Why I hate you

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I haven't posted anything in what 3 months? Yeah I need something haha

Submitted: January 19, 2010

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Submitted: January 19, 2010



Why I hate you by Kassidy VanGundy

I hate the fact you try to beat me at everything.

I hate how to win, you'd try anything.

I hate the fact you never leave me alone.

I hate that you always text me on my phone.

I hate the fact that you know everything about me.

I hate it that I lost all sense of mystery.

I hate the way you stare at me as I walk on by.

I hate it that if I didnt talk to you everyday, I'd die.

I hate that your good looks make me stop and stare.

I hate that I can't stop myself from playing with your hair.

I hate the fact that you always seem to put me in a trance.

I hate the way you always make my heart sing and dance.

I hate that no matter what I do you'll always care.

I hate that you're the cutest and most cuddly Teddy Bear.

I hate the way you bring happiness in my life.

I hate that you hardly ever cause me strife.

Now you may be thinking, how can she possibly hate

the one thing that she should celebrate?

It sounds like she's in love.

She's recieved such a gift from above.

I'm excited to tell you that you're exactly right.

I love that boy with all my might.

Its just the fact that he has so much power over me.

I'm a prisoner that will never be set free.

I'd do anything he'd ever ask of me,

No matter how daring, how scarey, or how extreme.

I dont think he realises that he's in complete control.

He has my heart, my mind, and my soul.

I hate it that he owns me,

but that fact he can't even see.

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