Lost Innocence: By Ella

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This poem was inspired by this picture. :D

An older poem. I think I like it. :P

Submitted: July 31, 2008

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Submitted: July 31, 2008



Tiny sparkling jewels decorate her dark tresses,
A crystal earring shines like her wild eyes,
She holds magic threads in her hands,
Her soul is untamed and violent.

Flaming eyes of burning ice shine from a dark face,
Beauty in it’s rawest form, sheer and stark and dangerous,
A beguiling look of innocence masks her treachery,
Beware the wicked moorland witch who lures you with her smile.

Such age in the youth, such pain in the innocence,
Such sadness in the mirth, such regret, such remorse,
As darkness surrounds her, engulfs her,
She uses it as her shield, her source of power.

Once she was a fairest maiden,
Heart of gold and soul of silver,
Pure white wings and a shining halo,
Now she is a fallen angel.

Such a fine woman, such a kind heart,
Broken and stabbed and healed by the dark,
Tangled in a web of lies, unable to break free,
She calls the dark her ally and the light her enemy.

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