Lilith 1 (and Michael)

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A sad story about Lilith and Michael. Can you guess who they are?

Submitted: February 11, 2010

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Submitted: February 11, 2010



In front of an old, abandoned church, in a small courtyard, sat a women that looked a few months pregnant. She was a red, curly haired woman who wore nothing but a white nightgown stained by the ground. Her feet, legs and hands were covered in dirt. Unearthed flowers lay at her feet, all with their heads ripped off.

It was quiet, peaceful. Not a soul was around for miles, or so the woman thought. Footsteps echoed off of the church as a man walked down the stone walkway into the yard. He looked like a cowboy taken out of an old western movie. His boots were worn in and he carried a big pistol on his right hip. The gun on the man's belt was a seven shot revolver with a twelve inch barrel.

"Why are you doing this, Lilith?" The man asked as he drew his firearm.

"Leave me alone, Michael!" Lilith screamed and got to her feet.

"You know I can't do that."

Before Michael could make a move Lilith ran through the church's broken front doors. The cowboy followed with his gun held at ready. He could hear her footsteps as she ran as fast as she could. The sound of a door being opened and slammed shut bounced through the sanctuary and led Michael to the hallway that Lilith ran down.

Lilith turned the corner just as Michael opened fire. All seven shots let out a deafening boom as  the bullets flew past the fleeing woman. Lilith began crying loudly as Michael walked closer and she tried to figure out what to do.

"You can't help it," Michael said as he reloaded his weapon. "Just give up, Lilly."


"You know this has to be done."

As Michael turned the corner he felt two hands start clawing at his face. Lilith tried her hardest to stop him but he kicked her in the stomach, hard. The crying woman fell to the floor holding her stomach. The man held his pistol up to her head.

"Don't do it," Lilith pleaded with sobs in her voice. "I'm begging you, please."

Lilith started crying harder when Michael shook his head no. His finger began to squeeze the trigger when, with surprising force, Lilith grabbed the gun and took off again. Lilith ran, once more, as fast as she could to get some distance between her and Michael.

Michael could still hear Lilith crying, he walked in the direction that she ran. The man walked with more caution when the crying stopped.

"Where are you Lilly?" Michael asked before he looked around a corner.

Once Michael showed his face two shots were fired in his direction, one hit him in the right shoulder. The cowboy exclaimed in pain but walked into the open and came face to face with the scared woman. Lilith held the gun forward, pointed at Michael.

"Now Lilly," Michael said with arms held wide open, "you know that won't help."

Lilith fired the gun four more times, almost emptied the chambers, and hit Michael. Michael's body jerked with each bullet, two in the chest, one in the stomach and one in the left shoulder. All of Michael's wounds bled profusely but he continued walking at a slow pace with his arms still held wide open.

"Lilly you should just stop," Michael said in a sympathetic way, "there's just no point in trying."


Lilly squeezed the trigger harder and harder as Michael drew closer. Once He stood a couple feet away she pulled the trigger... Michael laughed.

Lilith ended up on the floor with a big bash on her forehead and a sharp pain spreading through her head. Once she started to recover from the punch she felt an even harder hit to the stomach.

"I told you Lilith," Michael said shaking his head as Lilith gasped for air, "just give up. We told you not to do it this way, it sucks this way."

 Lilith started to get up, slowly.

"I'll give you one more chance to give up."

Before Lilith was standing all the way up she turned and tried to stumble away from him. Michael picked up the gun and shot Lilith in the back of her shoulder which made her fall to the ground again. Michael walked over to her body as she started to cry more loudly.

Lilith rolled on to her back and looked up at Michael as he pointed the revolver at her stomach. The woman was crying black tears that slid down her face.

"Aw, poor Lilly." Michael said sarcastically.

"Y-you're a b-bastard," Lilly said clutching her stomach.

"It is not my will," Michael said, "but it must be done."

Lilith screamed "NO!" in a very scratchy, high pitched voice that made Michael's ear's bleed but he just kept slowly closing the small distance between them. The man had caught her like a mouse. Lilith began crying even more because she knew what was coming.

Just as Lilith had predicted Michael aimed the gun at her stomach, mouthed "I'm sorry" and pulled the trigger. Lilith began screaming at the top of her lungs, nothing coherent. The cowboy looked down at Lilith. Lilith screamed in pain and sorrow as she lay there holding her stomach.

"Y-you-illed-I-aby," Lilith mumbled in sadness.

Michael raised the gun again and aimed between her eyes. Lilith looked Michael in the eyes. He tried to pull the trigger but froze when her eyes turned black and she opened her mouth, a lot bigger then a normal person could, to reveal long jagged teeth lining her mouth. Before Michael could shoot Lilith lunged at him...


When Adam and Lilith had sex Lilith wanted to be on top but Adam didn't like that so he had God banish her and forced her to have one hundred of her babies die every day (she has to have more than a hundred babies everyday to keep one,) so she basically become S.I.D.S. (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and went around killing peoples babies, what a bitch. (p.s. That was a joke I actually feel very bad for her.)

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