The Red Sapphire

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There are nine upcoming 4-part sections. You'll have no idea what's going on until about the fifth or sixth. So I'm leaving you to linger over these insane events.

Submitted: December 11, 2011

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Submitted: December 11, 2011




The girl stood atop the cliff, fierce rain and hail pelting through her wispy blouse. She was without a rainjacket; not that she cared. But that was the problem. The wind pierced her battered skin and gnawed at her scorched skull, her inky coloured hair whipping madly around her face. Her eyes, shaped and looked like an olive, were open wide, facing the void in front of her. The furious screams of an insane man penetrated the air, drowning out the defeaning beats of her heart and sending goosebumps up her legs. Then she thought it foolish, because it was nothing compared to the endless lake of fire that awaited her; or even worse, not. The drums from her chest began again and she waited for the voice that would surely call her.


"Get the fuck back here, bitch!" the man screamed through a raw throat. "Come out here so I can flatten your puny dick! Get the fuck back here or you will pay the price!"

"You crazy shit!" a scared, weak voice called, and the man leaped at her, wrapping his arms around her too-thin body.


Larry fingered the jewel, nothing but parched air escaping his throat. It glinted in the reflective light of his growing puils, and his heart skipped in excitement.

I've found a jewel! I've found a jewel! It was pure blue, and nothing more than a centimetre in diameter, but it was his precious. Shit! It's a jewel!

Afetr a moment's numb silence, Larry grinned. As if it were a pocket watch, he shoved it in his pocket, and began to stride down the aisle.

Little did he know what he had gotten himself into.


Melissa sighed, patting the thick ruff of her golden retriever, Limpy. He was called Limpy because he had been born with an unfixable limpy back right leg. But he was Limpy. And he was her dog.

Melissa squinted toward the horizon, the sun piercing her eyes through the silhouette of the faraway, lonely mountain. Melissa's shoes crunching on the gravel as she walked along. Her mindset was nothing opposite to calm and soothing. No need to hurry. We shall get there soon.

She had just reached into her trouser pocket for her inhailer when a mysterious intruder leapt out from the nearby bush and produced a knife, pressing it against the back of Melissa's throat.

She screamed, falling on two knees. With tears running down her eyes, the man rasped, "give me the peg."

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