Mama's shoes

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This is a piece about how the past can and DOES influence what happens in the future and how what you see is ultimately what you get. The star of the story is the same one who seen how what she lived with as a kid affected her and the people around her yet once she grew up she found herself somehow repeating her mothers lifestyle, thus keeping the circle in motion.

When this person was still a child I'm sure she seen her share and i know there's a lot of people who can relate to that type of childhood, and so from that comes this for the ones who didn't have that kind of experience growing up. Don't bother to ask who it's about, the story speaks for itself and the question of who it's about ain't as important as the lesson that it aims to teach.

Submitted: January 06, 2008

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Submitted: January 06, 2008



Mama's Shoes
(Based on a true story)

Sixteen years of age, she sees her future oh so clear
The time is near, soon her loneliness will disappear
The sheer excitement of the day has her unprepared
She stares across the room and assumes he'll always care
How long can these vows last?  I Knew better than to ask
And once it comes to pass would I be up for the task?
The past recalls two little girls trapped by alcohol
Backed against a wall, scared as hell while your parents brawl
And who could call it? To see something so ironic
Marriage to an alcoholic who loves the chronic
It's trouble up ahead, he got lost in the bottle
Watching her struggle as though lost after each swallow
Couldn't bare the loss of seeing him constantly sauced
Crossed the threshold, his actions cold and she pays the cost
Living for booze and it's to late for a revision
Mama's shoes fit perfect so now she sees the vision

Though unfair, this was her burden she was born to bare
Somewhere between hate, a torn bond she tries to repair
If this is fate I hate to see the seed she creates
Can't escape the example that daddy illustrates
The cycle takes it's toll and now the circle is whole
Pulled in by it's wake and now another life is stole
The issue at stake is will she live to see it through?
Make no mistake, at this rate a divorce won't do
True to the part, till death do us part from your heart of hearts
She starts to question his motives yet still won't depart
She rather live with all the booze induced concussions
So what's the use if you choose to take the repercussions?
Brushing off the moves as he breaks you down
The same news as he rapes you while you don't make a sound
Living for booze and it's to late for a revision
Mama's shoes fit perfect so now she sees the vision

Dear anonymous, how can you live in fear like this?
Quite tears understanding why Kelly slit her wrists
No hope to abandon and plus no words to be spoke
Only vows to be broke and pillows for her to soak
It's wrote for the woman falling fast beyond my grasp
Calling to her past posing questions she never asked
"Mama did you stay cause you hoped to prevent this day?"
"And when you passed away, was it the price that you paid?"
"Now can you hear me mamma? Why's he treat me so bad?"
"Started so sweet, now I'm living the same life that you had!!"
"Is this the sadness that you faced to keep our roof in place?"
"I chased the same life you had, now it seems such a waste"
"Couldn't face the reality that it could be me"
 "The epitome of history and what would be"
He's living for booze, now to late for a revision
Mama's shoes fit perfect so now she sees the vision

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