Lost In the Pages: By Ella

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To be lost in the pages of your favorite book, to hold the words close to your heart, to cradle the foreign world contained in a book. This is very short, and it's about me. I hope it isn't disappointing.


Now, looking back, re-reading what I've written... THIS IS LAME. GO BACK, WHILE YOU STILL HAVE THE CHANCE.

Submitted: July 31, 2008

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Submitted: July 31, 2008



Ella crouched on her bed, eagerly drinking up a young adult vampire romance novel. Her fingers peeled each page from the other like so many layers of an onion. Her eyes ran over the words, drinking it all in. She laughed when the character laughed, she cried when she cried, she felt confused and lost when she did. She lost herself in the world of words and admired how the sentences flowed like colorful rivers, then emptied into black and white oceans.
  When the time came to stop reading she did so reluctantly. She regretted having to leave the world that a fellow writer had so delightfully created. She enjoyed how entertaining the novel was without being explicit, without forcing dark thoughts and killings, wars and despair, and still be delectable.
  She read the book at every chance she got, wrapping herself up in a warm and safe cocoon of fiction, fiction that seemed so real, so possible, just within reach. She hoped she’d be able to write like that one day, to write something so enticing, so amazing.
  She buried herself in the pages, burrowing into the world that seemed to be created for her. She embraced the tiny flaws of the book, along with the perfections. She gazed into the book and in doing so she gazed into herself. She related to the girl, she compared her life to hers, she poured herself into the book and received even more then she gave.
  She lost herself at the same time she found who she really was. Who says magic isn’t real? It’s all around us, in words and hearts, in emotions and souls. Life is magic, and magic is how you feel when you lose yourself, and are submerged into life.

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