Dead To The world

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A narrative of a nightmare.

Submitted: July 04, 2018

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Submitted: July 04, 2018



I lay awake at night,


To try to win this fight,


But it's all for naught,


Taste of yesterday's blood,


And other dried crud,


Fills my hungry mouth,


I'm no sinner or  a saint,


Yet I seem to carry this taint,


No ordinary burden,


I can longer feel,


Those wounds that won't heal,


As I lay awake,


I relate more to the dead,


Eternally they rest their heads,


Yet I still struggle,


The urges get stronger by day,


The desire to kill and flay, 


Why must it be so?


I feel Hell is now my place,


Flames now wait to lick my face,


Agony caused by my hands,


Dreams of accusing cries,


All calling for me to die,


I can't keep on like this,


The more I think of death,


The mire of it's sweet breath,


But not for me,


I gave up that this year,


Made a pact of death and fear,


To some long forgotten evil,


I may never truly die,


Or see angels fly,


Just the descent of my knife,


My pact requires I take life,


And sow the seeds of strife,


In this evil's name,


I know not my dark master,


My heart beats a little faster,


When I know it watches,


For me there is no relief,


Just a long accepted belief,


Eteranally I fill my pact

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