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For those days we want to give up.for those people who give us that unexpected lift, for that place we are all heading to, finally. For HE that awaits at the very end.

Submitted: February 14, 2007

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Submitted: February 14, 2007



Towards a tropical dusk

When our red sun waves goodbye

To ashen clouds looking on in awe

In thunderous emotion my heart lurch

Pumping blood in escalating rhythm

Lonesome twilight’s beckoning flight

Begging for light to beat back the dark

Far away your beacon shown bright

Highlighting the path I am bond to mark

Treacherous lies the road ahead

But lead to you it does head

So through it I trudge in search

Lonely heart struggling in March

Towards light clad distance I head

Stepping then and again across lines

Marking boundaries of my failures

Lifted by flesh and blood angels

Hovering over days of dark clouds

Watch storms of my life gradually fade

Becoming the gentle breeze to power my sail

Carrying me ever forward to brighter clouds

Across the wind swept plateau’s bosom

I glide through fire rimed doorways

That holds unto secrets of darker days

When the mind was forlorn

Between cascades of sunny rays

I find renewed strength

To slide through the many tangles

Of troubled life’s crossed length

Pulled by karma’s string I head

To the valley of sweet scented pax

Where my tired soul gets fed

Taking vitals to more strongly wax

Contrition twinge me like Clark

Overwhelming me with escalating heart quake

Turning the suns of my world black

Within my entrails my spirit raises to awake

Time’s legs dragged sluggishly

Across deep gorges in my tender heart

It’s healing balm spread lusciously

Soothing pains that resided in my heart

Aloud I bellow, crying to be heard

Across the emptiness that I am lost in

For it’s to you my struggle head

At your feet this journey ends

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