This Future: By Ella

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"This is a protest song, protesting the war in Iraq, as well as war anywhere. This comes straight form my heart, as does everything I write. I hope you find the meaning in it that it has to me."

It still has meaning. Yep yep. Still does. Even though I don't like this song very much, the meaning still has... meaning.

Submitted: July 31, 2008

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Submitted: July 31, 2008



There’s a hole in the world,
A dark vast pit of forgotten souls,
Anyone they don’t need,
They throw in the hole.

Any poor, any ill, any homeless,
Any weak, any hurt, any troubled,
Any wrong, any right, any corrupted,
Any helpless, any old, any young, any one.

Hold on to those you love,
Keep a steady on the sky,
Watch out for those above,
They will bring night to day.

Keep a strong grip on your children,
Don’t let them play out in the streets alone,
Don’t let your wife talk to anyone,.
Live in fear or you might not live at all.

Bombs fall from the sky,
Relentless, without mercy,
Must we watch as our loved ones die,
In this war we never wanted.

All that was once supposed to be wrong,
Killing, warring, kidnapping, discrimination,
Destroying, pillaging, stealing, oppressing,
They have now integrated into our lives.

So a word to the past,
Stop now before you go any further,
Why can’t you just draw back?
Before your present becomes this future?

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