The Lunatic

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Is Oliver experiencing reality or there's something wrong with his mind?

Submitted: June 20, 2014

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Submitted: June 20, 2014



In the morning I wake up, masturbate, shower, eat breakfast and off to work.

In the evening, I come back from work, eat dinner, masturbate and off to bed.


I am starting to realize my life is a cycle of no choice. Ever since I graduated from the University and earned a masters degree in computer science and found myself a new workplace where my starting salary is forty thousand dollars I came into a state of realization that I am just a puppet in this earth. My whole life I thought I would become a man with great sets of wealth and travel around the world, exploring from the depths of Amsterdam to the thick trees of the Amazon rain forest. However, I am just unmotivated with life; all day I do is watch pornographic videos in the darkest corners of my newly rented apartment and desiring to masturbate to feel the dopamine to excite me once more. I have thoughts of meeting a new lady and to call her my woman and later to produce offsprings with, but I am not ready to settle down, just yet.

I sometimes would eat alone in restaurants and wonder what these ordinary people around me are thinking of. Are they enjoying their life? Are they enjoying this fucking mediocre food? Do they have thoughts on suicide? Are they in the state of depression? Unfortunately I would never have the answers to these questions unless I actually talked to them, but I wouldn’t waste my precious time on that.

Today, I did the same exact routine as I stated earlier. I woke up, masturbated, took a shower, ate breakfast and off to work. As I exited my apartment and I saw two mutilated bodies on the sidewalk, I blinked and the bodies somehow transformed into living humans. How is this possible I asked. Am I day dreaming? Is my mind so fucked up after hours of watching Islamic execution videos to fulfill my enjoyment? I ignored that incident and drove my Volkswagen Passat 2003 to my workplace. Instead of me working for a programming giant such as Guidewire, I have been offered a job as a filer at a state department. I walked in the building and my coworkers began to stare at me with their dreadful looking eyes. I looked back at them and expressed a sicken facial reaction towards them.

“Hey Oliver, it came to our conclusion that you are a massive cocksucker in this workplace.”

I stopped and looked back at them and said “Oh you guys are teaming against me? How wonderful this is. What’s next a planned assassination? Hear me on this, if you guys plan on murdering me be creative and don’t use the old knife and firearm tactic please.”

This phenomenon was highly strange to me, my coworkers never expressed their hatred on me. I had to report this case to the manger to cease this hate. I walked in the mangers room and knocked.

"Come in”

I walked in the room and experienced something unexpected. My manger was exposing her breast at me and started to suck on her fingers. She then got up and went towards me and quickly placed her hand inside my pants and whispered “I know you want this”

I couldn’t move, it was like I was frozen and some supernatural force was controlling my mind. I naturally got hard then I was free from this undisguisable force. I was moving my head in a circle and a snapped happened.

“Oliver! Oliver!”

I looked at my manger and she was fully dressed up and was sitting on an office chair next to her desk.

“Are you going to ask a question or not?”

I starred at her and exited the room. As I came out, the whole building was empty, there was blood marking on the walls that read “Oliver where are you?” I became frantic and ran towards the exit and into my car. I got in, started the engine and drove. I reached to the parking lot of my apartment complex and ran towards my apartment. I opened the door and anxiously locked the door. I turned around and there it was, my long dead mother on the floor decomposing naturally with earthworms going in and out of her eye socket. I yelled a scream and my naked aunt came from the darkest corner of the living room and began kissing my neck. She whispered “don’t tell your mom, Oliver”

  I instantly became furious and began to strangle her. “YOU FUCKING BITCH”. She led a chuckle and started to massage my cock. I looked onto her pitched black eyes and punched her on the face, unexpectedly she transformed into dust.

The whole apartment became dark but there was a light pointing at a gatch bed. The force came back and it started to pull my body to the bed, the harder I tried to resist the difficult the force became. I blinked and I was strapped into a gatch bed and I started to hear voices.


I felt a rushed in my vein and my vision started to come back and I couldn’t speak since there was a leather strap on my mouth.

“Alright we did it sally, just leave him strapped on the bed, he’s new to the asylum, he just need to adapt to his new home”

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