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Holy is the one chalice.

Submitted: September 19, 2018

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Submitted: September 19, 2018



Sangre Sani bearing my cup


Heads of the martyrs turned up


The roads lined with victims on the cross


From Rome to Jerusalem the masses weep in loss


The chalice is lost beneeath waves of the sea


Right when the Holy Land was free


The golden invader ravaged the central lands


Saracens made bloody by the Khan's hand


Sangreal it lies in the ocean bed


The waves baptize it's holy head


Blessed by Christ's lips


Lost when it went down with the ship


Another relic lost  after the crusade


In blood it was paid


It the subject of Arthurian legends 


Remembered by knight and paladin


Once adorning noble courts


In the centuries pas it became the prize for a blood sport


Factions bleeding in the sand armoured in mail


Skulls crushed by the Frankish flail


All three fill the cup with blood


Churning the battle field into gorey mud


All in the name of a war divine


Each side called heretical and swine


Holy call to arms


The cup the reason to sanction harm


No more would we fight wars of sin


The cup all shall try to win


Saracen or Latin sword


All shall bleed for the cup of the Lord

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