Good or bad it's all destined.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
A race between a mortal and destiny. The prize? His family.

Submitted: November 04, 2011

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Submitted: November 04, 2011



It was his birthday. 60th or may be 61st no one bothered. He sat there alone, on the bench which was his favourite haunt since forever. He sat there, watching the birds chirping, the sunrays giving them some imaginary energy. He calmly lay there with his morning newspaper, which now had become his world. He would read the whole paper, sometimes twice, and then return to his too-big- for him house. On the bench, cleaning the dew from his specs, he envied the young joggers. He would wishfully see the young boys, men, girls and ladies running and even walking at a pace which was now unimaginable for him. He saw the jovial kids running with a ball after their parents laughing their hearts out, without any hidden feelings. Ah! How pure their hearts are. They were so untouched by the worldly negativity.

He loved seeing in these children his son. He also had a family, a happy and contended family. He, his wife, and his son were a small and happy family. His son was his best friend. He could not share his troubles from office with him, but he could sure forget all those once he was with him. His wife was the best woman he had seen in his lifetime. He loved her. He loved when she cooked for her. He loved it when she and he cuddled up in bed, and the world seemed to be at pause. But all this didn’t last long.

He was at office then, buried under the files, when the call came. He picked up the call.


‘Hello Mr. James?’

‘Yes. James here, who is it?’

‘Mr. James this is Charlie, I stay 3 doors next to your’s.’

‘Yes Charlie, what is it?’

‘Hello? ‘

‘Hello? Charlie?’

The line was disconnected. Mr. James did not bother much. He was again engrossed in his work. It was the year end and he had to settle all accounts. He picked up the red file and started working again.

A few hours later, the phone rang again.


‘Mr. James?’

‘Yes, James here. Who is it?’

‘Mr. James, I am CHARLIE’s father. Can you please come home now?’ {there was something very frightening in his voice}

‘But, what is the matter? Is it something....?’

The line again got disconnected.

But this time, the red file didn’t manage to catch hold of his attention. He ran towards the exit, with his blazer in one hand and his car keys in another. He sped his car towards his home sweet home.

It was an hour long drive, and all the while weird thoughts passed through his mind.

If it would not have been for the park, he would not have known that he had just crossed his house. But how didn’t he notice, was he so much in deep thought? Thinking this, he made a U-turn. He stopped near his lane where people had gathered. Police men, ambulance and a lot of people.

‘Police men?’ he nervously asked to himself? He reversed the car and parked it in the shade of a tree. As he alighted from his brand new car, two police men came and interrupted his thought flow.

‘’Mr.James Xaviers? ‘’

‘’Yes,what is the matter sir? What happened here?’’

‘’Do you live in 316-A,the house infront of the park?’’

‘’Yes Sir!’’ He said,with a genuine voice of concern.

One of the two uniformed man, patted on his back apologetically and said,’ Your house has been attacked by the robbers, and...’

Not allowing him to complete, James ran towards his house. There he saw, 3 bodies, clad in white sheets ,on the floor. Tears filled into his eyes. He saw Mr. Rottendam, Charlie’s father in tears too. He wanted to avoid meeting anyone who would give him false sympathy. He wanted to keep his grievances to himself. He saw many of his neighbours now. But he wanted none of them. He just wanted his son, his wife...All of them patiently allowed him to weep. The policemen stayed at a distance to allow this man to cry his heart out. All of them stood there in a mourning silence.

He crashed onto the floor. Near the bodies, he saw the purse of her wife, lying inside out. The jewellery box, in which her wife very carefully kept her rings and chains was broken into pieces, as if in an attempt to open it, and was lying near the main door. The carpet of the room, the showcases, the chairs, everything was displaced, as if there was a huge struggle between the robbers and his family..

He could not dare to remove the sheets from the bodies and see the faces. He felt ashamed, that he had been busy working when all the two members of his family..Wait a minute.

There were two members in his family, his wife and his son. Whose is the third body then?

Who could it be?

Was it the robber who had done this to him?

Who was it?

Just when he was going to open the sheets, the police man, who looked like the head of the troop, called out,

‘’Mr. James. I need to ask you questions.’’

‘How unsophisticated, and uncivilized is this man’ ,My world is gone, and all he thinks is to get answers from me, and show this to his senior, so that it may add up to his credit points. Mr James thought.

‘’Yes ask me whatever you want to’’, he said weeping.

‘’Not here, you need to accompany me to the police station. Your wife and your son are waiting for your arrival there.’’

Mr. James could not believe his ears. He looked up. ‘’What?’’

The police man bluntly said, ’’You need to come to the police station’’

No what did you say after that?

Your wife and son are waiting for you over there.

Mr James, delighted and shocked at the same time, hurriedly opened the sheets from the bodies.

The first man was an unknown man (must be the robber, thought, Mr James)

The second man was an unknown face too. He must be his partner.

The third man must surely be another partner to the crime thought Mr. James. Just when he was about to open the third sheet from the body, Mr. Rottendam cried aloud. He fell on the floor, holding his head in his hand.

The third body was of Charlie.

Mr. James could not understand. But he surely understood the pain through which Mr. Rottendam

was going through now. He lent his hand and kept it on his shoulder.

Mr Rottendam placed his head on his shoulder, and wept for minutes.

The silence still prevailed. The policemen still allowed him to weep, but the head police man abruptly called on Mr James.

Mr James, stood up, consolingly patted on the back of Mr. Rottendam. He tried to speak to him, but Mr.Rottendam will not speak anything now.

Mr. James accompanied the policeman in his jeep.

The police station was not that far. He saw his wife, and his son in there. He felt relieved, but could not smile.

He hugged his wife and kissed her. He saw his small son looking into his teary eyes. He wiped his tears off his eyes, and lifted him in his arms. He kissed his forehead, and felt like he had won the whole world.

‘’Daddy, mommy says, if Charlie wouldn’t have been there today, we could not have met each other, ever again.’’

Mr. James looked towards his wife, who silently nodded her head.

“Yes, son.’’ He said trying hard to control his tears.

Mr James patiently answered some formal questions of the police man. And then, he left with his family towards his house in front of the park.

Today, he only manages to recollect faintly of that face who saved his family. Till today he visits Mr.Rottendam and shares his time with him. Even Mr. Rottendam feels pity for a man who lost his family in an accident, the same day when his son died saving that family.

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