There Is No Withdrawal

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I wrote another poem for big james...
Its been almost a year since I've written about him...
i hope you enjoy!.
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Submitted: June 23, 2010

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Submitted: June 23, 2010



There Is No Withdrawal
Crimson tears fall from my eyes
Down my cheeks and too the floor
As my blood is splattered
I relies that nothing mattered
You’re a liar,
You’re a fake!
All you do is hate,
And then you break!
You break my bones
My hearts once lovely melody
You break me down
You’ve broken my home
My soul is covered by a dense fog
My smile is broken
My hearts beating has come to a stop
The love that surrounded me is gone
You’re a demon,
You’re a curse!
You were just in it to destroy me,
But you will never succeed!
Because I am strong,
I am beautiful,
I stand proud and tall,
You’re nothing to me and you never will be,
Cause you can never completely break me!
You’re conniving,
You’re manipulative!
You’ve won every battle,
But Ill claim victory is this war!
My heart may be broken,
But I’m now numb and feel no pain!
I’ll fiercely fight forever,
Because I know I’m stronger than you!
I thought I could never live with out you,
But I soon found that I could,
Cause you were just another one of my drugs,
That I went to rehab for…

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