The Red Sapphire: Part 2 of 10

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Here it is, folks! The continuation of the fateful Red Sapphire! Here, you might be able to figure out one or two things, but nothing is clear.

Submitted: December 11, 2011

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Submitted: December 11, 2011




She was dead. The man had surely killed her. His mind lingered aimlessly over her death for a moment, but his mind snatched back to his son. "Come and fuck me, Michael! Come and fuck Daddy's dick!" He cursed in frustration. The rain would drown out any screams anyway.

Nevertheless, he limped on beside the lake - and beside his doom.


Harry was in London. His first overseas trip. And it was a tour. Bad thing was, his tour was extremey boring. He would emphasize over one single piece of information for minutes, before forgetting what he was about to say next and droning on about something entirely different.

It was a mircale they had a next stop. It's was an old English pub. Just as he was about to enter the bus, he fainted, knocked his head on the concerete, and fell into a coma.


Melissa screamed. The blade was ice against the back of her throat, but that was the least of her problems. "What peg?" she begged. "What peg?"

"You know what peg!" the man rasped. "Harry had it! Give it to me!"

Melissa thought she'd said Larry. She didn't know a Harry, but she knew a Larry. And Larry had possessed a small, peg-like object.

"It's Larry!" she screamed. "Larry has it!"

The man screamed and took off.

Melissa's tears were what distracted her from the fact that Limpy was not there anymore - and neither was the mountain.


He pressed the button.

BANG! The explosion was defeaning. The mountain collapsed.

His team clapped and cheered. They had done it! Or had they?

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