Midnight Falling: By Ella

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RRRAAAAR! Scary, eh?

Submitted: July 31, 2008

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Submitted: July 31, 2008



Midnight, clock strike,
All the little mice run and hide,
Midnight falls,
On our chaotic lives.

Midnight, kills light,
The sunlight fades away,
Midnight tonight,
We shiver in our terror.

Oh God, what has happened?
To our town of so called peace,
Oh God, what went wrong?
We were working for a better world.

Oh God, what have we done?
Our city lies in ruins,
Oh God, why is this happening?
We only wanted a better future.

Midnight, the bell tolls,
The reapers scour the streets,
Midnight, you better run,
Or they’ll kill you where you stand.

Midnight, it’s your time,
Your time to run or fie,
Midnight, the reapers,
Feats on our souls tonight!

Oh god, why us?
We only tried to help,
Oh God, why now?
We tried so hard to fix things.

Midnight, falling,
Into a dark, deep well,
Midnight, sorrow,
The reapers will take us straight to hell.

Midnight, running,
Running for a place of shelter,
Midnight, fearful,
Fear that kills us drives us to survive.

Midnight, fearful,
Midnight, waking nightmare,
Midnight, haunting, 
Midnight, falling on our dreams.


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