A statement of my struggles with life

Dawns silvery luminance draws my stare

To the mottled hue of valley bare

Frantic fingers probe sleep weary eyes

My vision cloaks in icy fires

Light in streams pervades the gloom

Where I had laid my soul’s dome

New rays to caress the lonely hearth

Who had sought escape to doom

Clarity awoke in mind settling twinge

Lending to my soul’s longing, flight of wing

Hastily to meet my morrow I glide

For this loveless present I dearly dread

When my desperate toil turns not to bread

And my walk is where heroes fear to tread

Where my lonesome innards feels to bust

Would in your powdery shimmer turn to dust

Alas, the noose tightens in times clock

Around the neck that bore my destiny

To rivers of fate fly in inquest

Of them god’s of fate why torment be my wage

Their response does bind me more wedge

To this laden yolk upon my tired chest

Submitted: February 18, 2007

© Copyright 2023 the Lame One. All rights reserved.

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