Fairy Tail: A new end

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Jeanette Luvi joins Fairy Tail, but she has a bond with Zeref the black wizard, will she save them all, or be their doom.

I do not own any of the characters

We have to hurry, Jen we have to move, to the next town. We had just finished cleaning up the square in front of the Palace of magic, where we had performed for the ten court masters of magic. I picked my suit case and took a deep breath before getting into the carriage, time to head to the next town. ‘He James, when did you say we would arrive there. I couldn’t here you just now.’ I sat down next to my guitarist James(long brown hair, green eyes and tinted skin color), in front of me sat his girlfriend Lena(the drummer, blond hair, yellow eyes and dark skin) and next to her sat her sister Jody(the piano player, dark skin, blue eyes, white hair.), I was the singer of the band( Black hair, green eyes, white skin). 

‘We should be there in a few hours, if fans don’t cut in on us or on our way.’ We closed our curtains, I heard fans screaming outside, but I had gotten used to that. I leaned back against the bench and closed my eyes, yesterday I couldn’t sleep at all after that big explosion in town, I still wonder who made that awful sound. I heard some names being screamed, but I was to tired to get up and look, probably some wizards again. As I closed my eyes, I remembered my days before all this, working in the mine with Erza and Jellal, it has been along time ago when I last saw them, they always gave me the hope that I could manage anything if I set my mind to it. I wish I had stayed behind and helped Erza save Jellal, but I was pulled away by the other kids away from the mines. Jellal had been arrested and taken away I had heard a year ago, but I never had heard of Erza, I still miss them everyday, but life goes on for all of us and I took control of it and made my own luck. I was truly grateful that Lexa, the dragon that had taken me in, when I was lying sick next to that road, all the kids had left in groups, but I wanted to be alone, because my friends had all disappeared.  I missed Lexa too, but she gave me all the wisdom she had to me and then vanished from the earth. I was happy I met James, then and when he asked me to become the singer of the band: “The Icer”. I did miss using magic, but I was living my life in peace now and wanted to leave the past behind. 

The carriage went over a threshold, I woke up and looked around me, the others had fallen asleep too, so I carefully opened the curtain, we passed building saying “Fairy Tail”, the structure was magnificent. ‘I think I’ll pope by that place later, it looks interesting.’ I saw then the fans in front of us again, we were almost at the hotel, I woke the others up so we could make ourselves ready to get out en get into the hotel. I put my guitar on my back and got up, the door was opened and loud screams came in. I saw all kind of girls  and boys yelling, we quick ran inside and the door behind us was closed. 

‘Welcome to our hotel, please follow us.’ James, Jody and Lena walked in front of me towards the room and I walked behind them. We all shared one room with a wall between it , the royal suite, Jody and I fell down on the beds and talked about what we were going to perform tonight, while James and Lena were on the other side of the wall doing there normal routine. I then got up and look for some clothes, I got dressed in a black skirt and put on a shirt with a cross in between and showing some cleavage. I put on my cross necklace and put my hair up. I put some contact in which turned my eyes purple. 

‘Where are you going?’ Jody asked while putting of all of her clothes and putting on her pajamas. I turned around and smiled at her, ‘I’m going out and take a look around town, it looks nice here.’ I grabbed my bag and walked to the door, I wanted to say goodbye, but as I turned around I saw Lena and Jody in the ‘wrong position’ naked. I became red till my toes and walked quick out the door. I laid against the wall and took a deep breath and calmed myself. This almost happened every time and it kept being awkward. I went to the reception and got my V.I.P. Ticket for back into the hotel, I was led around back and told to come back through this entrance to get in again. I walked through the ally and walked around town. It seemed people did not recognize me as I walked by and I was relieved by that. I passed by different shops and bought a glass dragon, which reminded me of Lexa. As I walked back to the hotel, I passed by that huge building with Fairy Tail written on it. I was curious to see what was inside, so I entered the building. Looked around and saw all kind of wizards walking around, this must be one of those guilts people often talked about. 

I walked up to the bar and sat down, a woman came over to me, she had long white hair and a funny smile. 

‘What would you like to drink?’ She smiled at me and I gave happy a answer.

‘A fire ball juice, please.’ ‘It’s on it’s way’. She said, she turned away and as I was waiting a blond girl came in and sat down next to me and laid her head on the bar. ‘Marijane, I don’t know how long I can take anymore missions with Natsu, he is killing me.’ She sighed, Marijane turned around and put her arms on the bar and spoke to the girl. ‘Lucy, just tell him you need a break and take another mission in a few days. The Icer are these two weeks in town, maybe you could go take a l...’ 

‘Lucy!’ A boy with pink hair, very masculine and wearing a scarf came in. He ran over to the girl and sat down next to her. ‘Happy and I just got the reward, look how much jewels 70000, enough to pay your rent and mine for this month. Marijane can I have a fireball juice.’ The man said it without even looking at Marijane and she turned around and made two. She gave me mine and one to that boy. 

I drank mine quietly hoping no one would see it, the drank the fireball in one go and steam came out of his nose. Sudden Lucy shrugged her voice and said; ‘Natsu, I don’t want to upset you, but I need a break I’m tired and want to rest.’ 

‘Ai, captain’. A blue cat flew in and sat on the counter, I blinked my eyes t see if I was not dreaming, a blue cat who could fly. 

‘It seems fire juice is popular today, that girl over there had some too.’ Marijane said and pointed at me. They all looked aside and then all came closer to me, I shrugged in feeling uncomfortable by all this attention, ‘Who are you? I’m Lucy and this is Natsu and that is Happy.’ Lucy shook my hand and I was astonished as she just grabbed my hand and shook it openly. 

I’m Jeanett, (My stage name is Jen, so no one except the band nose my real name Jeanett and this name I use in my free time.) Are you too?’ I asked, they all started laughing and after they could down, gave me answer. Marijane ticked me on my shoulder, when Natsu got into a fight with a man with black hair and was half naked and Lucy tried to calm them down.

‘We all are wizards here, this Fairy Tail a magic guild. Lucy is a celestial wizard, Nastu is a dragon slayer and that man over there is a ice wizard. His name is Gray,’ I looked and the man over there was quite handsome and seemed pretty attractive. A woman with blue hair was standing behind him and bragging that he should look at her, I understood her name was Juvia. 

I laughed a bit at seeing this seen, because it seemed everyone was used to this. 

‘What is your business here actually, do you want to join the guild?’ Marijane looked at me and I had nothing to do for the next few weeks so why not, I only had concerts at night. I would resign after two weeks and go on with the band.

‘Yah, I would like to join this guild, but I am not sure what powers mine are called.’ I said and smiled, but Marijane seemed concerned. ‘Magic is an important thing and you should not use it with out proper training.’ I knew what she meant, but Lexa only said that I should use my powers with wisdom and not for fun, so I never had used it before only with training. ‘Natsu, Grey come here, this girl wants to join the guild, but she does not know what powers she has. I need you to test her.’ They came to me and I got off my chair and Lucy, Juvia, Grey and Lucy stood around me. ‘We will test her and see how strong she is, if she defeats us with magic, she is in the team.’ Tables were moved aside and other wizards stood aside to watch. As I prepared myself I heard people around me whisper: ‘That girl is a wizard, she does not look strong, she must be one of those phony ones with little magic, look at how she’s dressed a Lucy double ganger, if she defeats all of them she must be a powerful one, only S-class wizards ever defeated them all at once.’

‘Grey against Jeanett and see if she defeats him,  she will go against Natsu.’ Marijane said.

‘I will not go easy on you, only because your new.’ Grey said with a smirked smile, I stood on my place and breathed in and remembered what Lexa said; ‘Don’t look at your apponant, but see what he will do.’ 

‘Ice sticks’, Grey yelled and a magic circle appeared in front of him and ice sticks came shooting out, ducked them and got quick on my feet, I saw that he was going to strike in five seconds, I waited and took a deep breath and then found the right spell. ‘Ice sticks’ He yelled again and they came shooting again, ‘Sonar shout’ A loud frequency came out my mouth and it was so high everyone closed there ears, the sound was so high the ice sticks broke and turned into snow. Everyone looked up and that was when I stroke back, I used the snow as a mist and hit Grey in the face hard enough to nock him to the other side of the room. ‘Jeanett won!’ Marijane yelled and everyone clapped for me, I smiled and at him. He got up, but seemed a bit in shock, Juvia helped him up and he was taken to a chair and put their to rest. ‘If you can defeat Natsu you will be a S-class member because Natsu is one of strongest wizard in the guild.’ I looked up and saw the Natsu coming forward and smiling, but when the sign was given his face turned serious and fire appeared in his hands. He through fireballs at me, but I blocked them with a shield. I knew with him I had to hold back, because his powers were lower than I had expected from a dragon slayer, compared to my true power he had not unlocked his true petantiel yet. I could use my fire powers on him I saw and unlocked my flame, purple flames came from my hands and I hadn’t felt this rush in a years. I ran towards him and and through my fire at him, it didn’t hit him and he blocked it easily. ‘Dragon Breath’ Natsu blew a long flame of fire at me and blocked it with my fire, his powers were truly good, but I had to hurry, because the show was in an two hours and this battle could last forever. I was going to use my secret techniek, ‘Poison teeth’ I opened my mouth and got my dragon teeth out and threw it at Natsu, no one could block this attack. The tooth hit Natsu in the neck and he fell down in an instant. ‘Jeanett won,...’ Marijane said, the others were all quite and ran over to Natsu who didn’t move. Lucy laid his head on her lap and was crying. ‘Natsu please move, open your eyes.’ 

‘What happened?’ An old man came down and he looked Natsu and then at me. ‘Master, Natsu won’t move and we can’t here his heart. Lisanna stop it, he won’t wake up.’ Lisanna was shacking Natsu, but no one got him to wake up. I got over there, but I was stopped by Gray, ‘What have you done, to him!’ He held me up by my shirt ready to punch me, but I blocked him and kissed him. He walked back and covered his lips, shocked was everyone, seeing such mighty wizards being defeated so easily by a girl. I sighed and got next to Natsu, I heard people yell at me and calling me names. ‘He will be alright, this poison is not deadly, it just paralyzes you.’ I got the tooth out of his neck and kissed his lips. Natsu opened his eyes, I got up and walked out the door. As I looked back I saw everyone hugging him and cheering, his eyes met mine and I smiled at him and walked away. They had a happy family, and I was not part of that. I wanted to walk away from that place, but suddenly my wrist was grabbed and I was turned around. Natsu stood there and the whole guild behind. ‘You showed us that you can battle fine and that’s why we want to ask you, will you become a Fairy Tail?’

I was confused by this, but nodded and everyone cheered. I was taken back inside and I got my fairy tail stamp on my stomach. I smiled and was happy, this was the first time someone had seen me for me and not run away because of my power. 

‘So you’re a dragon slayer like me, were did you learn your magic?’ Natsu asked while we were drinking fire, I met the other dragon slayers too, Gajeel en Wendy as I heard they all were taught by dragons too, I was amazed too see other people had met en learned from dragon like me. 

‘My mentor was Igneel, he was like a father too me, but he one day vanished like the other dragons and left me at the guild where I grew up. I never finished my training and like others I improved, bit by bit on my own, ’ Natsu said, while smiling but looking sad in his eyes. 

‘My mentor was Lexa, she took me in and learned me all this,...’ I sighed and felt a tear down my cheek, I had to tell someone my secret life before all this. Natsu saw my tear and smiled and somehow that cheered me up.

‘Before I met Lexa, I was a child slave and worked in a mine with a lot of other children, we had to work a lot and almost never got a break. We were torched if we didn’t work hard enough, my two best friends always cheered me up, but one day things happened and I was free, but I never found them again.’ I started crying as all the memories came back, Jellal and Erza never were found and I felt the emotions of pain and anger fled over me. Natsu tried to comfort me, but all I did was shake his hand off. 

‘You sound like you had a ruff childhood, I thought you were raised from baby by a dragon, but it seems you were much older when you learned magic. It sounds like that of...’ 

‘He flame brain wanna take a fight!’ Grey came from behind and threw Natsu off the chair, Natsu turned into flames and Grey got his ice in his hands. Lucy and I laughed, but behind was Juvia shouting; ‘Love rivals!’ 

Sudden the ground shook and then the doors opened. A red haired girl walked in, which wore a shield of metal and held a huge bone on her shoulder.

‘I hope you two aren’t fighting!’ I quick turned around, somehow she was very intimidating and scared me. 

‘We are best friends, can you see?’ Natsu and Grey hugged each other and were all jolly which was creepy. 

‘Master, I have finished my quest. He Lucy, something happened while I was gone.’ 

Lucy shivered, but turned towards the girl and spoke with a confident voice, as she hoped it sound. ‘Well we have a new S-class member, let me introduce you, Erza this...’

At that name I stood up and let my glass fall, I saw the woman now clearly and got of my chair. ‘The little red haired girl I knew had grown up and turned into a woman. You heard the glass shatter and everyone turned around. Erza seemed just as shocked as me, tears dwelled up in our eyes and we hugged each other.

‘What the...’ Everyone was shocked as Erza almost never cried, she showed her emotional side only once in a while.

‘Erza, I thought I would never see you again.’ She hugged me tightly, and almost couldn’t breeth. I released myself from her grip. We smiled at each other and she finally spoke. 

‘I thought you had left the country, all the others said you had vanished after the escape from the mine.Let’s sit down and talk things over.’  

‘You guys can’t sit down, we have first class tickets for “The Icers”. There concert will start in twenty minutes.’ Natsu and Grey grabbed Erza’s arms and pulled her along, she got angry at them and hit them on the head. Lucy and I laughed and got up, I had to hurry up before I was to late for my own concert. Everyone was running towards the arena, I ran along, but at the entrance we stood in line.

‘I catch up with you later guys, I have to go to... The bathroom I’ll be right back.’ 

‘Be quick, I heard the singer is hot girl.’

‘Love rival number three!’ I heard Juvia say behind me after Gray, said that I was a hot. I almost had to laugh and quick turned around. I told Erza I would get in on my own, she would see later what I meant. I got out of line and walked to the back of the arena where bodyguards were standing and a lot of fans. I squeezed through and when I finally got in front and wanted to get through the guard stopped me. 

‘Do you have a ticket.’ I showed my V.I.P. Ticket and was let through, I heard girls yell at me that it was not fair, but if only they new how close they had been standing next to me. 

I got quick into my dressing and changed quick into my my leather skirt and put on my black boots. I got my black shirt with death skull and put it on, I made my eyes dark with eyeliner and put my black eyed contacts in. And put my black skull belt on and got quick to the others, I did not cover my fairy tail sign, so everyone would see it was me. 

‘He Jeanett, good your on time. Which songs will we play?’ James asked, we were all in black tonight as that seemed fun to wear. 

As we went through it for 2 minutes, we had decided to do ten songs. As 

ending we would start with “Love me.” I wrote this when I thought of all the people who had left me, but someday we would find each other and that was today. I looked behind the curtain, and saw everyone from fairy tail sitting in the first row, Happy was flying above the crowd trying to look. Natsu and Lucy were standing next to each other and Grey was looking at out huge poster and almost drawling, because his eyes were fixed on my picture and Juvia seemed jealous of that, because above her it was raining. 

‘What are you looking at?’ James stood above me and I almost screamed. 

‘I’m looking at my new friends!’ I pointed at the members of fairy tail and James smiled as he saw them. 

‘It’s good you made friends as this our last halt before our concert tour is over.’ That was right we had worked hard enough that we earned enough to live of the rest of our lives, Lena and James are going to expect a baby soon, Jody was tired of being famous and I was going to wonder around again. We had decided to stop the band after these two weeks, so we all could lead a peace full life again, and I was going to be a dragon slayer after this. I showed James my tattoo and he just kept smiling, he was always like a big brother to me and I was thankful for that. 

‘Icers get on the stage, in five, four...’ We gave each high fives and wished each other luck.  I grabbed my microphone and ran on stage. ‘Hello everyone, it’s so nice to be hear, I have met a lot of great people here today.’ I looked down at the people and saw everyone in Fairy Tail with there mouths open, as they recognized the fairy tail tattoo on my stomach, even Erza was astonished. I sung the songs and then at the end I spoke again;

‘I want to thank my friends at Fairy Tail who have excepted me into there guild and that is why we will start with “Love me” and we dedicate this song to them. Let’s go Icers.’ The crowd started screaming my name and laughing clapping etc. 

I turned my back and let me skirt fly a little up and then all the guys started whistling, Lena shouted; ‘One, two, three, four!’

‘When I was a little girl, mama never hugged. 

When I was little girl, daddy always yelled.

You good for nothing girl, get away from here.’ I turned around and then everyone started clapping, and I felt happy with singing this.


‘I ran away, never turned back, have no regrets

I found my friends and they love me back.

My friendship is not for sale, and neither is my love.

If you want this, you have earn it.’ I climbed off stage and walked through the crowd, as I was walking back to the stage I had to go through fairy tail members. As James was doing his guitar solo, I walked over to Erza, Lucy, Natsu,Grey and Juvia. I walked around Natsu and then it was my turn to sing.

‘I’ve never been so wild before,

I never hurt you no,no,no

And seems there is another girl,

who wants you too.’ I gave him a push and he bumped into Lucy and they just kept blushing and Lucy laughed a bit. Grey was laughing very hard after seeing that, but I would get  him back. 

‘You laugh, cause you think your so delicious,

But your just cold as ice,

Never met a boy like you,

So blind you can’t see you’ve been loved’

I hit him on the toes and he fell down, Juvia quick ran over to him and helped him up. It seemed he finally saw what I meant, he blushed a bit and Juvia kept bitterly glaring at me. I winked at her and she turned away, but then saw Grey was blushing and turned red herself. I grabbed Erza’s arm and pulled her on the stage with me and gave her a microphone. 

‘I heard you listened to all our songs, so you know the lyrics.’ Erza took a deep breath and we started singing.

‘Love me like you do,

No one will know,

How I can change you,

In to my light salvation.’ The song had ended and I and Erza bowed. After two weeks of performances our tour had ended and I had sad goodbye to the band members and we went all separate ways. 

‘He everyone, I’m back!’ I shouted, everyone said hello and went on with there conversations. ‘I walked upstairs and got my first S-class assignment. “Killing a demon of the black wizard, reward: 500000 jewels.” I widened my eyes by seeing the reward money. 

‘I ran downstairs and showed Erza the paper. 

‘Look at how much the reward is, I could live from that for more then three months.’ Erza looked at it and then got up. ‘I’m going with you, the master has asked me to give full detailed report of your powers, you can bring back-up if you like.’ I was very excited and then saw Lucy,Grey and Natsu walking in. I rushed over to them and showed them the paper, Natsu grabbed it out of my hands and was jumping up and down.

‘Look at this Lucy, with this we could our rent for the rest of the year.’

Lucy got it out of his hands and looked at it, ‘This is an S-class mission, we can’t do that.’ 

‘Lucy that’s what I came for, I want you three to come with me, it will be a lot of fun.’ 

All three smiled and quick went home to gather there stuff and and hour later we all were ready to go. 

‘Erza do you really need all that stuff, isn’t it to much.’

Erza had a cart full of stuff with her and as we walked she was simply pulling it without any help from others. Natsu and Grey were all jolly every time Erza looked at them. Lucy was walking up front with the map. I looked around me and after a few hours we passed a forest, but it was completely destroyed. I stood still, as did the others. 

‘What happened here?’ I heard the forest scream in pain, I since I had awakened my powers I learned more about them everyday and since a few days I heard nature whisper. 

‘Please let that screaming, stop.’ 

‘Jen no one is screaming, what is wrong?’ I covered my ears and fell on the ground. Natsu caught me in time and held me tight.

‘Jen calm down, please!’ I was screaming, it hurt inside me these woods were still suffering. I fell my conscious slipping away and I passed out.

 I heard a voice, it was Lexa’s; ‘Calm down little girl, breath in and out.’ I saw flashback, an old memory. ‘You have to stay calm when you here that scream, it means that thing or person is suffering, remember that spell I just showed you. ‘Think of everything that lives and then take a deep breath and use “Light wave”. I tried really hard, but the flower wouldn’t bloom it didn’t matter how hard I tried it never worked. 

‘Someday, when the time is right you’ll know how to use it.’ I opened my eyes and found myself lying in the grass. I got up and looked around me. We were next to a lake, everything around me was dead, except the water and the bit of grass around it. I saw Erza, Lucy had fallen asleep, but I didn’t see Natsu or Grey. I slowly walked over to Erza and touched her shoulder and Erza was awake immediately. 

‘What the... Or Jen your awake’, Erza hugged me and I felt a tear on my shoulder. 

‘You really scared us, what happened?’ Erza looked me in the eyes, so I told her what I heard.

‘The forest keeps screaming and is suffering, it’s in immense pain and I have to help them. What happened to it?’ Erza sat down and sighed. 

‘You really have to do your research better, the monster we are going to attack, is created by the black wizard, Zeref. Zeref controls death magic and is already 400 years old. He kills with this magic everything he sees or touches. This magic is dangerous and ancient. He probably passed this forest some time ago, Natsu is the only one who can defeat him for good. He almost killed master!’

Erza stared down at the fire and she kept staring at it. I got up, because the screams were getting worse again and it was giving me headache. I walked to edge of were the line of death began and I felt the pain and sorrow coming over me. Erza came standing next to me, wondering what I was doing.

‘It seems he knows the value of life, and has seen many battle where humans keep repeating there mistakes. But his intention with his powers, I will not allow him to destroy this world.’ My body started glowing white and a a wind came turning around us, a white mixed in and I felt joy, happiness and love flow through it. I connected myself to the earth, Erza took a step back and looked a bit frightened. 

I saw how the forest once looked and I had the true feeling of hope in me, to make this spell succeed.  I spread my arms and two magic circles appeared at each hand and ‘Light Wave!’ I yelled. The bowl of light expanded and the whole dead forest was covered in it. ‘Mother nature, I give what once was taken.’ Life of the forest began to bloom and all that was dead lived again. Then the light disappeared and all that was once dead, was alive again. 

‘I actually did it Erza, I finally did it.’ 

I turned around and saw Erza, Grey, Natsu and Lucy with open mouth looking at me. 

‘How did you do...!’ Happy jumped on me and examined me. I tried to get him off me, but he already flew away.

‘That was awesome!’ Nastu hugged me and Lucy and Erza too. 

‘We have to go back to the guild, master has to know this.’ Erza pulled me along and Natsu, Grey and Lucy ran behind us. 

‘What about out stuff?’ I screamed, we would get them later Erza said. 

Marakov and Porlyusica stood at the entrance and let us in. Everyone was quite, which concerned me. We were led to Marakov’s office and were told to sit down. 

‘What happened out there?’ Marakov said, pointing at us. 

‘You’ll never believe, but Jen brought a whole forest back to life, inclusive all the dead animals. It was so beautiful.’

Lucy said with joy, but Marakov looked overjoyed and so did Porlyusica.

‘That is wonderful, it means we have a secret weapon.’ Porlyusica said overjoyed. 

‘What do you mean?’ I said looking concerned and hurt by the fact being called a weapon.

Marakov got on his desk and laid both his hands on my shoulder. 

‘You my child, posses the ancient lost magic many have seaked to get. White Arts, you must have mastered every kind of Light magic to bring something back to life.’ 

Porlyusica came to me and looked up and down at me. 

‘How old are you? And who taught you this?’

I was uncertain, but answered her. ‘I’m seventeen now, I escaped long before Erza did from the mine, with Jellal’s and Erza’s help. I was after that raised by Lexa a dragon, she taught me all this.’ Porlyusica stopped me there and whispered something to Marakov. 

‘ Follow me please’, he got of the table and walked to the book stairs and got out a red book. We all stood around it, but the book wouldn’t open.

‘Natsu, Jen lay your hand on the book.’ We did that, and as our hands touched the book our flames started and we couldn’t stop it. My purple and Natsu’s red flame consumed each other and then vanished. We both quick pulled our hands away and the book opened. On the first page were drawings of dragons, Marakov turned the page and there we saw Igneel and Lexa stand there. A red and white dragon, above the page stood King and queen of the dragons. Natsu and my eyes were shocked by the writhing above it. 

‘ 500-400 years ago Igneel and Lexa were the couple that ruled over all dragons, but Acnologia took over and there was war between the humans and the dragons, a civil war. Many died in this battle. Lexa, who was a spirit dragon refused to have anything to do with this and left Igneel. Lexa was never seen again, some rumors went around she had died, but one rumor jumped out, that she had trained a human, she knew all forms of light magic and taught her these, the first white wizard. This child gave her life, in the war and she was the first and last white wizard. Her name was Jeanett Livious.’

I couldn’t breath for a minute, that was my name in the book. Everyone looked at me with fear and I did not understand it either. 

‘It seems you are somehow alive, but your aging. How?’ Erza said and looked at me with confusion. Marakov nodded and seem to understand it. ‘It seems you have reincarnated into this era, and that must be why Lexa took you back in as her foster child. You are the White Wizard.’ 

I wanted to answer, but sudden the door was slammed open and three people barged in. We all took our weapons out to stand clear, but then we saw it was Crime Sorcière and there were Jellal and Meredy. 

‘Jellal!’ I let my weapon fall on the ground, shocked by his appearance. Erza was just as shocked as me, but everyone stayed clear as we now saw who they were. 

‘We heard the news the White Wizard has returned to this era, who is it.’  Jellal said that demanding, but it seemed he had not noticed who I was. His eyes then met Erza’s and he stopped his demanding voice and it turned into a sweet one. 

Wait, he has a crush on Erza, they both were red like a tomato. I couldn’t hold it in and started laughing as the two persons I once looked up to were like tomatoes. Jellal turned then to me and looked at from head to toe, at that point I was wearing a white skirt, a blue shirt which showed my stomach and white boots until my knee, with a heal under it. 

‘This has to be a joke, she is the wizard we came here for.’

Jellal turned around Meredy followed, they left the room. Lucy tried to get Erza back to reality, but she seemed to far away to wake up. I ran after them and finally caught up to them . ‘Jellal wait!’ Meredy looked bitter at me, but Jellal smiled. ‘So your the girl that posses all the light magic, you look like a tramp to me.’ Meredy said, I felt hurt, but I had to know. ‘Jellal don’t you remember me. I’m Jeanett Luvi, I was in your group, when we build the Tower of Heavens.’ Jellal seemed depressed when I said that, but it seemed he truly didn’t remember me. ‘I’m sorry, but I truly do not remember you.’ That hurt even more, hearing that from him. He and Meredy turned around and walked away. I walked back inside and saw Makarov waiting at the entrance, he smiled and joly laughed. I was taken inside and as I drank, others were bragging about me being the guild’s new secret weapon. Several came to me and asked if I would join there team. All they wanted was take advantage of me and my powers and I did not want that, also some even wanted an autograph or learn my secret art of magic. I didn’t want to be there enemy nor ally, I just wanted to have friends I could truly depend on. 

‘I have an announcement to make people, it seems Jen is the White wizard and I want her to feel welcome here, don’t bother her for now.’ Everyone jumped from excitement, and came over to me to ask for favors. I couldn’t take the pressure anymore.

‘Stop it!’ I waved my arm and everyone was blown against the wall. I looked at my hand and felt guilt for that everyone was quite then. Natsu came to me and slapped me in the face. ‘What was that for!’ I touched my cheek feeling it burn from the slap. ‘I never meant to do that, it happened by accident.’ I started crying, but Nastu seemed not pleased with that and turned to Lucy and helped her up. Many were bleeding or injured because of that attack.

‘I’m so sorry.’ I grabbed my mantle and ran outside away from there. I ran out the city, I ended up on a hill, I whipped away my tears and sat down. Sudden I felt a huge headache again and but this time it was not nature suffering, but old memories. I heard Lexa’s voice again, ‘Your ready to see the truth.’

I laid down and closed my eyes as Lexa instructed me to do.

I was standing in a field, everywhere people were dead and I looked in front of me stood a man my age,  who wears a high-collared black and tan robes with gold trim, along with a large, flowing white toga draped around his torso. He has short black hair, his eyes were red and black rings appeared round his pupils. This gave the man a much more menacing appearance. 

‘Zeref what have you done.’ A woman in a long white dress, white hair and blue eyes came walking from the other side, she looked like... Me. 

‘Stay back Jeanett, don’t come any closer.’ A dark aura appeared around the boy and it spread and the girl got some damage, but it was absorbed by a circle-shaped necklace. 

‘Zeref you have to control it, just control it.’ The girl came a step closer and another Death wave came over her. This time she seemed more hurt, I wanted to shout at her to get away, but they couldn’t hear me. The girl finally got close enough to the boy, but this time she was healing fast. 

‘It seems you are going to live longer, than humans. Your immortality will open your eyes, to the value of life. Next time I will save you.’ The girl touched her necklace and started enchanting words, unconscious I spoke the words with her. The necklace appeared on Zeref’s neck and a tear rolled down Zeref’s eyes.

‘Don’t do this please, Jeanett!’ The boy put his hands on her shoulder and all the girl did was smile, little drops of blood came slowly pouring on the ground. The girl collapsed, but Zeref caught her on time and laid her on the ground, as her skin slowly turned dark as his power took over. Her hand touched his face with care, and I felt inside something was hurting and sadness eveloped over me. 

‘In another life I will be your friend too, I promise I will find a way to stop this and stop your suffering. I say goodbye for now.’ The girls hand slipped of his face and I heard her heart stop. The boy cried and his anger got worse a Death Orb appeared and all the body just vanished, except that of the girl. The boy who first looked sensitive, was now as cold as ice. He walked away from the girls body and this dark aura kept following him. 

I ran over to the girl, but as I felt her polse I knew she was dead for sure. I closed her eyes and laid hands on her stomach. ‘I will save him Jeanett, I promise.’

As I stood up, I felt a force pulling me and I then awakened. I met Zeref before, in my other live, but how was I supposed to save him. If I didn’t even have that necklace that protected other Jeanett. 

I stood up and looked down, sudden I heard a loud explosion near the village and ran back. I saw the Grimoire Heart attacking Fairy Tail, Everyone was fighting them, but I saw Igneel and Meredy too. Erza was with them and Natsu, Lucy and Grey were fighting too. 

‘Sonar sound!’ I yelled and out of my mouth came the sound again and everyone covered their ears as the sound blasted through the air, hitting some members of Grimoire Heart.

‘Lucy, why are they here?’ I asked while helping her up.

‘They think we have Zeref and attacked us.’ Rustyrose attacked but I shot a purple fire ball at him and hit him in the face. ‘Is there no way to solve this problem!’ I yelled, but Natsu came forward and yelled, ‘they won’t stop until they have reached there goal, so fighting is the only way.’ I nodded and lit myself on fire and attacked too. ‘Fire breath!’ Natsu and I burned them fast and they retreated quick after that. Some people had gotten seriously hurt and needed medical attention. I looked and saw Lucy who had gotten hurt pretty good and so was Erza. I rushed over to Erza, I looked  at her wound. My hand started glowing and a little white light came out it, as I stroke my hand over the wound it healed instantly. 

I smiled at her and stood up, I walked over to Lucy and repeated the same. I healed many other memebers and it was till morning before the last one was healed. 

‘Your amazing Jen, I never thought you could do that.’ Natsu smiled after he and others had apoligized for what they did earlier. I forgave them and smiled at that. 

‘Natsu I have to ask you a thing about Zeref, everyone said you met him. How was he?’

Natsu seemed surprised by the question, but gave me answer. ‘Zeref seemed disappointed when I did not kill him then, but when I see him again I’ll make sure he regrets for what he did to Elfman and Evergreen.’ 

I nodded and Natsu left seeing that he got quite emotional over that. I stood up, I had to find him before Zeref kills someone else, but how was I supposed to save him. 

I asked around and heard that he even killed Hades, the that made Fairy Tail. I felt depressed hearing how much he killed and that everyone hated him. 

I grabbed my stuff and put it all in my bag.

‘Jen where are you going?’ Grey stopped me and looked confused.

‘I need to find someone, who needs me.’ I wanted to pass, but more members stood now in front of me blocking the exit. 

‘Again, where are you going?’ He said, I took a deep breath, they saw through my lies so better tell them the truth. 

‘I’m going to look for Zeref, he is the only reason I came back to earth. I died 400 years giving my life for him, so he wouldn’t suffer and live on. But you people have brought him back into his primare state which I tried to seal away with my life. But that spell never worked, he was still awake and I died then for nothing, I will do it right this time.’

Everyone was shocked by this story, I pushed them aside and ran, away from them, because I couldn’t let them get involved if they would come with, they all would die too.

I walked around for days and could not find any answer or sight of him. I asked May people if they had seen him, but it wasn’t any luck. I decided to head for the forest, I had to take a bath because I was starting to smell. I got out my knew clothes and threw my old clothes away. I headed for the lake and got there in the water. I laid my clothes by the side and relaxed for a few minutes, but I then heard a loud scream of pain and saw the forest behind me die. I quick got my clothes on and ran into the dying forest and looked around for Zeref. I then saw the man from my memory lying on the ground, a woman above him tried to lift him. 

‘I had to wait so long before you went into a sleeping state, now you are finally mine.’ The woman was scary, but I wasn’t going to stand letting her take him away. ‘Sonar Blast’ The ground shook and the woman was swung away from him. I ran over to him, but he was still unconscious. 

‘You little bitch dear to moke, you will pay for that.’ The woman had a crystal ball in her hand and she send a shock wave, which threw against a tree. The woman laughed hard and walked over to me. 

‘You pathetic girl, did you really think I would from a weak wizard like you.’ I was pushed to the ground by her feet, but I grabbed her ankle and said with a bitter smile.

‘You messed with the wrong one!’ Roots of trees rises from the ground and form a cage around the woman, ‘Magic barrier’ The woman was now imprisoned by the woods. I ran over to the boy and tried to wake him up, but it seemed she had sucked out all his magic. 

I got him on my shoulder and dragged him away from there into the woods which were still alive. 

I laid him down against a tree and covered him with my mantel. I got some wood together and made a fire. I waited for hours, but he wouldn’t wake up. It was dinner time and I was hungry, I looked through my bag, but only found a can with beans. I put them in a frying pan and cooked them. I smiled at Zeref who was sleeping comfortable and actually smiled. I laid a plate in front of him, and I quietly ate my food. 

As I finished eating I heard Zeref snore and knew he was conscious again. 

‘It’s been along time since we last saw each other, you still haven’t changed. I was surprised hearing how very willing you are to die. I died once and you w...’.

The Zeref’s eyes opened and he seamed surprised of seeing me. ‘Stay away from me, please!’ Zeref got up and slowly walked back away from me. 

‘Wait, don’t leave I have some questions you need to answer.’ I walked towards him, but Zeref kept walking away. 

‘Please just get back!’ A dark mist started to appear around Zeref and formed somekind of bowl around him. 

‘Get out of here, please I can’t stand someone else die too.’ Tears were falling down Zeref’s cheeks and I came closer, and he took a step back. The black wave of magic then spreaded quick, I crossed my arms and turned my head away. I sudden felt a warm light on my chest. I didn’t feel anything hurt and turned my head back and looked at my arms, which didn’t have a single scratch on them. I looked on my chest and found around my neck, a the same circle-shaped necklace Zeref was wearing, I looked at him and he was still wearing his. 

‘How can that be, your not injured at all.’ Zeref took a step back looking somehow relieved, but a spark of determination came of him. 

‘ Who are you? You have never caught my eye and you are just as powerful as me.’

I sighed as he couldn’t have recognized me, because my appearance had changed.

‘I’m Jeanett Luvi, who mastered all the White Arts. I came here to help you.’

Zeref eyes widened as I spoke, but they sudden turned red and a black line appeared around his eyes. 

‘Your just like all the others, trying to take advantage of me. I won’t help you, you should die like all the others dark wizards.’ The other part you can find on my page 'Fairy Tail: A new end 2'

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