Once Upon a Street...

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The last thoughts of a young girl who was ruined by the world.

Submitted: March 22, 2014

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Submitted: March 22, 2014



By the river, where the water meets the trees, is where she lays her broken body down to dry. Her worn out dress, with bodice ripped and torn, hangs limply from a nearby branch- fluttering gently in the breeze. Looking up into the dark, starlit sky, her eyes scream and implore, wanting answers, wishing for freedom - though she doesn’t make a sound. The dirt and stains that water cannot cleanse haunt and mock her, reminding her of the vivid memories that lurk around every corner and come to life as soon as she closes her eyes. Looking down at her naked, abased body she begins to feel the full mortification of her position and pities her poor worthless body which was now unrecognisable after being in the hands of hunger, lust and cruelty. Unable to look at her exhausted threadbare shell for any longer, she gets up slowly, leaning on a tree for support, and slips into the thin piece of fraying fabric that she calls a dress. Once her frail form is covered once again, she begins to wonder what it is all worth.

Taken to the bedroom at the age of seventeen, for the price of her beauty that most men would never see; putting on smiles to lure the lewd passenger day in day out for a measly sum that rarely paid the rent. Drinking away her memories that were too vicious to be told, she used to be beautiful but very quickly the night robbed her of her charms and left her spluttering at the side of the road. From then on her actions didn’t bother her - her modesty had gone. She lived for the night, getting paid (however meagre the pittance) was her only joy, she knew that one day it would surmount to something substantial, something of her own. But as she looks up into the cold, unforgiving sky and felt the rough ground on her cheek she realised that things would never change.

Her frail body remembers a time when men were kind, soft spoken creatures who would do anything just to hold your hand. That lost lifetime is a place she can never go again, not after everything she had seen. She begins to wonder how had the word come to this? Some of her men talked of the devil, but who are they to know? How dare they give a face to evil when they’re the ones loving the show? Bitter thoughts continue to roll around her head as her body begins to quiver.

The thick grey clouds suddenly burst open, covering the scene with dirty smudges of light that seemed to fall through her heart and cause it to crumble into ruins. She then smiles up at the angels ready for them to take her away from the unjust world that kept her in its clutches. Closing her eyes she imagines oblivion and the peace it will bring her.  As she looks up to the sky for one last time, at last free of strife, she let the rain drops wash away her sin.

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