At times you lack not the will to express your self to a loved one, but the words to. this valentine I reach out to all who share this feeling, so that they can not only find the words but share in the joy of sharing them


Here days of forlorn hope

When expressive words fly from me

Inwardly my search leans

To seek my emotions depth


When hidden feeling turns fathomless

I leaned towards sages past

In their knowledge fountain bask

But failure chokes my words back


I beg of Shakespeare

More heartfelt words to spare

So my verse will be music to you

Carrying my endless message to you


Since words come not from within

Search I then from without

With hope of finding thoughts

That says my deeper feeling 


From your deeper brown eyes

I hope to draw inspiration

From your full rosy lips

I should form wordy conversation


To my heart come easy words

That my mouth refuses to voice

My mind explodes in images,

Which to my eyes are vice


In my dreams you’ve lain long,

Waiting, for this one moment to show.

In my arms crook you hung

As I cast uncertainties from you.


In my home we now live

Sharing love that comes natural

In my bed we found bliss,

Consummated love eternal.


Submitted: February 14, 2007

© Copyright 2023 the Lame One. All rights reserved.

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