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War is the devastating venue of year 2015. Residents of southern California are hastily moved out to sea, where a few perilous surprises meet them. Just the preface of a very epic sequence.

Submitted: December 18, 2011

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Submitted: December 18, 2011




It wasn't a plague. It wasn't a dystopia. It was more devastating and tiresome than both a plagueanda dystopia. 2015'svenue was war. Very modern war.

The land was consumed in toxin and fear. The sea was shadowed in darkness and perilousness. The sky was stained with velvet thunderstorms. The islands were torn in rage and destruction. Nowhere was safe. A stray biological weapon was the single object that had shockwaved the Earth in poison. The world population had been reduced to less than 100,000.

California - or southern California, to be specific - was the safest place. That wasn't to say it was in good shape. No, it was in a horribly twisted shape. It looked like a battlefield - and it was a battlefield. But compared to the rest of the Earth, it didn't carry as much hazardous disease or unbearable dystopia. And now it was undergoing a quarantine.

"Move to sea, to sea!" adults were screaming through megaphones. They weren't wearing uniforms, but who cared about fine clothing in such a terrible crisis? Nor were their voices in perfect shape: croaky and strained. People were being verbally - and physically - persuaded onto a huge cruise liner that undoubtedly didn't work. There was no electricity in the world, not anymore - no phones, no TV, no internet - all gone. Crops were scarce too. Everyone in California was skinny and their mouths had been dry for many months. The ship probably wouldn't help that much, but it might improve things. Maybe this was the apocalypse.

War lingered on people's minds. The outbreak was that of the 2012 outrage. Yes, catastrophe had occured in 2012, but it hadn't turned out to be an apocalypse. The government was failing and simple individuals had decided to lash out. This had triggred an open war. Unbelievable what little a prophecy could turn into.

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