Why I Lie To Myself

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I'm in denial again over the truths of the heart.

Submitted: August 15, 2018

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Submitted: August 15, 2018






What a cruel twist woven from fate's loom


I entered my darkened room


Confidence shaken by this clap of thunder


I can only sit back and wonder


At the start of this race signaled by gun or gong


Somewhere  along the way I went wrong


There is no remedy for this other than false claims


I'm playing myself with these wicked little games


With the players being me, myself, and I


To realize the truth I'd rather die


Even though there is another 


The truth is somewhat told by her brother


But one thing is certain


For me it's the closing of the curtains


Yet here I haven't been told


I'm dressed for summer in winter's cold


Or so I  compare


Tricking myself with safety as I go into the beast's lair


What brought forth this point in my life?


It's just bloody seas of endless strife


Yet I only see smooth sailing


Despite the sirens wailing


Telling me otherwise


But I let my false hope arise


To cull the dread


For anyone but her leaves me feeling dead


Those icy blue eyes were my bane


Yet the lies I tell myself are so profane


Those eyes are looking my way


I try to say


But for that there is more Hell to pay


I can't feel the danger


That to her I'm no more than a friendly stranger


So again with this cycle of breaking


Again with myself I'm faking



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