the hunter becomes the hunted allosaurus fights stegosaurus

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dinosaur fight

Submitted: November 09, 2008

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Submitted: November 09, 2008



120 million years ago in the cretaciouce periode a fight took place between two dinosaurs that are at equil strength but one is a herbivoure and the other is a allosaurus

one morning there was a stegosaurus grazing the fields of grass on the other side of the field there was a hungry alosaurus trying to get some food and the allosaurus saw the stegosaurus from miles away and started running the stegosaurus saw the allosaurus and started to flash its plates on its back a dark red to scare away the allosaurus but the allosaurus wasnt threatned with it and kept on coming the stegosaurus started swinging its tail to try and tell the allosaurus to keep its distance but the allosaurus kept on coming untill the stegosaurus wacked it with its two spike on its tail the spikes hit the allosaurus on the hip and the allosaurus fell to the floor in pain but got back up in a matter of minutes and took a bite at the stegosaurus and grabed its leg and tiped it over the stegasaurus swung its tail and smashed its tail on the leg of the allosaurus the allosaurus didnt fall to the floor but started limping blood was pooring out of every damidged part the allosaurus was about to die of loss of blood as with his last breathe took a bite at the neck of the stegosaurus and stuck on hard but the stegosaurus swung its tail and hit the allosaurus's eye and killed the allosaurus over the next years all dinosaurs slowly became extinct

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