Hero with No Country

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After denouncing his citizenship,Major Beyond came back to America to ensure stability, only to realize he had been double-crossed by the people he tried to save.

(This is a continuation of my screenplay Rights. There will be more sequel after this)

Submitted: March 02, 2012

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Submitted: March 02, 2012



Dick Fanning was busy packing up his stuff. He was ready to leave America as Major Beyond had already denounce himself as an American citizen. Her mother watched from a close distance. She spoke `` You don’t have to do this Dicky, Major Beyond might not be an American citizen but you are still an American. You are Dick Fanning’’.

``I can’t mom. I must show how serious I am. If I stayed here it means I didn’t prove my words. I want my principle to be firm and not vary.  And this is one of it. I’m sorry mother. Once again I left you’’. Dick kissed his mother on the forehead. All of this time her mother had been all alone since his father die two years ago. ``You know this door always open when you return. Because you are my son’’

``I know that mother. And I love you so much.’’ Dick stopped the taxi. Lift up his bag and load it at the taxi. The taxi drove away and the image of the taxi faded slowly. Martha’s tear began to flow slowly. She understood why he had to leave but still, she can’t hold her tears.

Slowly Dick felt the sense the guilt of leaving his mother alone again. But he knew that he must stay on his principle no matter what happens. If not, his effort will all come in vain.


It all happened four months ago. The colourful city of New York had been once again disturbed by the rage of a supervillain who named himself Dr.Madness. Dr. Madness was once a peaceful and brilliant scientist who had been exposed to Cebrotoxin, a substance that can make a normal human 200 percent more genius but in return, destroy the sanity within the person. This were added with the lost of his wife where she involved in a conspiracy regarding to the substance, that ended her life, so as the life of the people who were responsible, commit by Dr.Madness himself.

Dr.Madness had created a machine that looked like a vulture, destroying the city by flamethrowers and missiles. The authority tried to stop it, but encounters failure as they were beaten up easily by the machines. One of the machines tried to ignites a flame thrower to an innocent bypasser who happens to be a mother and a son.

But suddenly, the flamethrower was being blocked by a mysterious force field. It was Major Beyond. The child shouted his name and told her mother. Major Beyond told them to run to a safe place. Dr.Madness, saw what happened, approach the superhero.

`` Looks like Major Beyond is here to save the day. I thought you are not American citizen anymore.’’

`` I’m not. I’m here to protect the innocent. That’s out of the question.’’

``Well then. Feel the wrath of my iron vulture.’’

The iron vulture stroke the superhero with missiles and flamethrowers. Major Beyond evade those attacks and blocked the flames with his hands. He punched the iron vulture. Crushed it and threw it on the soil ground. One by one came, throwing fire and missiles towards the superhero. He managed to caught one of the iron vulture and threw it on the other who was trying to approach him.

The collision between the machines caused an explosion where it also destroyed other iron vulture surrounding the collided ones. Another iron vultures was also approaching towards him. Major Beyond charge towards the machines and engage in a brutal physical fight. He punched, crush and tear the iron vultures apart, one by one until all of them are finished.

Suddenly a burst of fire stroke Major Beyond from the back. Luckily he was uninjured. His suit was a fireproof so he was also lucky not needing another costume suit. `` I’m gonna toast you to death. No matter how hard it will be.’’

 Major Beyond, still feeling pain from the surprise attack (and also his main weaknesses) said to Dr.Madness ``You don’t have to do this Doctor. I know what you had been through, what you had felt. We can settle this peacefully.’’

``Really?, then eat this first’’ said Dr.Madness while the iron vulture control by him burst out flamethrower. Major Beyond managed to shield himself using his force field power, blocking the fire that attempt to eat him. Major Beyond suddenly disappeared, even his attacker didn’t know where he went.

The iron vulture’s head suddenly crushed by a speeding object. It was Major Beyond speeding from the side like a bullet pierce through the head of the robot bird. The crush made the iron vulture fall down, and Dr.Madness couldn’t control it because the main controller was destroyed.

Major Beyond break open the control pilot of the machine, pull out Dr.Madness through his collar shirt. Saving him from the falling machine bird. The machine bird shattered like glasses as it fall down to solid ground. Luckily for the mad scientist, he was saved by Major Beyond.

As they landed on the ground, Major Beyond said `` You made a serious mess in here Doctor.’’Dr.Madness smirked and chuckled a little bit. ``Are you forgetting someone?’’. ``What?’’ asked Major Beyond.

Suddenly Major Beyond was hit on the left of his face. He was thrown metres away and landed at the side of the bus, crushing the bus itself. It was a pale man with a huge muscular body that did this, he had a white skin and teeth that looked like it hasn’t being brushed for a long time.

`` Rampage’’ said Major Beyond to himself. Rampage was a normal human, which through a radiation of an experiment, had turned him into a terrified monster that lusted for destruction. On the side of the road, Dr.Madness watch with amusement while saying ``we’re gonna witness a royal rumble here’’.

All of the sudden, a roar of ferocious Predator chopper roamed the air. The chopper then shoot out their machine guns towards Rampage. Rampage, feeling surprise from the attack, back away and disappear. Dr.Madness was also gone out of nowhere.

A Blackhawk helicopter landed on the ground and a group of elite commandos come out from it. One of them spoke ``Major Beyond, you are being under arrest for residing and doing activities in this country without the permission of the government’’.

Major Beyond was shocked. He had now realized that the country he had been protecting for so long had betrayed him. He had the ability to ignore and resist back but as the people’s protector that had been entrusted by them, he knew he cannot do that. Besides, he serve the people he thought he knew they would never betray him.

He followed the soldier. Being handcuffed by a huge titanium steel. He can easily break it but he refused. The superhero had been charged in the American court and as a punishment, he was being jailed in a special facility where it was surrounded by 100 acres ranch. The reason for doing this was to avoid him to encounter his enemy that could possibly bring chaos.


The news of the superhero’s arrest caught the attention of the world. Some agreed to the actions as he was disobeying the law and he also did not accomplish his words but many are against it.  There are even protest on the streets by the American people.

People were shocked and disappointed by the government’s action. They never thought the government would do to that the people’s protector although Major Beyond had sacrifice many things, in order to protect these country and its people. There is also a petition made by the people in order to free the superhero. The phenomenon spread not only in America, but to the whole world.

In the facility, Major Beyond was sitting on the couch, watching the news while the whole world was talking about him. He read the newspaper, almost half the pages of the newspaper focus on him. Being a prisoner in the facility, apparently he was not being treated like one since he was the hero who had many deeds to this country. It’s been 2 months now. At least in here he can relax for a while.

While the superhero was enjoying his morning with a cup of coffee and a couple of toast, suddenly one of the facility’s guard came to him, telling him that he had a visitor. The superhero asked who, the guard answered it was General Mann. He got up from his couch, leaving his breakfast and the newspaper.

The two met each other in a nice comfortable room where it has air conditioner and a television on that room. The government were convince that the superhero will never do any attempt that can cause destruction. The two were facing each other on the room.

``It’s been a while, Major Beyond’’ said the general. The superhero didn’t replied quickly. After a moment, the replied `` What do you want general?’’.

`` Well, let me get straight to you since you are not the type of guy who likes wasting time. Actually, since you’ve been arrested, there has been a numerous, nope, countless incidents actually. It looks like the super powered and costume villain had taken their opportunity since your absence. And because of that, we need your help’’.

 Major Beyond didn’t say anything. Then, General Mann continued `` the world is in chaos now. We cannot handle this situation. If you help us, we give you your citizenship back. But in return, you are being remind not to repeat your previous action in the White House again’’. Major Beyond continued to be silent. After a few minutes, he finally opened his mouth `` what’s the job?’’.


It was a busy day for Major Beyond. First, he was saving a group of American Diplomats in Argentina from the Immigrant Liberation Front (ILF) guerrillas who had kidnapped them. The Army tried to rescue them but they failed because the ILF guerrillas were hiding 30 feet underground. The satellite was able to trace them but to charge into their hideout could jeopardize the security of the hostages in that hideout. That was why they had to rely on the superhero to rely on the superhero.

`` 30 feet under heh?’’ said Major Beyond.

``Yes sir’’ said one of the soldiers who was guarding the area. They were on a helicopter.

`` Well gotta go now’’. In a flash, Major Beyond jumped from the helicopter and straight to the position of the hideout. Using hi force field power, he broke through the solid ground and entered down like a drilling machine. He managed to found the hideout and saved the hostages.

He continued his day by rescuing citizens, innocent people from the hands of evil and lastly, he encountered his unsettled fight, with Rampage. Rampage was hiding in the warehouse at the southern California. The elite commandos could not bring him down because of the fierce resistance that Rampage gave to them. Almost all of the commandos were injured and some died. Blowing the place up using missile can jeopardize the life of the people surrounding the area.

Major Beyond walked through the warehouse slowly. He saw Rampage, hiding in the dark. His brute and large appearance makes him easily to trace. Major Beyond slowly approached the mutated man, and began a small and soft talk.

`` You’ve been suffering for so long. You need help, Rampage. I understand that. We can help you, rampage’’.

Rampage suddenly rose up and said `` leave me alone’’. He walked away from the superhero. Major Beyond then shouted `` Your family!’’. Rampage stopped, somehow distracted by the superhero’s word. Major Beyond continued `` don’t you ever think about your wife, your kids Rampage? No. Jimmy Lawson.’’

Jimmy Lawson was Rampage real named before he turned into the mutated pale human. He has a wife and two young children. After volunteering for an experiment of stamina increase radiation, his insanity overcomes and he abandoned his family.

`` Do you think running away will solve everything. I know, deep in your heart you are still sane. You miss your family’’ said Major Beyond.

After hearing that, Rampage started to gritted his teeth, slowly clenching his fist and cried`` Nobody talk about my family!’’. He charged through the superhero and successfully landed one punch in Major Beyond face. The superhero was thrown to the wall. 

Rampage charged again but this time the superhero was ready. He managed to caught both of his attacker’s hand and both of them engage in a stampede fight. Major Beyond managed to threw away his opponent. Rampage then lifted up a rock and threw it on the superhero.

Major Beyond punched the rock, crushing it into pieces. He then flew and charged through Rampage with great speed that Rampage could not evade. Rampage was thrown to the wall. The superhero then punched him twice in the face, left and right.

Rampage tried to reach Major Beyond neck with one hand but the superhero caught him and threw him away with a Judo technique. As Rampage lay down, Major Beyond took out a small syringe from the back pocket of his suit. He tried to inject it to Rampage’s neck because it was the only vulnerable part of his body.

Rampage, who just woke up, realized what the superhero was about to do. He block major Beyond hand. The syringe was thrown away. Rampage then punched his opponent twice, left and right. Major Beyond was thrown metres away.

Both of them rise and charged towards each other. They exchange punches with each other. It was a long and fierce fight. Major Beyond then backed inches away. He reached the syringe and once again, tried to inject it on the neck of the mutated man.

 Rampage stopped him, held the superhero’s hands. Rampage kick him in the stomach, launching multiple jabs on him. Major Beyond endure the attack, gritting his teeth. He used all of his strength to inject Rampage. Rampage continued to kick him.

Major Beyond screamed as he put his greatest strength to inject Rampage. Rampage was surprised of the sudden increase of strength and he was defeated by it. Major Beyond managed to inject Rampage with the syringe. Rampage fainted as the syringe being injected to his neck.


Outside the warehouse, many people were waiting for the results. It’s not just the military were there, there are also television news reporter and public who lived nearby. The sound of the fierce fight that occurred within the warehouse made each one of them nervous and anxious.

 Out of a sudden, there was a person appearing out of the warehouse. It was Major Beyond, lifting the fainted Rampage on his left shoulder. Everybody cheered on and felt relieved as the superhero put down Rampage. The soldiers nearby approached and took Rampage away.

A news reporter approached the superhero. She asked the superhero `` Once again you save America. We don’t know what to say to express our gratitude towards your deed’’. Major Beyond was silent for a minute. He then asked the reporter `` May I speak for a moment please.

The reporter startled, reply `` Yes sure, camera focus on him okay!’’. Major Beyond was silent again. After a few minutes, he started speaking `` If the President of America watching this, then I want you listen carefully. The time when you released me from the prison, I never expected to be forgiven by you nor I expected that you give my citizenship back.’’ 

He continued `` From now on, I will never again step on American soil, unless if you need my help, and as I as a normal person I will also not denounce my citizenship. My principle is the same, until you dismantle the Motley Act I will never be an American. And it will never change, even if it takes forever.’’

The news was being watched by people across the globe. Even the President was watching the news. Major Beyond flew away, avoiding dozens of reporter who tried to interview him. He had made a tough decision today. He knew his decision would hurt her mother’s feeling. Tears started to flow down from his cheeks. He said to himself slowly `` I’m sorry mother’’.

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