End This War: By Amity

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This poem is my belief that war in Iraq should end. It's actually titled "End The War" but someone on here beat me to that title, so I changed "The" to "This". But that's alright.


It needs a little editing.

Submitted: July 31, 2008

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Submitted: July 31, 2008



Soldiers cries fall on deaf ears,
No one is there to hear,
They die, they fall,
They suffer through it all.

Where are we?
Not where we’re supposed to be,
Help our families and our friends,
Can’t this war ever end?

We’ve been there for to long,
Those who opt for war are so very wrong,
We sit and argue while they die,
We sit and argue while they fight.

Soldiers fall never to get up again,
They’ve lost hope, they are abandoned,
No choppers wings beat the hot air,
No reinforcements, they’ve already been there.

Crying mother bids goodbye to son,
For the last time not knowing where he’s gone,
Son left in brilliant innocence,
Simple unknowing ignorance.

How many flowers lay in the cemetery,
How many families are left lonely,
How long has this war gone on,
Don’t you think it’s time for it end?

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