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Submitted: February 22, 2015

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Submitted: February 22, 2015



A letter to Vodafone, drafted by me but written by my partner;

To who it may concern,

I am writing this letter in connection with two contracts that my partner and I currently hold with you and some of the problems we have had since we joined with vodafone back when we first took out the contracts. The numbers attached to each contract are as follows .

078######### and 077########.

To start from the beginning, I first tried to sign up for my own contract with you but I couldn’t because of my credit score, so my partner took out a contract with you on my behalf, in his name because he was told by an online representative that after a month he could have the contract changed into my name as the contract was originally intended for me. The person I was speaking to online, who was the same person my partner was speaking with, (as he spoke to her after me) asked me if there was anyone who could take out the contract for me so that I could then have the contract transferred into my name when the option was available. She did not inform me that I would need to undergo a credit check when the time came to have the contract transferred. We were also told by her that there would be no problems transferring the contract over when the time came. Even though we explained about my credit history we were not informed that we would be subject to a credit check when the time came to have the contract changed over into my name.  (Neither me or my partner found out about this information until much later)

My partner applied for the contract and was accepted for the number ;  078######. He then informed those who needed to be informed that he would like me to have full authorisation for the contract and all of its contents, so that I would be able to go and pick up the handset from the local Vodafone store which is in ######. This is because he chose to have the handset sent to the store so that it could be picked up by me. He explained to me that he was told over the phone that there was no problems making sure all of the authorisation information was sorted out in order for me to collect the handset from the store. I had no problems picking up the phone from the store and returned home afterwards.

A short time later I found that the phone had problems and was not working properly. We found that we were still within the seven day cancellation period, and so, asked to have the phone changed. Along with having the phone changed I was told that the price plan would be changed in accordance with the new handset but this was not true. When I received the new handset I couldn’t use any of the services on it and when I phoned to find out why I was told that the gentleman I had originally spoke with had in fact not changed the price plan and this was the reason why I could use the services on the phone.  I had an extremely long-winded conversation on the phone, with much upset on my part, to try and get the price plan changed in order to use the phones services. Thankfully, on this occasion I was able to get the problem fixed.

My partner decided that he wanted a contract for himself, and so, he took out another contract with you for an iphone. After a month passed for the first contract we phoned up to have it changed into my name with my details only when we did we were informed that it wasn’t a month we had to wait before we could do this it was actually three months. Even at this point we were not informed about the credit check that would have to be carried out when we were finally able to change the phone and it’s details into my name.

My partner was accepted for the second contract he took out with you and so he made all the arrangements that would allow me full authorisation on the second contract as well, in order for me to collect it at the local store, much like the first contract account.  Again this was for the second contract with the number ;  078########. He explained to me that full authorisation had been arranged for me just like before and so I went into the same local Vodafone store to collect the handset for my partners second contract. When I got to the store and asked for the handset I was informed that even though I had full authorisation on the account I would not be able to pick up the phone. I then explained to the lady who I was serving me that I was able to pick up the phone for a different contract before when I came into the store on a separate occasion with the same authorisation that I had for this account, that I didn’t understand why I could not this time. She then basically told me that I was lying without calling me a liar. She told me that there is absolutely no way that I could of picked up the phone before when I came in even with the full authorisation that I had. Even though, in actual fact, I did.

In the end my partner had to go out of his way to come down to the store in order to pick up the phone. He was told that he was the only one who could.  My partner then explained to her the same thing that I did. That he had called and made sure that I had full authorisation so that I could pick up the phone and that I actually did, physically, pick up the phone on his behalf. I then said to her that it was even a manager who served me before when I came and picked up the first phone for the first contract, on behalf of my partner. That if someone was to find the paperwork that they would, in fact, see that I had signed the documents when I came in to pick up the first handset, for the first contract. That if someone were to do this they would definitely find my signature, not my partners.  I was then told that the store archived paperwork every five months and would be unable to attain the document now, in store. So I then explained that it was less than two months ago that the contract had been taken out. We were then told that apparently it wasn’t every five months that paperwork was archived but every month instead.

In the end my partner signed for the phone and we left curious as to just how it was we were lied to like we were. At how odd it was that even though the manager, who served me when I came to pick up the first handset, was in store he was unavailable to comment or speak to us regarding the issue.

After this I phoned up regarding something that I cannot recall, What I do recall is that the manner in which I was spoken to was very rude and made me quite furious as I could not believe how extremely bad the customer service was. There was another issue regarding the Vodafone website, for when I signed into my partners account, (of which I have authorisation) I found that the date of birth information was incorrect and so edited the informtaion so that it was correct. We had confirmation that this had taken effect and that the changes that we made had actually been made.  When we phoned up again about something regarding one of the contracts my partner had to answer some security questions, one of which, was his date of birth. My partner was told over the phone that he had failed the security check, that he had given the incorrect D.O.B. Even though we were both certain it had already been rectified when we were signed into the account online and corrected the problem ourselves. Apparently this was not the case.  After explaining to the person on the phone that we would like it corrected the person then told us that they would correct it and that they did change the D.O.B information, that there had been no problems doing so. At least, that is what the person told us. We then had to phone to enquire about our phone signals because we were having problems with them. When my partner was going through the security check he was told, (once again) that he had failed to give the correct date of birth. At this point you can understand that he was getting a little annoyed.  I too was becoming very upset myself.  We then spoke with the person on the phone and explained about the date of birth problems that had been happening along with the signal problems we had with our phones. We were told that there were no problems with our signals but to help with this, while in our home, we could have a ‘signal box‘. That it would be sent to us via post without charge.  We still have not received the item yet and doubt that we will even though we have enquired further about it.  Apparently, the signal problems could only be linked to the poor 3g coverage in our area. The problems did not change and so we sought to get one of the phones swapped. Which we did.  We were slightly annoyed that we were not told about the poor 3g coverage in the area when I picked up the first phone or even when we both were in store picking up the second.

We then had problems changing bank details online and , yet again, when we were altering information online everything seemed to be changed correctly and confirmed without problems. Only it wasn’t. When I called someone to speak to them about direct debit details and was told that the bank details I was informed that the details were incorrect. I then explained about the bank details over the phone as well as fact that the date of the direct debit had to be changed. I was assured over the phone that the details that I had given for the bank and for the direct debit were confirmed, that it had all gone through ok.  That both direct debits for the contracts would come out on the new date that had been arranged over the phone.  This did not happen. Both direct debits came out on a different date making my account overdrawn. Even though I was told and assured, over the phone, that it was set up for the new date. Again, I was very, very angry indeed.

The next thing that happened was that I lost my phone. I did not have any insurance, of which, I was unaware of. I assumed that because it was a contract it would have insurance with it as I was not told otherwise. The reason I assumed this is because, normally, if there was an existing problem with the phones they would normally be repaired without charge. I was never once advised to take out insurance or that I had the option.  So, when I phoned, I had to ask about the emergency insurance as this was clearly an emergency for me only I was informed that I could not get emergency insurance, that the only way was to have the phone and show the store that it was in working order before it could be insured.  So I was very upset again because I had lost my phone and it seemed nobody was prepared to help me.  I was devastated and angry because no one had bothered to explain to me about the insurance cover at all in the beginning.

At this point we have both had enough. We’ve suffered terrible customer service and feel that we no longer should have to put up with the trials and tribulations of these contracts after everything we have both been through.  I spoke to someone over the phone about all the troubles we have had regarding the contracts and the issues surrounding them but he explained that he would have to speak with my partner. So my partner then spoke to him and explained that he was shocked and appalled at the way things had gone, that he wanted to find out about getting the contracts cancelled considering all the hassle we had both endured. The gentleman on the phone explained that he was sympathetic and if my partner were to construct an e-mail and send it to Vodafone customer services dept that the issues should be resolved considering all the problems that my partner and I had explained to him about.  My partner then went online and spoke to an advisor about what he had discussed with the person over the phone and to find out if he could get any help regarding the e-mail, etc. The advisor explained to him that the only way the contracts could be cancelled is if a fee was paid for both to be cancelled, that he had not provided the advisor with enough valid information to see the contracts cancelled and so the fee would be £700.00 for each contract. Well you can imagine how furious that has made him.

After the three month period had come to have the first contract transferred into my name I phoned to have it done. It wasn’t until then that I was told over the phone, after explaining that I would like it to have the contract transferred, that in actual fact I would have to undergo a credit check before I could have it transferred into my name. Both me and my partner explained to the person over the phone that nobody had told us about this, that nobody had explained that this would have to take place. The person on the phone apologised and then explained that there was nothing that could be done.  I was so upset that I said to the person on the phone that I would like to make a complaint and was told that I could do so over the phone. I also asked if there were any notes regarding the problems both me and my partner had undergone in the past for either account.  I was informed that there weren’t any notes at all about any problems regarding either of the accounts.  To be completely honest enough is enough. We have had nothing but problems the least that could be done is to have these contracts cancelled. Or the bare minimum of one contract cancelled. This letter is no threat but we will be going to trading standards and the C.A.B regarding these matters.

All in all we feel that we have been constantly misinformed about so many things and because of this my partner is now liable and feels strongly about seeking outside advice.  Not only is the treatment, we have both put up with, unfair but now we have these contracts that cannot be transferred. Not only did all of the above happen but when I phoned to speak to someone about one of the many issues I was told that it did not matter that my partner had not signed for the collection of the first handset and that the contract was still arranged and that it had been processed, was in effect and would continue to be.  The issue at hand is that if we had been given the information about the transfer process to begin with my partner never would have taken out the contracts with you in the first place.The service we have received from Vodafone has been utterly appalling at best. There have been other problems linked to these contracts but both me and my partner cannot recollect them all.

I would appreciate a response to this letter and will be awaiting one from you.  Hopefully this can be resolved quickly and without further hassle and distress to me or my partner.


To be attached to previous letter–

To whom it may concern

I am writing this letter in an attempt to convey to you how I feel in regards to Vodafone and the utterly despicable service and treatment that me and my partner have had to endure. I wrote a letter some time ago about some of the serious problems we had in the past and when we received correspondence we were told that we would have both lines credited for three months with nothing to pay, which we were extremely grateful for considering all that had happened. Each line costing £30 a month and that was for three months for each line, working out to £180, which is a lot of money. Now although we were grateful for this and continued to be customers for that time, being about three years or so I am sorry to say that we have, once again at this point, started to be treated with nothing but disregard and disrespect as customers, AGAIN and I demand that something be done about it as it was before.

Not only is this letter a complaint about the treatment we have suffered but it is also a testament to the appalling behaviour of the Vodafone staff, how they have acted and how the service, as a whole, seems to be. It’s happened before and now it’s happening again.

The most recent incidents in question began when I called a Vodafone representative to arrange to have my direct debit setup for a different date that it currently was but after doing so and being told that everything was setup it actually, in fact, turned out not to be the case and ultimately my account was suspended because of this. Not only was my account suspended through no fault of my own but this also meant that I was unable to get an additional line I was waiting for and this was all because of the suspension on the account. A joke.

After using the online service and speaking with a representative using the service provided on the webpage I was then misinformed about having additional lines put onto my account after the incident. This happened on several different occasions, over the course of this incident and others to come. Each and every time I spoke with an online ‘rep’ I was given misinformation. After eventually speaking to someone over the phone who I was informed was a supervisor or something of that nature I was informed that, because of all the trouble, I would be given a “good deal” after the outstanding balance was settled. Which was only outstanding because of the problems with the direct debit incident in the first place. Again, of no fault of my own doing.

Now going back slightly, before I was able to even speak to this person who explained to me about this “good deal” I also had to speak to countless others who just put me through to someone else, more than likely because they just didn’t want to deal with my issues, though I will never really know. I was cut off more times than I remember and disconnected just as much, of which one of those I spoke with over the phone was a supervisor, or so I was told and then the lined disconnected. Each time being told I was being put through to someone who could help me with my issue. Clearly nobody cared at all.

When I did manage to get the balance paid after what had happened I enquired over the phone about this “good deal” that should have been on my account, of which, I was told did not appear to be on the system and that the ‘rep’ I was speaking with would be unable to help me. They explained that they would have to speak to someone higher up. Though, on this occasion luckily it did actually get sorted out for me.

I then went into my local store to get this “good deal” but was told that the size phone I needed was out of stock and that I would have to wait 6 weeks before new stock came in and that the deal would not be available at that time so I had to have a device with much smaller memory. I realised the very next day that I would be unable to pay for my new line and device due to experiencing funding issues at the time. I explained this to the ‘rep’ over the phone and I was reassured that giving the device back and cancelling the line would not be a problem as I was obviously well within the 14 day cancellation period. So I took the device back to the same local store to have the line cancelled and was told that everything was fine, I was also given proof of this return and was told I would get a call to confirm this cancellation.

A couple of days later I noticed that this was not the case as the line/account for the device was still active and showing online and I had not received any call. So I went back into the same local store to ask what was happening, I was then told that it takes 3 days to cancel and that I would have to wait at least another day for the process to be complete. Another 4 days passed and so it was a whole week since the cancellation and yet it was still showing as active and I still had not received a phone call. So, again, I went down to the same local store and asked about what was wrong, at which point, I was told that the systems had been down and as soon as it was restored I would get a phone call or text to confirm the cancellation and that this may take 72 hours which sounded a lot like what I was told before only I was told 3 days which is the same as 72 hours even though I had already waited a week. Anyway, ANOTHER week went by. Now it’s a total of 14 days and yet it was still showing as active, I had not been called AND money had tried to be taken out of my bank account for the line.

At this point I was pretty upset and disturbed by what was happening so I called customer services and explained the situation only to be told that there was NO record of any cancellation AT ALL. Very confusing to say the least. I was then told that I had to go back into the same local store to find out what was wrong. I was informed that they still had my line showing as active even though they had done everything necessary to cancel the line and they assured me they had done everything their end. That they had to get into contact with a ‘regional manager’ in an attempt to get this sorted out.

Now, on the 22 of December I went back into my local store, yet again, to speak to a manager. The manager had to speak to 6 or 7 different people on the phone, I Know this because I was with them as they made the call. APPARENTLY the ‘warehouse’ had the device from the 1st DEC and there were notes on the system, on my account in store to say that I had handed the device back to the store and that it had been sent back. At that point I was now being told, ONCE AGAIN, that this line has now been cancelled and to wait a further 2/3 days in order to receive a confirmation text in regards to this cancellation.

Even if this had all been rectified I still have another line with Vodafone and considering all what has happened, yet again, I feel strongly about being compensated for all my troubles.

I will be awaiting correspondence from you.

Yours V.J ######

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