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My country and country men have had to migrate to other lands for sustenance sake. there they stoop low to do all kind of menial tasks for suvival sake, The nation is lesf the worse for it, for they become modern slaves in other lands while our so-called leaders live the life of plenty in the midst of want. We are the downtroden of africa, we are to hope of tomorrow who lost the hope of today...We are to children of africa

Submitted: February 14, 2007

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Submitted: February 14, 2007



Cry beloved country! Cry!

Weep for the children of your womb

Cut down before their dreams are hatched

Weep for their bones in the dry Sahara

Striped bare by greedy scouts

Picked clean by hungry vultures

Weep for their disgraceful toil in foreign lands

Where for survival they live debased

Rubbing much more than their name in earth’s mud

Cry beloved country! Cry!

Weep because your leaders are like wolf packs

Set to devour your lamb before they fatten

Weep for your children who beg to work

But are told to create them

Only through sweat’s blood

Weep more for your so-called leaders

Imprisoned behind 30 feet walls

With guard dogs howling behind

Such to keep reality at bay


Cry beloved country! Cry!

Weep for your land’s lopsidedness

Where some abundantly have

While others endlessly starve

Weep again for your self imposed leaders

Here only to pursue selfish ends

Ready to cut the selfless down

Weep dear nation! Weep!

For you are people by men

Who live just for the day

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