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Ever since his mother died he lived in hell being beaten by his drunk abusive father. He was constantly bullied and beat up. All he wanted to do was be brave like his favorite superhero. All that changed when he met The Boogieman.

Submitted: December 15, 2015

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Submitted: December 15, 2015



So let’s get started with my little tale.  I lived in a small apartment in Bethesda and I hated it. I was eleven and I was short for age so everybody picked on me, even my dad. I had no siblings to look out for me when the kids at school called me names. It wouldn't have been so bad if there had been respite at home. But his names were worse.

Father was a business man, who everyone loved . When he would have people over for dinner he would treat me like everything was normal. If I did anything stupid in front of his partners he would give me the look, but not when his friends were looking. Everyone thought that he was perfect gentleman with a perfect family, a perfect job and the perfect life. Till everyone left, then he turned into a completely different person. He wasn't’t as bad when mom was around, till she died in a horrible car accident. He went crazy, drinking more and started beating me with every inch of my life. This went on for three years. I would go to school with a couple of bruises and come home with a black eye. It just got worse and worse over the years Yet no one suspect that my perfect father was causing most of my pain. What I didn't’t know was my life was about to change but for the worse.

Well it was a stormy night, the worst that I’ve seen in three years. I sat next to the window, I didn't’t like thunderstorms. It just brought back memories of that night, the night my mother died. It was pouring rain. Mom and I were driving back from the new Sliver Gunn movie that just came out. Dad was against it, said that she spoils me too much. Yet she talked to him about it and he just said whatever. I could always count on mom to save me from Dad. Till that horrible night, out of nowhere a dark man stood in the middle of the road. Mom tried to swerve and miss him, spinning in circles on the wet road. Everything was a huge blur till we hit a telephone pole.

When everything stopped I opened my eyes. I saw that mom side hit the pole. The window was broken glass was everywhere “Mom…is everything alright?” She didn't’t say anything. “Mom…you ok? Mom…” I unbuckle myself and climbed up front. Mom’s head was lying against the steering wheel, her head was bleeding and her face was cut and bruised. “Mom…Mom wake up. Everything is ok now.” She didn't’t move an inch, she didn't’t open her eyes or speak a single word. That’s when I realized she was dead. She was gone from my life forever.

When the ambulance got there it had already been too late to save her. They took us to the hospital. I was sitting on the hospital bed as they cleaned me up. Mom was lying in the bed next to me. She looked so peaceful like she was sleeping. My eyes began to tear up, that’s when I heard the worse voice in the world…Dad. He had just gotten off work when he had gotten the call. He kept asking where his wife was, was she alright, can I see her? When they brought him to the side to tell him the news, I could see in his eyes that he knew that she was dead. The look that he had on his face was the saddest thing that I have ever seen.

We drove home in silence, I would take a glance at him every once in a while. His face was straight and pale like there was no emotion in him at all. When we got to house I walked slowly to the door and opened it. As soon as we got inside Dad slammed it shut. “THIS IS YOUR ENTIRE FAULT YOU LITTLE BASTARD! YOU JUST HAD TO SEE THAT DAMN MOVIE DIDN'T’T YOU! "He started walking towards me and I stood there frozen. “IF YOU WEREN'T’T SO SPOILED ROTTEN CARRIE WOULD STILL BE HERE!” Then he just started beating me, taking out all of his rage out on me. It felt like it lasted forever, till he got tired of me. He turned around and went towards the bar and pulled a full bottle of Jack Daniels out of the cabinet and takes a huge swing out of it.

He slammed down the bottle and slowly turned around, staring at me with his angry eyes “Now get out of my sight, I don’t want to see your damn face anymore.” He walked out the door and slammed the door. I tried to move, but I felt so much pain. My arms and legs felt so numb and sore. I gritted my teeth and stood up. I limped down the hall to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror; my face was black and purple. My left side of my face was swollen and my lower lip was spilt. My body looked worse than my face.

I took a washcloth and tried to clean up my face. Nothing was broken which was the only good thing. I limped into my room, I didn't’t even bother changing my clothes. It hurt too much to move. I just got into bed and laid there. I cried myself to sleep; I wanted my mom so much. Then I knew from that moment that my mom wouldn't’t be able to save from dad anymore. I knew that my life would be a living hell. I closed my eyes and prayed, till I dozed off to sleep.

I dreaded every moment of my life since that day. School wasn't’t making it any better. I couldn't’t make any friends since I was so shy and I was constantly getting into fights with bullies at school. Then I would come home and my dad would beat me even harder because I let these bullies pick on me. The only thing that made me happy was my drawing. I made comics of me being a superhero and saving the day. My mom always told me that I could be a famous artist one day. I would draw for hours on end coming up with all these adventures I would have. Instead of doing my school work I would just draw. My grades really didn't’t matter to me anymore. Nothing did anymore; drawing helped me escaped from this hell hole of a life.

As I sat next to the window listening to the pounding of the rain against the glass, I sat there day dreaming. I was dreaming about one of my favorite super heroes Silver Gunn. Silver was the best comic crime fighter there ever was. He was famous for his two sliver guns that he kept at his side, he was like a modern cowboy. I had almost every comic of him that was ever made. Mom always used to buy them for me when dad wasn't’t paying attention. I always tried to get the newest issue when they came out, but I was always broke. Dad stopped my allowance a few days after mom died. I didn't’t dare ask dad for money.

I asked for 10 bucks so I could buy a comic book. All I got was a hard punch to the head and a broken wrist. So I would always day dream of his adventures. Dad said that nobody would want to save a short pathetic kid like me. That never stopped me from dreaming that one day I will be free from my father and this life.

“Hey Brat, get your ass into bed and I better not see this light turned on again.” He said as he stood in the doorway with a glass of Jack Daniels in his hand. I ran into bed and stared out the window. “If I hear one sound come from this room, I will beat you senseless. You got that Brat?” I shook my head yes. He took another swig of his drink and slammed the door behind him. I stared out the window till my eyes became heavy and fell asleep.

Around midnight, I heard a loud noise against my window. *BANG* *BANG* I woke up in a cold sweat. *BANG* there it was again. I jumped out of bed to the window. It was pitch black outside. I pressed my face against the window. The glass was cold as ice as I leaned against it, I still couldn't’t see anything. I opened the window and stuck my head out. The giant rain drops splatter against my face.

I started to breathe heavily; something didn't’t feel right to me. My hair on the back of my neck began to stand up. My heart began to beat faster every second. I started breathing harder. I felt cold, not because of the rain and wind, but of the feeling in the back of head that I knew that something bad was going to happen. All of a sudden a flash of lightening struck and a strange man in black was standing on the side walk with a hatchet in his hand. Laughing the most murderous laugh I’ve ever heard.

I screamed and crawled away from the window; when Dad slammed open the door. “What the hell was that noise and why is that damn window open?” he screamed. I tried to speak but all I could get out was a stutter. I looked at my father he was drunker than ever before. He stumbled as he walked into the room; I slowly crawled away from him. “Awe is the poor baby scared of a little thunder storm? Do you want your mommy?” He grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and picked me up off the ground.

He put his face right next to mine. I could smell the booze on his breathe “Well you know what…SHE ISN’T HERE! SHE IS DEAD! YOU HEAR ME YOU STUPID LITTLE BASTARD, SHE IS DEAD AND IT’S YOUR FAULT!! He threw me against the wall “If it wasn't’t for you going Mommy I want this or Mommy I want that, she would still be here!” he yelled in my face spitting everywhere. “It should have been you that died in that crash.”

He dropped me on the floor and walked over to a picture of me and mom “She spoiled you too much. I told her not to but she did it anyway. Your mother was stubborn she was.” He took another swig of his scotch. He picked up the picture and dropped it on the floor stomping on it. “No, stop it!” I screamed as I ran towards it. Before I could get to it he smacked me hard with the back of his hand. I fell back on the floor; he just looked at me with disgust. “I knew you were weak just like your mother. You were never my son. No son of mine would be a cry baby filling his head with stupid superhero crap. Especially being a little weakling wimp. You’re not my son all you are is a big mistake.”

I tried crawling back towards the door, but he grabbed me by the arm and pulled back, pulling my arm out of its socket. I could feel the pop, I screamed with pain. “You’re not getting away from me that easy. You’re going to rot in this hell hole with me. There was a noise that came from out underneath the bed. Then the noise came again. “What was that?" he stop and stared at the bed then at me. "If I find anything under that bed I’m going to hit you so hard that you wish I was nice enough to just go ahead and kill you right on this spot.”

Dad got on his hands and knees and looked under the bed, He couldn't’t find a thing. He got on his stomach and reached farther under the bed. I just closed my eyes, wishing that all of this was over. He still couldn't’t find anything; he got back onto his feet and looked at me with his tired swollen eyes. “I’m sick and tired of playing games Sean. You’re starting to really piss me the fuck off.” He began walking towards me when a hatchet chopped right into his leg. He let out a loud bloody scream and fell to the floor as he grabbed his leg. “Sean why in the hell are you just sitting there! Come and help me…” he heard a laugh come from under the bed.

From out of the darkness of the shadows a clowns head came out. It gave an evil grin showing its bloody teeth. “No one is going to be helping you today daddy.” Then suddenly he started dragging Dad underneath the bed. He tried to grab something but he was too slow. Before he was pulled under, he grabbed to the side of the bed, holding on for dear life. “Sean…Sean please help me!” He screamed. All I could do was sit there in fright.

The clown’s head came back out again. “Tsk Tsk this won’t do, I can fix that.” He took out his hatchet and whacked off one of his fingers. Dad let out a scream of horror and pain. He chopped off another and another. “Hmmm, this little piggy went to market. This piggy stayed home. This little piggy had roast beef. And this little piggy….WENT STRAIGHT TO HELL!!! The clown screamed with laughter and chopped off the last finger, pulling my dad under the bed.

After that there was nothing but silence. No screaming, no movement, just silence. “Dad…Dad are you there?” I crawled towards the bed. Then something rolled out from underneath. I picked it up and got to my feet. I opened my hand, my eyes grew wide and I began to scream in terror. It was my dad’s bloody finger. I threw it across the room and leaned against the door. I tried to open the door but the knob wouldn't’t turn.

I heard the laugh again “Dad is that you?” I walked closer to bed slowly. “Daddy isn’t here right now.” I backed up towards the door again, as a strange man came from the darkness in the corner of the room. I stared at this creature dressed all in black, His face cover in white paint and evil red bloody smile. Then I saw that he had no eyes but pitch black sockets. I could see nothing but cold and darkness inside.

“Who…Who are you?” I trembled as he walked towards me. “Who am I?” He laughed. His laugh sounded so evil and dark. He got close to my face and gave me a grin “I’m your worst nightmare. I live under beds, in your closets while you sleep. When you hear my name you tremble and shake in horror. I’m every kid’s worst fear. I’m the Boogieman.” He said as lighting flashed in the background. “See Sean I’ve been watching you for a while now. I was there when your mom died, when your dad beat you. Every time you got the shit beat out of you by bullies. I was even there when you stole money from your old man’s wallet.”

“What are you going to do to me?” I asked as I leaned against the door trying to get the knob to turn. “What am I going to do to you?” he paced around the room “Should I take my hatchet and cut you limb by limb” taking his hatchet pretending to cut me up. “Nah that’s too bloody.” He paced around the room tapping his hatchet against his temple. He stopped right in front of me and looked at me. “Awe I have an idea…how about I take you in and make you my apprentice. Teaching you everything I know, helping you find your inner boogieman. You listen to what I say and I won’t kill you, you got that kid? If you don’t you’ll end up like your old man over there.” He said as he pointed at my dad in the corner of the room. He was covered in blood along with the walls and floor.

The Boogieman put his hand on my shoulder and put his mouth next to my ear and whispered “Just be a good little boy and no one gets hurt.” That thought ran through my head for so long. Mom told me that every time when dad came home and was in a horrible mood. Mother always tried to keep me out of trouble. Dad blamed everything on me for everything that pissed him, but mom kept him from beating me. I had two choices, staying here and end up like my drunk of a father or live and no longer be beaten, no longer being called the cause of my mother’s death. I stood up straight and turned towards him. “So you ready to join me kid?” holding out his hand

What’s my choice? I turned to look at my dead father in the corner and back towards the boogieman. I let out a sigh and took the man’s hand. He gave and evil grin and let out a murderous laugh from that day I would never forget for the rest of my life. I now will live a life with the most insane serial killer ever known. A creature that will kill anyone who gets in his way, no man knows how to stop him or catch him. The worst fear of every kid who has ever heard his name. I will leave everything from my old life behind and live a new one. Not knowing where I will go, all I know is that the old Sean is no longer around. The new Sean has no family, will not care about anyone around except himself. I, Sean Jones live in the shadows of the darkness creature that has ever come out of hell. His name is the Boogieman.

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