A Collection of Small poems by A.L.L.

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This is a small collection of poems from the past year and I'd like to share them. :) be aware some are more gruesome than others. I'd like to dedicate these poems To Michael L., Taylor Spicer, Meredith C.,Shelby S. , and Laura.

Submitted: January 01, 2013

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Submitted: January 01, 2013



#1~Kisses and Poison~

so sweet, kind, and tender
can be deadly
like the thought you'd never render.

not in the lipstick
but in the lies
you tell yourself
is beneath those eyes
and when you finally see
your sealed fate
you can't go back
for it's too late
and you shall take one other
the one and only one
Who was your lover. 

so sweet, kind, and tender
can be deadly
like the thought you'd never render.


Truth is seperating

everything I know

Good from bad

Friend from foe
Some foes think they are friends
But will never be in their ends
It may hurt
Or even bleed
But TRUTH is all

that I need.
Doubt, Fear, Loss

is what I feel
so many things I thought would heal
The fight is coming

I'm in the fight 
of forever doubting
in my heart
in my mind
so many many things
so unkind 
the thought of new hope
is gone
the thought of freedom
has fled

My chains were heavy 
but became so light
I lost my savvy
and lost my flight
I thought I was free
but hell's giving me a fight

#4-Love Struck

The look of lovestruck

in a person's eyes -
means a lot more 
than how it first lies
a strand of hope
a link of faith
leading to the heart

an unlocked safe.

more than one way
Just to say
Of course
Lot's of ways
some through the haze 
just to say

#6- When Life Gives!-

~When Life Gives~

When life gives you lemons 
you make lemonade
And if it gives you instruments
you share in serenade!
When life gives you love
you make every move tender
when it gives you decisions
be sure to think and render

And if life gives you hell
You hear more than wanted
If life gives you hopes 
You get them crushed 
And if life gives you the perfect chance
You take it and never give it back

#7- Growing-

Growing always Growing 

into who I am
and What I'll be
Leaving people saying
"Who is she"
I don't know how high
or how far 
But I'm growing 
and shouting it like a star

#8-When Walking Through the Forest

When waking through the forest

came upon a small flower

Sitting alone
I stared at it 
It stared at me
And then we talked 
That flower and me

I sat down in wonder
Next to that amazing flower
And we talked the whole day through
About our troubles,
About our pain
About our worries
about our doubts
About how we deal 
With this chaotic world

As we sat 
As we talked 
I saw the world
Through a flowers eyes
And saw my own troubles
Very small

I then smiled at that miracle flower
And it smiled back at me :)

#9-Is this really life?-

Is all i feel.
For the world so judging
Seems so surreal 
Is this really life?
Just floatng back and forth?
I just need that knife
And have life no more.

Who think they are clean
Are never what they seem, 
Causing people pain 
And making people scream.
In the depth of night.
Is this really life?

Is this really life?
Just floating here?
I have no real home 
No one to draw near, 
Is this really life?
Am i really here?

#10-Two Days-

Two days

is too much to ask
for you to think
for time too pas
Two days 
must be so much
for you to stay silent,
for you to hush
Two days
that's all I wanted
that's all I will ever need
Two Days
is too much
too much for we

That's all folks! well I hope you enjoyed them! :) Be posting another Ten Soon!


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