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While shaving a few days ago i discovered that i have sprouted two strands ofwhite hair on my chin. Aa Hhaa!I exclaimed, i am coming of age. this few verses tries to show what i think about aging and its consequence....enjoy please......SN, I want to dedicate this to your hoping you've seen some grays and will yet see more

Submitted: February 14, 2007

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Submitted: February 14, 2007



Bestride youth’s speeding path

I behold the herald of times past

A messenger with fate’s seal

Shinning silvery in one chin’s side


Long awaiting your missive has I

Upon the road that man’s time is spent

On guard for your coming tint

As your passing might be missed by I


Now you come earlier, I think

To rest at a place of honors

Where your whitish tint is contrasted

By a lush sea of darker black


That you sighting was celebrated

Is a proof of loyalty entrenched

Since Adam walked the brown earth

Spreading seeds that spawned more seeds


My celebration was indeed cut short

By the dawning of your missive’s portent

Age’s ambassador you are

Time speedy passing it shows


Still, with hand made heavy

By strongly felt twinges of regret

I move to cut short your even growth

Watching sadly as you plummet from my razors edge


Yes, I waited for you on time’s path

To tell your tale upon my fleshy chin

Yes I would, you had come when

Kids and a mama lend melody to this room


Later, maybe, when song and dance is done

And you, no longer the island but the sea

We could take a mirrored time off

To stare at our reflection upon times page

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