The Life I Live: By Ella

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A fictional song that is still close to my heart.

Submitted: July 31, 2008

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Submitted: July 31, 2008



The life I live,
Is a dangerous one,
When I walk the streets at night,
My day has just begun.

All these men and women,
Walking the streets, looking for a bitter pill,
A terrible thing, this addiction,
To this medicine which I can give.

A scream of anger pierces the night,
There’s never enough to go around,
A couple of men fight over a plastic bag,
I grimace as one falls to the ground.

The life I live is a despicable one,
I wish that I could be free,
I wish that I could be done,
With this life that holds no prospect for me.

But it all comes down to the same thing,
We must all find a way to make money,
So here I am on the dark street corner,
Selling bitter pills, Oh God I’ll never be free.

Chorus: when will someone come for me,
When will someone comfort me,
When will someone hold me tight,
And show me what’s wrong and what’s right?

These pills I sell aren’t cheap,
Maybe I can make enough money,
To start again, to make the leap,
To a new life, to a better life.

I’m standing here in a pool of lamplight,
I’m standing here all alone,
I want to start again, to brave the darkness,
But I’m afraid of what’s not known.



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