Samuel Houston, a Texas legend

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these few paragraphs describe my great great grand something. enjoy learning from the awesome majestic unicorn

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Submitted: March 25, 2016



Com. Sam Houston, a governor, president of a republic, and a honest-to-god Texan liberator.  He lived from 1793-1863 and was born in Virginia. At a young age, Houston ran away and was raised by a tribe of native americans. Ironically, he joined Andrew Jackson's army and fought another group of indians. in the war of 1812.

Later he migrated to Texas. At this time  Texas was occupied by the Mexican government. Houston became one of the leaders of the Texan rebellion , and he became their commander. Years later he and his troops captured and defeated Antonio De Santa Anna.

After the war, he worked to make Texas a US state. He succeeded and became Texas' governor, and the president of the republic of Texas.

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