The Battle For Victory

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A famous girl group are in town and they are getting all the attention. There's a very popular boy group too, One Direction. Every day their crowds are getting smaller and smaller so they want to show that girl group what they're all about.

Submitted: November 12, 2013

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Submitted: November 12, 2013



There is a large crowd in the shopping centre, as a group of five girls are playing instruments and singing in such sweet harmony. Everybody is cheering for them as they are so brilliant.


Ellie: Come on girls! Turn it up over there.


A blonde-haired girl smiles and flicks her hair before practically banging the notes on her piano. 


Emily: Is this any better for you?


A brown-haired girl grins and smooths down her fringe before strumming harder on her guitar.


Maisie: How about this then?


Ellie: Perfect! Now let's sing.


As they are busy singing, they don't notice the group of boys that are rolling their eyes at the girls. They suddenly begin singing their own songs.


Niall: Baby, you light up my world like nobody else!


Louis: The way that you flick your hair gets me overwhelmed!


Harry: But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell.


Liam: You don't kn -


The crowd begins to boo and hiss, the girls running there fingers through their hair and chuckling at their failure.


Ellie: Oh, per-lease!


Olivia: What, you think you can beat us?


Sophie: With a song like that?


Emily: You have to be joking!


Maisie: We can woo you over anytime.


As they begin to sing, the boys watch in awe as they prance around and whip their hair like a fan. The crowd cheers and whistles in happiness.


Niall: Oi, girls! Say that to my face.


The girls exchange glances and jump off the stage, walking towards them with their high stilettoes clapping on the ground.


Ellie: We can woo you over, anytime!


The crowd bursts into screaming as the girls push them out of the way and walk out of the doors, still strumming and singing. The crowd follows them.


Louis: Dude. I think I have a crush.


Niall: What? You have to be kidding!


Liam: Yeah, me too.


Harry: Me three!


Zayn: I agree.


Niall groans and walks away from their group. They all look at each other, wondering what they did wrong.


The girls are sat on the bench and they are humming, before Niall comes out and looks at them sternly. Then, he smiles and forces them onto their feet.


Niall: We, as in One Direction, want to challenge you! And we're gonna have a solo-battle!


To be continued...









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