Thinking about what I see when I look in a mirror.

Evil has a face!


I sleep after I weep,

Laying in my bed as if I'm dead,

Broken and defeated,

Breath of life is gone as my heart stops,

Then comes the voice which controls me,



Evil has a face!


I put the mask back on as I prepare to bask  once again in fear,

Chasing another man in the frozen woods,

Always the hunger calls to me,

Satan's cruel joke is played out again!


Evil has a face!


My soul is so cold,

Pure negativity fashined in a mold of ice,

Hit me with a baseball bat,

Fire your gun into my gut,

Burn me alive,

Turn your back if you dare and leave me for dead!


They wont let me die,

Cause evil has a face!


Turn and scream as I grab you by the throat,

Look into the tortured face of the damned,

 I raise the knife and stab you once again,

Even as the bullet holes in my chest bleed and bleed,


Cause evil has a face and there is no escape! 






Submitted: January 30, 2022

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