A Girl Part one.

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Want to listen to my story, all about the girl who came to stay. Shes the kind of girl you want so much it makes you sorry. But still you don't regret a single day.

Submitted: September 24, 2011

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Submitted: September 24, 2011



Sunday , March 1 , 2011. 2:34 A. m.

I was in deep sleep when the smell of fire burned in my nostrils. I slowly opened my eyes to find everything blurry. But then realized it was just the fogging of smoke. I breathed in and started to cough. I squinted my eyes, trying my hardest to see clearly. The fire was all around me, cracking and roaring the loudest. I moved away from the bed i was on and looked around for a path way to get out of there. The smoke was getting intense, I could barely breathe. My bookshelf crumbled into pieces and threw itself on the floor. I coughed and coughed. I was going to die if i couldn't think of something fast. I fell back and sat against the bed. When i leaned a little more the mattress moved. I turned and thought. I jumped up fast and pushed my mattress off the bed spring. I ran over to it with little energy but as fast as i could. I grabbed the bed and threw it on top of the flames that were blocking my door. I ran across it before it set on fire. My lungs were filled with smoke at this point and i was gasping for air. When i reached my stairs I knew i didnt have enough energy to run down them, so i sat down at the top. Then with no hesitation, I leaped down at least fifteen stairs. I heard a crack and felt my right leg rip. I collapsed, I was at my door and if i could reach the handle i was free. I reached up and up. No handle. Right to left, Right to left. No handle. I looked up with the last bit of energy i had left and saw the handle. I grabbed at it and tugged it open. I gasped for air. fresh air. I crawled out onto my porch. I felt a tingling in my leg with every movement. And every time it got stronger. I looked down and my leg was in half with bone sticking out. My eyes began to feel heavy and i began to blackout i could only see blurs of trees moving in the small breeze. I thought i was going to die. No one would know there was a fire. No one would know i was home. I'm dead. Practically dead. I thought. As my heart began to slow, the last thing I heard was the sharp noise of a fire truck coming my way. I smiled. 

Thursday , January 12 , 2011. 11:56 P. M.

She had blue, green, brown, and red eyes. Short dark brown hair, And a thin face. She wore a dark red silk sleeveless top and i slick black tight skirt. Her heels were tall and black, and she was tan. Her mouth moved as smoothly as her words. She was truly mesmerizing. I walked in her store to ask her questions about the 'Marriage Murders' Case.  " Hello, Uh,' I looked at her name tag.   "

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