They'd Be Surprised

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I had a 10 min break from work so i wrote this up real quick, I think it's one of my best ones but i need some feedback from someone who did not write it

Submitted: January 06, 2008

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Submitted: January 06, 2008



I tip my thirty two now I'm gone enough to face the news
Just a pawn in this game making moves, created to lose
Educated on booze, dropped out of school, I'm getting faded
Got a tool, paid my dues and left my mind eradicated
Let me rewind to the times as youngsters getting high off weed
Trying to find a reason to die, shedding quiet tears, I bleed
Our lives reflected with fear, expected worse year after year
Childhood peers disappear, waiting for my time to draw near
Mirrored by mortality, so clear I can see my enemies
A weary leer as I watch for drama shared by so many
One hand on the semi, be a lie if it didn't scare me
Sit and stare or pace, a basket case begging them to dare me
A closed casket with my face every time I close my eyes
Time draws to a close, a funeral full of foes in disguise
Here to say their phony goodbyes to a man they all despised
Nobody could know me, but if they did they'd be surprised.

[Hook] (samples "It ain't easy" by Tupac Shakur)

Can't sleep cause my heart hurts from the dirt I did out in these streets
At the peak of my heartless worse a cocktail of hearses and heat
Cursed to be dragged feet first to jail, got the judge denying bail
Sting in a cell, motherfuckers screaming I can go to hell
Influenced by the spell of currency, the resulting truance
Got my going against by better sense swinging at fences
Can somebody rinse away the pain? Help me better my aim
Refrain from busting at motherfuckers like I was insane
I can't explain how I came to grips, at the same time I miss
The days when we could exist without resorting to our fists
Say goodbye to the good old days cause now were buying pistols
Taking aim like it aint a big deal, squeezing till the blood spills
Aim to kill with these weapons I wield in these killing fields
Never realized the moment a man dies our future is sealed
Just as well cause we build this hell that were intent to devise
Nobody could know me but if they did they'd be surprised

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