Girl with the Flaming Rad Hair

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Love is sometimes a BI**H.

Submitted: March 12, 2009

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Submitted: March 12, 2009



No one could understand, my life was total hell
Trapped in a dark pit, thatI called my cell
Help was futile, no chance to ever escape
Taken by all my fears, blinded by the tape
The demons they surrounded me day and night
Nowhere to go,nothing to do, no way to fight
Hearing screams in the night, scared out of my mind
As I pray that I'm someone that they can find
Then one day the demons started to scream and yell
It was and angel sent, some how I could tell
She open my eyes and I could see the light
I took one glanceat her and knew everything was alright

I'm gonna get that girl with flaming red hair
Show her my love, show herI can care
Gonna get that girl, gonna make her mine
Its irrelevant, only gonna take some time

When I saw her the demons would disappear
Finally I understood, and it was all clear
They were afraid for once, she was like lead
Change how I thought with every word that she said
She was an angel sent to me from high above
Sent here to show me thelight and true love
And with her the evil would stray away
I knew she was the one to save my day
Her flaming hair cutevil and desparein half
Her smile and what she did just made laugh
So I took a chance and asked her to be mine
And ever since then,everything has been fine

I got that girl withflaming red hair
Showed her I can love, show I can care
I got that girl, and I made her mine
It was irrelevant, it only took some time

Now me and the angel are holding hands
No hatred, no lies, and not one demand
Life has gone from hell to heaven in a flash
Nothing bad happens, and if it does it turns to ash
Her wings protect me from all the hate
She keep me in line, but it was way too late
For some reason God gave her, then took her away
Some damn drunk hit her and my world turned all grey
Life went from heaven to hell in less than a week
Now I'm some painted up, crazy, just your normal freak
But now my angel is flying with her white wings
Knowing she's thinking about me, as she sings
Now the only see her again is to get to those gates
So I grip my axe as I praythat it's not to late

I had the girl with flaming red hair
Showed her my love, showed her my care
I had that girl and I made her mine
I'll see her again, only gonna take some time

The Midwest Arsonist

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