Wizards With Guns

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Submitted: June 04, 2013

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Submitted: June 04, 2013



"Alpha squadron! I request backup! We're pinned down near the Magus Wolfram statue and low on mana! I repeat - requesting backup at the Magus Wolfram statue. Teleport ASAP!" Gasoul was hiding behind the giant rock statue, right behind the feet of it. The wizard scratched his scruffy beard as he reloaded his fire rifle. His white robe scraped against the dust as he crouched; waiting for backup, wondering if his call would go unheard.

"Only one clip left, and five of them black-robes out there hunting for me." As he contemplated rushing out and attempting to take down as many enemies as he could before inevitably being blasted by some high-level spell, a friendly face appeared.

"Gasoul! Behind me!" The young Archimedes was running towards his old mentor, carrying two rifles. Behind him was an enemy chasing with a blue shotgun. Icy spikes were being shot at him as the black-robed wizard attempted to kill him. The icicles scattered in all directions, missing him just barely.

"Damn that kid will be the end of me!" Gasoul gripped his rifle and ran out of cover, aiming at the young wizard running towards him. Gasoul pulled the trigger on his rifle, as a red ball of fire began charging at the tip of its muzzle. Archimedes gave a nod of understanding and focused straight ahead.

"Now!" Gasoul shouted, pulling his finger off the trigger, sending a column of blazing fire towards Archimedes, yet it did not hit him, for the young man had vanished in the blink of an eye, magically reappearing behind Gasoul. In consequence, the scorching pillar blasted through the black robes of the enemy, turning him to ash.

"Damn it, Archie!" The youngster scowled as his elder pulled him by the ear behind cover. "You could've gotten us both killed."

"But I didn't!" Archimedes smiled smugly.

"Yeah, well you might as well have. I used up my final clip of mana on that one, and last I counted, there are four more black-robes out there that want us dead, and YOU..." He smacked Archimedes upside the head. "…Just gave away our position."

"But central is teleporting back-up, right?"

"Not fast enough, kiddo. By the time they get here, we'll probably be dead. Come on, now - we've got to move. Damn it!" He threw away his rifle. "This one's done for." Just then he noticed the extra riffle on his compatriot's back. "What's that you're carrying, Archie?"

"Oh, this one is my old Tadpole..." Archimedes showed off a small but wide blue weapon, and then dropped from his shoulder a long and gold-clad sniper rifle. He watched with a smile while Gasoul picked up the weapon. Finally, Archimedes spoke enthusiastically:

"It shoots lightning, sir." He reached into the inside of his robe. Gasoul slid his hands alongside the edge of the rifle's body and looked down its sights.

"Good. How many shards do you have?"

"Three, sir." Archimedes took out three brightly pink crystals, handing them over to Gasoul.

"Think it'll be enough?!" He looked at his own weapon – the Tadpole, remembering he himself only had one more clip of mana left to spend.

Just as Archimedes uttered those words, balls of fire started hitting their cover. The statue's bottom began collapsing under the heated force of the spells. Gasoul took notice and got up on his feet.

"It better. Here!" He handed off a grenade to Archimedes. "I'll cover you. Go and use it wisely."

Gasoul focused on the very top of the statue and in a moment he found himself there, aiming down the sights of the sniper rifle.

While his old mentor was on the lookout, Archimedes gritted his teeth, gripped his own weapon and took charge. He ran to his legs' worth, fireballs blasting past him and the earth itself rising against him, spikes forming just behind his feet. One enemy appeared in front of him, swinging a staff. A grave mistake, as that same enemy didn't make another step before Gasoul struck him down in a thunderous echo. Electrified, the black coat rolled down while Archimedes kept trucking forwards.

He blinked to the top of a big rock. Dropping down behind it, he closed his eyes, whispering. In truth, he was sending a magical message to his cover - Gasoul.

"Three left. Where are they?"

"To your five o'clock, Archie. All in one place, behind a big steel cauldron. Use suppressive fire, then the grenade." Gasoul responded from the top of the statue, aiming his rifle at the steel black cauldron.

"Roger that!" Archimedes clutched the grenade and began running. He discharged his weapon, sending blasts of water that turned to ice upon impacting the cauldron. Due to his rapid shots, none of the three black-coats could get out of cover and return fire. He neared the cauldron with extreme concentration, keeping the blasts of water going.

"Alright, Archie! It's your time to shine!" He said to himself, firing the last blast. Archimedes dashed between the frozen pillars of water he had created and rolled right around the cauldron. Suddenly, he was surrounded by three wizards in black robes, pointing their weapons at him. This was not unplanned, however. Their fired blasts ended up hitting only the ground, for Archimedes had blinked high up into the air, leaving in his place a small grenade. That same grenade exploded in a light green wave, turning the enemies into three small, harmless sheep.

"Good boy!" Gasoul took aim at the panicked sheep, spending the two last shards to take down two of the sheep, with only one enemy left.

“Unlucky, you're mine!" Archimedes threw his rifle away as a long, white staff materialized in his hands. He dropped down on the sole enemy in a battle cry. And just as the sheep turned back into a man, the young wizard jammed his staff in the black-robed wizard's heart.

“All enemies eliminated, Alpha Squadron. No need to come here." Gasoul reported back. He then directed his thoughts at Archimedes. "Good work, Archie. Let's advance to the front lines and secure the perimeter."

"Understood, sir!


"What is it, soldier?"

"Can we go for a carpet ride and some ice cream when we return to HQ?"

"Sigh…sure, Archie. Why the hell not?"

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