some reason I feel like I'm not in my bed anymore. I see a whole city forming in front of my eyes. And even better, I see that nerdy guy with the glasses appearing next to me. Just what is going on...?

"It's a VR machine. Puts your body to sleep and interacts with your brain. I made this city for you. It's not exactly New Kanto, but...I tried my best. Maybe I can't get your eyes back, but I can at least let you see something." That idiot! With that stupid grin on his face, and those stupid glasses on his stupid wonderfully blue eyes, and that stupid messy hair! He thinks he can just come in and show me this amazing city like he cares for me so much. Thinks he can care for me and bring me to this awesome place and stupidly thinks just because my brain tells me I’m seeing things, that all of the sudden I'll just...Stupid nerd!

"Oh, Daniel. You stupid idiot." Fuck it. I'll kiss him…

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