A good night's hunt (A story about Stevro)

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In a world of Earth (one slightly parallel to our own)the race of man is thought to exist alone on their planet, but behind the scene four unknown races (unknown to most of the human race) strive to cleance the world of the tainted (but few) members of a fifth race that see the feeding on the blood of the lives of innocent members of the human race as their right.

These members of the four unknown races (together with the members of the fifth that see such feeding as an abomanation to all life) strive to huntdown Vampire's called feeders and to stop the wholesale slaughter of the human race and their own kind as well.

One man amoung them, a man by the name of Stevro strives to do just this (to end the lives of feeders that are deamed unchangable) and on this night (alone and with no allies nearby for support)undertakes a hunt to bring about the end of a fellow nightwalker life, in the hopes of bring back the safe protection of the city that both he and his allies are willing (if need ever be) that they themselves are willing to die for.

P.S. If anyone has any questions about how the world of my Vampires (the vampire, one of the many of unknown races of this Earth that exist) work since in this story there isn't much backstory to help this story along, please leave me a comment or send me a message and I would be happy to explain. Thank's and I hope that you enjoy the read. And sorry for the many punctuation mistakes that are probably in my story, the problem is that is one thing I'm still trying to learn to do properly, so sorry but I hope that you do enjoy my writing anyway. Thank's.

Submitted: November 04, 2012

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Submitted: November 04, 2012



 Title of scene (A death warrent enacted)


Peering around the corner of the rear doorway of a house (a house that lay on the right hand side of an allyway that ran north to soith) Stevro watched as his prey walked south down the alleyway that ran north to south. Stevro had been tailing the nightwalker Vampire for almost an hour now. Though the actual hunt of this fellow nightwalker (whose name was Jack Warden) had begun over a week earlier. This nightwalker that he was pursuing had been marked for death (true death since a nightwalker was of the undead variety). The Vampire law that no member of the Vampiric race was to feed on an innocent from the human race was the law that this Vampire had broken, and since (in Stevro's eyes and opinion) that there was no chance that this Vampire could be rehabilitated, then all that was left for Stevro to do was to carryout this man's death warrant.

The man that Stevro watched from his concealed position, stood well over six feet seven inches tall and weighed over two hundred and fifty pounds (mostly of solid muscle). This dwarfed even Stevro who stood at six feet three and a half inches tall and weighed over two hundred and fifteen pounds (he too of mostly muscle). If it were to come to blows between the two Stevro might well come out of it the loser and quite possibley end up truly dead, but Stevro had an advantage (he was after all armed).

This man had been marked for death by his own action for Stevro had been able to find a fellow Vampire (this one a daywalker) that had actually witnessed the guilty partake of the blood of an innocent the night before. He had been found draining (through the neck) the blood of a teenager (a runaway to be exact) who had to be no more than seventeen. He had no doubt taken her life thinking that since she was a runaway there would be no one that would come looking for her. The daywalker had used his ability to summon the element of flame to ward of the nightwalker Jack. Who then fled at the daywalkers arrival (though as the daywalker was soon to find out it was all ready to late for the young woman). The reason as to why the daywalker hadn't pursued and killed the feeder was that by law only a member of the O.C. (Oversight Committee) or the Tribunal could enact a death warrant (so as to prevent a war amongst the five races) and as such since this daywalker was not a member of either, then the killing of the guilty by that man could have meant a fare worse fate for humanity than the life of one person (even if such a reason would have meant little to the family of the victim and even less too Stevro).

It was for this reason (the reason of the partaking of the blood of an innocent and the even more heinous of the taking of a life so young) that Jack was a feeder that Stevro now hunted and sought the undead life of the nightwalker.

As Stevro watched the towering nightwalker continue his walk south (waiting as Stevro was for his chance to pounce) Stevro watched as a woman came into sight as she tried to walk past the oncoming nightwalker. She looked fearful of the behemoth of a man (and rightfully so, though she did not truly know how dangerous the man could be).

As the woman was about to pass the man, the nightwalker Jack pounced. Grabbing the woman by the right arm with his left hand, he cast her to the ground to his left in the direction that his right arm alined with like one would cast a piece of discarded clothing. The woman falling back against the rear wall of the building that she now pressed her back against as she now quivered all the while believing in her mind that there would be no escape for her. The building that her back now lay flat against lay on the left side of the alleyway that ran from north to south, and as she lay there it was then that Jack moved in for the kill as he lunged for her neck.

Taking his queue then, Stevro pulled from its holster his firearm and (taking aim) fired.

Jack had just repositioned his body ever so slightly (the positioning earlier of Jack's body had placed Jack's back to Stevro which had given Stevro a clear and clean shot at the undead Vampires dark heart), but this repositioning of Jack's body had been just enough to save Jack's life (if only momentarily). The oaken bullet instead of hitting him in the back and then penetrating Jack's dark, undead heart, only hit his left elbow and lodged there. The saltwater that had been soaked into the oaken bullet taking effect a second later. Jack's own left arm just  above his left elbow started to immediately incinerate from the inside out. With the internal incineration spreading through his left arm, Jack grabbed with his right hand his left arm just below the left shoulder and tore his own arm off.

As Jack's left arm fell to the ground (continuing in its internal incineration) Stevro could not help but flinch at the sight of an arm being torn off (even though Stevro had seen many a nightwalker tare off their own arms to stave off the incineration of their entire body, the act just never seemed right to Stevro). As Jack's arm fell to the ground and finished its incineration, Jack shot a glare in the direction of the projectiles source (the hatred, anger,  and fear apparent in his eyes). Jack (all the while baring his fangs) stared in the direction of Stevro with a penetrating gaze. The fact that the Vampire was baring his fangs proved his intention towards the woman (for a Vampire only bared their teeth when they were about to feed).

As Stevro paused for a moment, wondering to himself if he should risk another shot (the hesitation on Stevro's part was because of the fear that the nightwalker might decide to use the woman as a human shield) his nightwalker prey responded first by action to the danger posed by Stevro.

As his nightwalker prey turned his back towards the woman (giving some relief to Stevro's mind as he knew then that his prey's attention was now focused on him, leaving her safe) the nightwalker jumped some fifteen feet into the air towards an abandoned building. As the nightwalker smashed through the boards that boarded up one of the derelict building's upper floor windows, Stevro fired a second shot. This shot embedding itself harmlessly into the buildings outer exterior.

As the nightwalker smashed through the boards covering one of the upper floor windows and disappeared momentarily from sight, Stevro ran towards the building in close pursuit. Pausing just before an alleyway that ran between the building that his prey was now taking to flight through and the building next door and opposite too it, Stevro looked towards the woman who remained on the ground (at the moment to terrified to move) he knew then by the look of her that she would be alright. Stevro then refocused his attention to the alleyway and the street beyond all the while hoping that there he would be able to catch up to his prey.

As Stevro tore down the alleyway, Stevro could once again hear the sound of splintering wood, and as Stevro reached the street saw fragments of splintered wood and the body of his prey descending onto the roof of a parked car below the window from which his prey had just jumped from. With the impact of a wrecking ball, Stevro saw his prey smash (with his weight) in the roof of the parked car causing its alarm to blare.

As Stevro stood rooted to his spot on the sidewalk next to the curb (on the east side of a street that ran north to south) Stevro prepared to take aim anew and finally hand justice to a unjust villain (the justice being at the point of a gun). Seeing then that the death of his prey was imminent, Stevro finalized the hunt by saying what the Tribunal laws demanded him to say and that was,"By order of the Tribunal, you are hereby sentenced to death for the partaking of the blood of an innocent".

And as his prey shot then another fearful and hateful glare in Stevro's direction, his prey then hissed (no doubt a reaction of fear). His prey's reaction was once again even more lighting quick than Stevro's. As an oaken bullet sailed for a third time out of the barrel of his gun his prey leaped into the air again, descending onto the roof of a moving car that drove south (denting this car's roof only slightly) The bullet then wissing by the prey's last location. As the car swerved to keep control Stevro's prey merely leaped from the roof of the moving car and then descended upon a second parked car,and crushing its roof, causing its alarm to sound too.

From there Stevro's prey leaped some thirty feet into the air before coming to land on the rooftop of a building across and to the west side of the street before taking off again.

Vowing then and there not to loss his prey, Stevro made a mad dash across the street after him. Running then between the building whose rooftop his prey had taken to and the one next to it. Realizing then that running in physical form would mean getting to the back of the house to late, Stevro decided to merge his body with the shadows (for all nightwalkers had the ability to merge with the shadows their body and any equipment or clothing on their body into the shadows itself if the shadows were thick enough). Merging then with the shadows, Stevro raced along the ground with lighting speed.

Reaching the back of the house before his prey, Stevro reemerged once again from the shadows to take physical form and in one fluid motion took aim and fired just as his prey leaped off the roof of the house. Stevro's prey no doubt was hoping that he could have reached the end of the house first so when he jumped off the roof and reached the ground that he could have sprinted to safety (but this was not meant to be).

The trajectory of the oaken bullet and its victim meeting as its victim descended to the pavement below. As the oaken bullet penetrated the undead's heart and the saltwater coursed through its body the nightwalker incinerated from the inside out. As the now incinerated nightwalker's body hit the pavement it spread out in a cloud of ash and seared clothing. Why Stevro's prey Jack had not merged his own body and essence into the shadows too (too at least give himself the slimmest of chances to escape) Stevro could not say, but that did not matter for it was now all over now (both Stevro's preys own life and the hunt itself).

Holstering his firearm then with his right hand and running his left hand through his black hair, Stevro (with not much of a thought after that on the thought of his prey's demise) turned back the way he came (for he still smelt the scent of the woman whose life he had just saved). Moving in the direction of where by her smell the woman was still located, Stevro headed for her (his intention, to plant a suggestion in her mind through his gaze that she was going to be ok and to wash away completely the memory of the Vampire from her mind).

"Tonight was a good night's hunt" said Stevro to himself. After all, thought Stevro, he had saved the life of a woman and ended the life of a feeder. That in Stevro's mind was enough for one night's work.

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