the factory

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a man sees a light in a factory across the street and goes to sees] what it is.

Submitted: February 25, 2013

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Submitted: February 25, 2013



A flicker of light in the darkness drew my attention to the abandoned factory across the street. I’ve been living next to this factory all my life and I’ve never seen any light come from it. It was a very dim light. Like someone was lighting a cigarette. Was my mind playing tricks on me? Why or how could anyone be in there anyway?

I lived alone on the street, just my house and the factory. The factory belonged to my great grandfather, and it’s been abandoned ever since he died.  I decided to go investigate. It was my property anyway; I had the right to investigate it.

It was bitterly cold out, but I figured I wouldn’t be too long so I threw on a light jacket, put my shoes on, and grabbed a flashlight. I already had my phone and my zippo lighter in my pockets so I was ready to go. I went outside, it was about midnight, and I was instantly overcome by the bone chilling cold weather, but I pressed forward anyway. I slowly dragged my feet to the unlocked side door of the factory. I looked around to see if anyone was watching then I opened the door.

I haven’t been in the factory since I was an adventurous little boy. In fact, it’s been twenty five years since the last time I’ve been in the factory. Even though I’ve grown, the factory looks bigger than ever. There’s a slight feeling I get whenever I’m in here as if someone is always staring at me. When I was little I only stood in the factory for about two seconds until I ran out screaming and claiming I saw a ghost. As I walk through the factory I notice that I’ve never journeyed this far into it.

The factory is a magnificent sight really, with the old assembly lines and furnaces. I never knew what the factory produced though. When I got to the middle of the hard, cold concrete floor I spun around and shined my flashlight at the guard railing on the platforms that border the walls. Nothing, so I decide to head back to my house. As I turn around to go back my flashlight flickered then shut off. “Damn, new batteries and there already dead,” I said to myself. I try to examine it, though I can barely see my hand in front of my face, frustrated, I threw the flashlight on the ground. Then I heard it, a loud thunderous bang, so I jolted to the door tripping on an old rusty pipe and injured my right knee. I crawled to the door, that’s now a few feet away, and got to my feet. I fidgeted around trying to find the door knob, and my hand met a cold, round object. I tried to turn it but it wouldn’t work. It was locked!

I turned around and started to look for a new door so I could get out. I started to walk to the center of the factory. Then I heard loud footsteps proceeded by a chain dragging. It repeated. “Who’s there,” I screamed as I looked around frantically. No answer, just loud footsteps and that wretched chain dragging. I got in a defensive position, and then the sound stopped. “That’s right I said “Go away,” I screamed as I turned around. I saw a dark muscular figure in front of me then total darkness!

The next thing I remember is waking up with blurry vision, only able to see the ground next to my face as I was being dragged by my feet. I could faintly see because of the dim moonlight seeping through the cracks of the roof.  I started to regain my vision and noticed the tall man walked away. I looked around only to see the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Bones and dried blood stains all over. I started hyperventilating and reached for my phone. I quickly dialed 911, but I couldn’t get any service.

I was freezing and I figured if that man didn’t kill me and I didn’t get out of here the cold would. I took out my zippo and light it for a few seconds. Then the man came. I saw something shiny in his hand and assumed it was a knife. He came closer and closer and I began to cry. I knew I was going to die, but I didn’t want to. I quickly assessed the area and saw a lever, some gasoline, cigarettes, and a pole with a sharp edge. I crawled over and he started to speed up. I grabbed the pole and drove it through his calf. He screamed in pain and I got up and bolted out of the room, down the stairs and behind one of the furnaces in a dark corner.

Panting for air, I forced myself to calm down. I grew quiet and heard him walking again, but this time it was dangerously close. The footsteps stopped and my heart sank. I saw him glaring at me with an empty, lifeless stare. “Why do you want to kill me,” I asked. The man smiled and walked toward me. I notice his limp from where I stabbed him. He raised his knife in the air. I started to back away only to meet the wall. “Wait,” I exclaimed. He made no effort to stop. I jolted toward him and kicked his leg with all my might. He dropped his knife and I ran up the stairs back to the room where I was dragged into. He wasn’t that far behind me I had to think fast. I pulled the lever, but nothing happened.  Just then, I looked up and saw him in the doorway.

He walked toward me and I backed up and tripped on the gasoline can behind me and I fell into a puddle on the floor. He chuckled and grabbed the box of cigarettes, then proceeded to light one. His big towering body loomed over me.

I kicked him in the groin and he spat out his cigarette. The room caught on fire, along with my clothes. I ripped off my jacket and jumped out the window overlooking the factory and landed one of the assembly lines. I rolled off it and started to roll around to put out the fire.

The whole factory caught on fire and I started to hear sirens. He’s dead for sure, I thought. As I laid there waiting for my rescue. There was hammering on the door and I knew I was going to be saved.

Then I saw it. Born from the flames, the large fiery figure came towards me. He knelt down next to me, and drove his glimmering knife through my pounding chest. The pain was excruciating. I forced my eyes to close.

Moments later I opened my eyes and shot straight up, breathing heavily. I was in my own room, in my very own bed!  I looked out the window only to see a flickering light in the abandon factory across the street.



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