It Was Never Meant For Me

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Dedicated to one who can't escape my head but my hand.

Submitted: August 11, 2018

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Submitted: August 11, 2018



I write the lines I taught myself to you


Yet the pain isn't through


Just when the pen slows to a crawl


Wth the words I dare to use of all

The ones that you have taught me


The ones that made me feel free


 It's felt lke many long years


But's it's just you playing at my fears


You cast a perfect shadow on the paper


I can't catch in you in this little caper


I'll fade with each day's sunlight


Hoping to somehow fix this blight


But  love can leave a stain


For even dark hearts know love's pain


You steal my only hope and make me stay awake


Another night I'll coldy shiver and shake


It was just a lonely thought


But maybe with you it was all for naught

Thoughts of doubt this night


Racing around reminding me of my plight

The living  poem  only I can read

Writes the lines that tell how I bleed

In blood red ink I sign my name and seal the midnight with a dry tear


It was never meant to be I fear

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