Conversation with my Demon

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

A conversation between the writer and her demon during one of her worst nights.

M: I can’t seem to hear you… maybe it’s because of the music. I want to shut it, but I will only get more frustrated if I were to hear her voice, muttering expression how intense or funny the fucking anime she is watching!

D: maybe try to lower the volume…

M: okay.

D: there… much better isn’t it?

M: Yes, I think so.

D: how are you?

M: I’m bothered with the grammar. So please bear with me if this conversation will be kind of dragging.

D: I’m fine with that. But if you can ignore first the grammar errors and save the editing for later that would be much better.

M: hmm… I’ll try? You know what, I am worried if I can really do this. I mean, I think I need to meditate first, or any of those sort of stuff, before I can do this. It seems like I’m practically just talking to myself. Do I make sense? I want to edit it but as you have suggested, I will do it later.

D: it’s fine. You know, we can only verify your worry if we can settle what is it that you want to talk about. So what is it? Your fears, anger, pride, conscience? Tell me, we can discuss it you know.

M: hmm… interesting. But I don’t think I can last long talking about those things. Wait someone have texted me.

D: okay. Don’t worry, later on you will get accustomed to it. so tell me, what is it that really bothers you right now?

M: haha!!! Such a hypocrite! As if you do not know? You caused me this right?! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!

D: whoa! Whoa! That’s a sudden turn of events! This is not how we started it nor is it the topic we rehearsed in the bathroom before! Haha! You surprised me there girl!

M: Don’t mock me! You’re right. This is not what I planned this conversation would be, even I’m surprised! But don’t act as if you are the angel here. What are you doing?! and FUCK YOU for that!

D: having a hard time pressing the SHIFT button? Maybe you should fix your keyboard already or better yet, just throw this shitty useless laptop of yours! Irritated? This is actually one of the causes of your frustration. This lagging broken laptop!

M: …

D: you never learn. Your mother taught you before a very important lesson about things that once get broken can never be the same as before, no matter how you try to fix it, the scar will remain, it becomes useless. Now, I say to you all the things you think doesn’t matter, actually does. How many times do you have to experience this kind of frustration before you can learn that? You’re an idiot!


D: haha… now it’s the girl. You’re angry at her right?

M: yeah and at you as well!!!! Maybe you are the reason we got surrounded by angry dogs yesterday?! get away from me! I hate you!

D: Me?! Are you sure? Or yourself? Or this life that you really hate?

M: Hayyy… maybe. I don’t know, or maybe I do not want to know.

D: you’re sleepy. I can feel it. you do not feel well, maybe because of the girl in your room? Or because of the fact that you have been eating a lot lately… ha ha ha!!!

M: yeah you’re right it’s both, actually it is more of this life that I hate.

D: you do not want the girl there, but you almost gone mad without her in there. Haha you’re pathetic!

M: I hate her and I hate you for pointing that out! Yes! I admit, I really feel that way, but it is more because I’m a human and I instinctively need a companion. Look! You made me even hate the fact that I’m a human.

D: haha well what happened to your other friend? Wait wait, you are intentionally screening all that I am saying! You’re cheating! What happened to my other comments?

M: heh! Those do not matter! And my hands are very busy just to catch up with what you are saying. I’m getting tired you know! This is not the time to be picky!

D: see even the words are inappropriate! You’re hopeless. I think we should call it a night.

M: you coward! I hate you! I hate you!

D: haha dear don’t forget that I am you!

M: …

D: see you in dreamland, my love!

Submitted: December 27, 2016

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J Woods

This was great! An intense read, bravo

Thu, December 29th, 2016 1:42am



Thu, December 29th, 2016 1:10am

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