The Phantom Masked Ball: By Amity

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A personal favorite. :P

Submitted: July 31, 2008

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Submitted: July 31, 2008



Staring through a red silk mask,
My dress tight across my chest,
I can’t speak for I need breath,
This dance may be my last.

I dance with mystery himself,
He is cloaked in nights darkness,
I am the one he chooses to dance with,
And I know not his hidden face.

I am twirling on the edge of reason,
I will not end what has begun,
In my heart a blazing fire,
To see his face my only desire.

A black mask of ebony he wears,
His eyes of a deepest blue,
I ask the single question of who?,
As I twirl and laugh and spin and sin.

His strong hands around my waist,
I must, I will see his face,
Our steps grow quicker now,
My heart races like a demon.

The music flows in our veins,
My hair falls loose and wild,
We have danced for so long a while,
He dips me down and kisses me sound.

In one desperate move I reach,
And grasp the mask of ebony,
He gives a gasp and I pull at the mask,
To see an scarred phantom at last.


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